Some common things found around your house can almost 1 magic when you know how to use them. 2 warm water, for example. You can add some salt 3 warm water and then gargle with it to 4 your sore throat

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科目: 英文科 命題教師: 李宜芬老師

適用學程: 高一 (101-115) 命題範圍: 三民版(B01) L9-12, Reading Highlights 1 Unit 9-12
第一部分: 選擇題 (請選出一個最適合的答案,劃記在答案卡上)

  1. Cloze Test (1x40=40) 40%

Some common things found around your house can almost __1__ magic when you know how to use them. __2__ warm water, for example. You can add some salt __3__ warm water and then gargle with it to __4__ your sore throat. Another thing warm water can do is to make a tangerine taste __5___ than it __6__ before. Not surprising enough? Try a banana peel! If you are busy __7__ for an important party but do not have any shoe polish __8__ to shine your dirty shoes, rub the inside of the peel all over the shoes before __9__ a piece of dry cloth to polish them. Minutes later, you’ll discover that your shoes will shine more brightly than ever before. Magic? Although these tricks may seem like magic, they are actually the examples of the use of science in our everyday lives. Find the secrets behind the “magic” and you’ll realize that science is something __10__ the laboratory, but for life.


(A) make

(B) earn

(C) change

(D) perform


(A) Take

(B) Have

(C) With

(D) By


(A) with

(B) on

(C) to

(D) for


(A) tan

(B) soothe

(C) develop

(D) glue


(A) more less sour

(B) many less sour

(C) more sourness

(D) much less sour


(A) is

(B) was

(C) does

(D) did


(A) to get dressed

(B) getting dressed

(C) to getting dressed

(D) dressed


(A) in addition

(B) in public

(C) on hand

(D) in production


(A) you using

(B) using

(C) you used

(D) to use


(A) not just for

(B) not just

(C) not for

(D) not

Underneath the huge Paris Opera House lived the lonely Phantom, who had a great love of music. He had such an ugly face that he wore a mask __11__ and hid himself away __12___ the world. Therefore, no one had ever seen his face. Late at night, he often sang to a beautiful opera singer, Christine, __13__ a secret wall. Since Chrisitne couldn’t see him, she thought him an angel. After the managers of the opera house refused to follow the Phantom’s advice and give Christine the leading role, strange things started to happen. First, one of the best singers lost her voice during the performance. Then, __14__ , a man was killed. At the end of the opera, a large chandelier suddenly fell from the ceiling . Everyone in the opera house was __15__ , __16__ the managers. They __17__ to the Phantom, letting Christine __18__ the lead in another opera. During Christine’s performance, the Phantom took her off the stage, but Christine tried her best to __19__ from the Phantom. Raoul, Christine’s lover, tried to save Christine, but __20__, the Phantom caught him and tried to kill him. In the end, Christine’s kiss on the Phantom’s face touched his heart and saved both her and Raoul’s lives.


(A) once in a while

(B) all the time

(C) in the middle

(D) from head to toe


(A) from

(B) in

(C) to

(D) around


(A) before

(B) beyond

(C) upon

(D) behind


(A) to everyone’s relief

(B) on the other hand

(C) at most

(D) what’s worse


(A) horrible

(B) horror

(C) horrified

(D) horrifying


(A) includes

(B) including

(C) included

(D) inclusive


(A) gave up

(B) turned out

(C) turned in

(D) gave in


(A) to play

(B) playing

(C) play

(D) played


(A) contain

(B) quit

(C) escape

(D) train


(A) unfortunately

(B) unfortunate

(C) fortunately

(D) fortunate

Lin Hwai-min’s strong interest __21__ dancing began at a young age, but his parents were never serious about his dream. He __22__ his dream of becoming a dancer and finally started __23__ modern dance lessons when he was studying in the U.S.A. However, the training was much harder than he __24__ . It was more difficult __25__ for him to learn dancing skills at that “old” age. In the beginning, his teacher was not satisfied with his performance and asked him to give up. __26__ , Lin kept on dancing. __27__ , Lin not only started his career __28__ a great dancer, but also __29__ Cloud Gate in Taiwan. For years, Cloud Gate has been famous for the perfect __30__ of Chinese and Western dancing spirits and skills.


(A) for

(B) at

(C) on

(D) in


(A) held on to

(B) washed away

(C) pulled off

(D) came true


(A) reading

(B) taking

(C) studying

(D) realizing


(A) was expecting

(B) was expected

(C) had expected

(D) has expected


(A) as usual

(B) than usually

(C) then usual

(D) than usual


(A) Thus

(B) Yet

(C) Therefore

(D) Besides


(A) At first

(B) Especially

(C) Eventually

(D) All the time


(A) as

(B) for

(C) with

(D) to


(A) found

(B) founded

(C) finds

(D) founds


(A) troupe

(B) offense

(C) character

(D) fusion

Shel Silverstein’s poems always bring laughter and joy to readers. A sense of humor that is __31__ clichéd __31__ offensive is the main characteristic of his poems. __32__ , he likes to make fun of adults in ways that children __33__ funny. However, his humor is only__34__ to make people laugh instead of __35__ others. __36__ characteristic of his poetry is its short, snappy lines. With just a few words, he can create a strange character or a situation in an imaginary world, __37__ a bear living in a refrigerator. His poetry reminds us __38__ the days __39__ we were children. Sadly, Silverstein died in 1999. His poetry, however, still __40__ today.


(A) both…and

(B) either…or

(C) neither…nor

(D) not…but


(A) For example

(B) In addition

(C) However

(D) Therefore


(A) find it

(B) find

(C) make it

(D) make


(A) meaning

(B) turned

(C) tending

(D) meant


(A) praising

(B) criticizing

(C) examining

(D) pinching


(A) The other

(B) Others

(C) Another

(D) The other


(A) as if

(B) just as

(C) such as

(D) such like


(A) of

(B) for

(C) to

(D) from


(A) which

(B) that

(C) when

(D) where


(A) goes ahead

(B) lays down

(C) rolls down

(D) lives on

  1. Multiple Choice (2x5=10) 10%

41. After Jim saw the sunshine and nice weather, he simply said, “_________”

(A) How nice the day!

(B) What nice the day is!

(C) What a nice day!

(D) How a nice day!

42. Choose the grammatically correct(正確的) sentence.

(A) After you finish the test, please handing in the answer sheet.

(B) Before taking a break, all of the tangerines were eaten up by us.

(C) It was late after coming home from the cram school.

(D) Everyone should warm up before swimming.

43. Choose the grammatically correct(正確的) sentence.

(A) On the bench sat he.

(B) There you go again.

(C) On the island lives the happy people.

(D) In the deep forest the beautiful castle stands.

44. Much ______ everyone’s ________, the magician turned the handkerchief into a rabbit.

(A) of…surprise

(B) to…surprise

(C) of…surprised

(D) to…surprised

45. Mayday is one of the ____________ bands in Taiwan.

(A) best-loved

(B) best-loving

(C) loved-best

(D) loving-best

III. Discourse structure (2x4=8) 8%

The board game Monopoly began in 1904, when a Quaker woman named Lizzie Magie created The Landlord’s Game. Maggie wasn’t interested in making money. ___46____ Since many people found economics boring, she turned it into a board game.

The game became an underground hit. When Charles Darrow first played it in 1933, he saw dollar signs. ___47___ But with little money to his name, he was unable to produce it on a large scale. ___48___ The company began buying up patents and old copies of the board game to protect its investment. Since 1935, Parker Brother has sold nearly 500 million copies of Monopoly worldwide.

Now, it’s reported that Monopoly is moving from the board to the big screen. ___49____The film will use Monopoly as a way of explaining economic problems to everyday people. Like passing “Go,” it appears the history of Monopoly has come full circle.
(A) Darrow began making his own copies and claimed that he had invented Monopoly.

(B) The idea of becoming a wealthy person, buying up real estate, and putting your friends in the poorhouse seems to appeal to everyone.

(C) Plans are underway to turn the game into a movie.

(D) She wanted to show how apartment owners made money by taking advantage of the poor.

(E) So, he sold the rights to Parker Brothers.
IV. Blank-filling (請忽略大小寫) (1x12=12) 12%

(A) on the other hand (B) revealed (C) included (D) rather than (E) under

There is nothing worse than waking up and finding a big pimple on your face. But a study that ___50___ both traditional Eastern and modern Western medical research has ___51___ that the position of our pimples can give us valuable information about our health problems. For example, pimples on your forehead mean you have too much internal heat because of high blood circulation. It usually means you’re ____52____ a lot of stress and need to relax. Nowadays, people immediately apply acne medication when they see pimples. But ____53____ depending on medication, the best way to avoid pimples might just be to live a healthy life.
(A) violent (B) give up (C) attempt (D) incident (E) industry

The movie Seediq Bale tells the tale of the Wushe ___54____, which happened while Japan controlled Taiwan. The Japanese rulers oppressed people of the Seediq tribe and forced them to ____55____ their culture and faith. But one Seediq chief named Mona Rudao led his people in a(n) ___56____ protest against the Japanese. He desired that his people become Seediq Bale, or “true humans.” In a brave ____57____ to gain their freedom, he led 300 warriors into battle against 3,000 Japanese soldiers.

(A) precisely (B) at fault (C) at least (D) privacy (E) crash (AB) witnesses

When car accidents occur, it is often hard to tell exactly who is ____58____ . Luckily, one or both of the cars involved may have their own built-in ___59____ that can provide a clearer picture. These devices are event data recorders, or EDRs, and they ____60___ read and record many actions of a car. As a result, EDRs have made it easier for justice to be done. However, some drivers fear data recorders will record their every movement while they’re driving, and they don’t want this loss of ___61___ .

第二部分: 非選題 請以黑筆書寫在答案卷上,違者扣3分

V. 字彙與詞類變化 (1x15=15) 15%

1. Helen Keller’s story has i__________ed people around the world to be the best they can be.

2. This flight is an o__________t flight, so you have to sleep on the plane if you book this one.

3. The police have not found the m_________g boy yet; his mother lost him in the park hours ago.

4. If you want to join the game, you s________y need to write down your name here. That’s the only thing you have to do.

5. As long as you keep on studying hard, you will make steady i_________t and make your grades better.

6. When the robber was caught by the police, he still s_________ed to get free and fought with the police.

7. The e______l man took pleasure in killing people. He killed people for fun. He must have come from the Hell.

8. Nelson p_______rs tea to coffee. That’s why he still orders tea even when he is in the coffee bar.

9 Teenage problems are becoming more and more serious in our s_______y. We should try our best to solve this social problem.

10. I tried to m________e all the English words on the list, but I couldn’t even remember the easiest one.

11. Sometimes kissing people on the c_________ks is a more common way to greet people in some countries.

12. The boy cried loudly to a_______t his mother’s attention.

13. The _________(continue) rain has been lasting for three days; I wonder when it will stop.

14. Against all ________(expect), the baseball team didn’t win the important game.

15. Maggie made a good ________(impress) on me with her friendliness; I have the feeling that we will be good friends.

VI. 句子翻譯與合併句子 15% (1-5題,每格不只一字) 1-10格,每格1分

(1). 他們越哭越大聲,直到我醒來,覺得非常滿意。

They cried ____1_____ until I ____2_____ feeling very satisfied.

(2). 毫無疑問地,他一點也不想任由她擺布。

_____3______, he didn’t want to _____4_______ tune ____5______.

(3). 在這樣的情況下,我可以搭公車也可以開車在這城市走動。

_____6______ situation, I can get around the city ______7_______ or by car.

(4). 令人驚奇地(好像變魔術似的),他的一番鼓勵話語使得她從此致力於課業。

As _______8________, his encouraging words ______9_______ on schoolwork from then on.


She _____10_____ changing his mind.

(6). Molly is not my classmate. (以not…but…合併兩句) 2%

Molly is someone who often reads my blog.

(7).有決心的人通常可以實現他們的夢想。(Those who….) 3%

請再檢查一下,答案卡基本資料是否劃記正確,答案卷是否用黑筆作答。Fighting! Good luck! 


班級: 姓名: 座號: 分數:____________/30


V. 字彙與詞類變化 (1x15=15) 15%
















VI. 句子翻譯與合併句子 15% (1-5題,每格不只一字) 1-10格,每格1分

(1) 1


(2) 3



(3) 6


(4) 8


(5) 10


_________________________________________________________________________ (2%)
(7) __________________________________________________________________________(3%)

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