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Skillsoft Leadership Advantage: Differences from 2.0 to 3.0

This document describes differences in the Skillsoft Leadership Advantage product from version 2.0 to 3.0. The table below lists some of the main feature enhancements, as well as content and section label changes.

Skillsoft Leadership Advantage 3.0 Feature Enhancements

Learner Features

Streamlined interface for improved portal navigation.

Learners need fewer clicks to navigate the portal.

Improved organization allows learners to easily find content to read, watch, listen to and download.

Clear and readily visible portal and content completion information.

Redesigned and intuitive icons clearly guide learners through the track sections.

A new ‘Lesson Viewer’ page within Explore in Depth enables learners to see the track’s table of contents while viewing its content.

Administrator Features

A new built-in Online Editor for portal customization options, including the ability to change the logo and color theme globally across home page and tracks, and to change the page title, add/change track categories and reorganize/hide tracks listed on the Home page.

Ability for learners to auto-generate, directly from a Track Home Page, a certificate upon successful completion of the Track’s test.

Content and Section Label Comparison

New (3.0)

Current (2.0)

Core Message


Explore in Depth

Full Track

Track Index

On the Go

Take the Test

Test Yourself / Challenge

Challenge Yourself

Test Yourself / Challenge





Book Summary





- Leader Led Activities,

- Tools & Self Assessments


- Leader Led Activities

- Tools

- Self-Assessments



Home Page 3.0

Track Page 3.0

Modern design provides a streamlined view of all content, and can be personalized for your organization.

Intuitive interface with a clear, icon-based navigation path through curated content.

Home Page 2.0

Track Page 2.0


(Comparison and detailed view of Explore in Depth content for a given track)

SLA 3.0

Explore in Depth content display reflects the look and feel of Skillsoft’s new course player, with track content always visible in the left-hand menu. Each resource displays an icon representing whether it can be watched (d:\my documents\documents\portals\sa_next_gen\sa 3.0 (basic)\differences document\images\ico_video.png) read (d:\my documents\documents\portals\sa_next_gen\sa 3.0 (basic)\differences document\images\ico_book.png), or applied (d:\my documents\documents\portals\sa_next_gen\sa 3.0 (basic)\differences document\images\ico_pc.png). High definition videos play inline, and include a closed captioning option. Updated progress icons clearly indicate duration and completion status.

You can share, like, comment on, and take notes while viewing the content.

Duration and completion status clearly display.

SLA 2.0

New Leadership Advantage 3.0 Home Page

The Home page has been redesigned to display all of the learning tracks in one page view, with completion statuses and last accessed dates. You can use search at the top of the page to quickly locate content within any of the learning tracks. Track categories appear on the left-hand side of the page. The upcoming Live Event is highlighted in a clean, page-wide banner. Featured content resources now appear in a single carousel at the bottom of the page. The menu bar at the top right is available on all pages in the portal, and provides access to Live Events, Profile, Community, and a video tour, as well a link to Leadership Advantage help.

Current Leadership Advantage Home Page 2.0

Skillsoft Leadership Advantage 2.0 Home Page provides access to eight domains, with nested learning tracks. The Home Page also includes information about the specific track competency, multiple featured asset carousels, and links to Skillsoft Live Events (upcoming and archived) on the Home Page.

New Leadership Advantage Track Page 3.0

Track pages have been redesigned for improved content organization and flexible access options.

Use the Track Index (formerly In This Track) to choose content that’s right for you, based on your moment of need.

You can move through The Essentials in a linear, structured path. Icons track and clearly display your progress through all of The Essentials components.

Resources are readily accessible at the bottom of every track page.

Current Leadership Advantage Track Page 2.0

Skillsoft Leadership Advantage 2.0 displays the Track summary at the top of the page, with Fast Track and Full Track options displayed below. ‘In This Track’ displays content types available for the track. Sections for speaker bios and photos, Live Events, and InGenius are always visible.

The Essentials

Redesigned to make track navigation simpler, to provide an optional linear navigation path, and to make completion status more readily visible, The Essentials page displays 5 critical path components of a given Leadership Advantage track topic. The outer circle around each main icon displays visual progress tracking to the learner. As the learner completes or views content, the circle will fill partially with color, and the degree of ‘color fill’ will reflect the percent of resources accessed/completed within a given track. Approximate duration to complete each area, in hours and minutes, is also displayed below each item. The five critical path components highlighted by icons include:

  • Do you Need It? offers a series of self-reflection questions to help learners determine their knowledge of the topic area and guide their decision on whether to dive deep or go broad in terms of time spent in the track.

  • The Core Message (formerly Fast Track) provides the learner with a broad view of the track, in a short, comprehensive overview that is designed to be completed in 20 minutes or less.

  • Explore in Depth (formerly Full Track) is the ‘deep dive’ view of the track content, designed to be completed in approximately 2 hours, and provides the most comprehensive coverage of the topic.

  • Challenge Yourself helps you apply your knowledge with an innovative, video-based, interactive workplace simulation.

  • Take the Test measures your knowledge of the concepts presented in this track.


Resources (formerly On the Job) provides easy access to Leader Led Activities and Tools & Self Assessments.

Track Index

The Track Index (formerly In this Track) provides a clear, at-a-glance view of all of the resources contained in the track. Content is conveniently divided into sections to help you determine which content is right for your learning needs, with helpful categories showing what content you can Read, Watch, Apply, or even Download to view or listen to at your convenience. Content can be launched directly from the Track Index.

SLA 3.0: The Track Index keeps content items always accessible yet collapses to free up valuable page space.

SLA 2.0: In this Track is not collapsible and always occupies space on the track page.

Persistent Navigation on All Pages

Persistent navigation on all pages allows quick and easy access to important options.

Quickly access any sub-pages of The Essentials from the icons at the top of all track pages.
Important navigation options are available from all pages in Skillsoft Leadership Advantage 3.0. Whether you’re on the Home page, a Track page, or viewing content anywhere within the track, you can easily access Live Events, visit your Profile, view Community activity, share content, take a tour or view Online Help resources. You can also return to the Home page, as well as expand the Track Index to explore all of the content.

SLA 3.0

Note: Depending upon your configuration, Community, Profile, and Share are optional menu items that may be available.

Administrator Changes
With the new integrated Online Editor, you can now edit aspects of Skillsoft Leadership Advantage 3.0’s look and feel directly from the onboard menu. When logged in with administrator privileges (“Publisher Credentials”), edits can be made to:

  • Change the logo

  • Select from five optional color themes

  • Change the page title

  • Change the track categories titles

  • Add additional (up to 10 total) track categories

  • Reorganize, hide or copy individual tracks, across track categories page

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