Sketchbook hw assignment- surreal Facial Features

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Sketchbook HW Assignment- Surreal Facial Features (30 pts.)

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Now that you’ve learned about the proper techniques and correct proportions for drawing facial features, you will practice drawing at least one feature in an imaginative and creative way.

Project Goal:

Draw at least one human facial feature in a surreal manner. Surrealism is an artistic and literary movement from the early 20th century. Surreal artwork features the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions, and non sequitur (subject matter defies logic).


  • Choose at least one facial feature to focus on: Eye(s), Nose, Mouth, or Ear(s)

    • Come up with a concept for making the feature surreal somehow

    • You may include several features. Only one has to be surreal.

  • Your drawing should fill at least half of a 9x12 sketchbook page. You may leave empty space around the imagery, and I’ll assume that’s where your composition ends.

  • Use drawing pencils or another medium of your choice

    • You may add color, or combine drawing media (i.e. pastels, charcoal, etc.).

    • You should only use other media if you feel confident enough in your abilities! A grayscale pencil drawing can still make a strong statement.

  • Your drawing style can be realistic or stylized

  • This needs to be a rendering of some kind! Do not just do a line drawing with no value.

  • Part of surrealism is about exaggeration for a dramatic effect! If you choose to exaggerate the proportions of your imagery (example: bulgy eyes, or a long, pointy nose), make sure it looks purposeful. You don’t have to exaggerate anything. It’s up to you!

  • Use references whenever possible for your imagery

    • For realistic imagery- You may print out references or look them up on your phone. When drawing facial features, you may also look in the mirror or at another person.

    • Surreal drawings sometimes include imaginative imagery that you may not be able to reference, and that’s fine! You may be as creative as you want to be!

  • Don’t forget to consider the Principles of Design! Even though you do not need to create a full-page composition, you still need to fill at least half the page in an interesting way.

HW- Surreal Facial Features

Grading Rubric (30 pts.)

Name: ______________________________ Due: _________





Creativity and Composition

  • You filled at least 50% of a 9x12 sketchbook page with your composition

  • The Principles of Design were considered

  • At least one facial feature (eye, nose, mouth, ear) appears surreal (illogical, exaggerated, or unrealistic) in some way

  • Your concept is unique; you didn’t copy another idea; if you were inspired by another idea, you altered it somehow to make it original


Drawing Accuracy

  • The drawing style (realistic, stylized, or a combination) looks obvious and purposeful

  • If a feature or object is exaggerated, it is done so purposefully and successfully

  • You demonstrated understanding of the intricacies of a specific facial feature (proportions, shading, texture, form, etc.)


Craftsmanship / Effort

  • Materials were used appropriately and effectively

  • Project looks professional, and is free of extra smudges or marks

  • Evidence of time spent on assignment (at least several hours)



  • Subtract 10% of grade for each class period the project is late

-3 pts. per day

Total Points


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