Seh shared drive migration 14 September and 15 September

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SEH shared drive migration - 14 September and 15 September (2013/CR-10158)
As part of Information Technology Services’ management of RMIT’s infrastructure, work will be undertaken to migrate all shared data across the University to new NetApp infrastructure.

Science, Engineering and Health (SEH) SLPS and SOET shared drives (eg. your Windows I: and M, drives) have been scheduled for migration between 8pm Saturday 14 September to 8 am Sunday 15 September.

The SEH shared drives to be migrated are:

  • SEH Life and Physical Sciences (ITS-GN-C1-SHARE1:\SLPS)  (I:, M:, S: drives)

  • SEH School of Engineering TAFE (ITS-GN-C1-SHARE1:\SIEBS)  (G:, I:, K:, L:, M:, Q:, T: drives)

During this time, SEH SLPS and SOET staffs and students will be unable to access files on these shared drives, even via remote access. If you do need to access data from these shared drives during these times, you can save a copy of relevant files prior to the migration into your Google Drive, elsewhere on the network (H:) or onto a USB stick. Just remember that you will need to transfer these files back to the relevant folder after the migration.

  1. Why staffs and students in these areas are receiving this communication:

They are a member of SEH SLPS or SOET and currently have access to the above shared drives

Note: If they do not require access to this drive going forward, they need to contact the IT Service Desk to remove it.

  1. What staffs and students in these areas need to do:

Prior to 8 pm Friday 13 September, you need to log off or shut down your computer at the end of your working week and log in or start as per normal upon your return the following week. Make sure you log off - locking your computer is not enough.

  1. Important notice:

Do not move (eg. drag, or cut and paste) your shared drive folders from Monday 9 September, the week prior to migration, as this will cause issues with access to your migrated files post-migration.  You can add or delete files, as this will not affect the migration, however please ensure you do not move them. Also do not move shared folders the week after in case any access troubleshooting is required after the migration.

  1. Please also note the following:

  • You do not need to do anything to your data prior to the migration - it will be available post-migration.

  • Windows and myDesktop users: This migration will not change the way you access the shared drives from your computer.

  • Remote access: Remote access to your shared data is currently offered through NetStorage; after migration (after 8am Sunday 15 September), this share will need to be accessed through myDrive (  Your other shares are available through NetStorage.  Once all shares have been migrated, they will be available via myDrive.

  • Mac Users: A new set of location files (.inetloc) will be provided for access to the migrated shared data. An email will be sent out this Friday with an attachment.  

    • The instructions for the attachment are as follows:

a) Save the attachment (Mac Network Drives.dmg) on your Mac desktop.

Double clicking the .dmg will mount a volume that contains an installer package, which you will then need to double click (or on OS X 10.8: Right-Click -> Open) and step through the installer.  The installer will create a shortcut (see step b below), and do a minor configuration change only if your operating system is Mac OS X 10.6.

b) Click on the Mac-Network-Drives.inetloc shortcut.

This will connect you to a folder that contains a new set of location files for the share drives.

c) At the top level is the folder for Science, Engineering and Health (SEH). Under the SEH folder you will find:

i. Location files for school-wide shares (.inet.loc files), and

ii. Sub-folders for each School, Research and the PVC Office.  These sub-folders contain location files for each School, Research and PVC share.

iii. Clicking on any of the location files will connect you to the selected share.

Impacted staff will receive further reminders about the migration.

If you have any queries, please visit the IT service status web page ( or contact the IT Service Desk (

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