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Section 2B

          Approved: 11/15/2006


The College is committed to supporting faculty and staff in the maintenance and improvement of clinical and professional knowledge and skills. Annually, College Administration provides funding for faculty and staff development in the areas of advanced and terminal degree completion.
This policy is applicable to all employees of the Jefferson College of Health Sciences.
The Jefferson College of Health Sciences, within available resources, will commit a portion of its annual budget to support the efforts of full-time faculty and staff to obtain advanced education. Priority will be given to faculty seeking education that meets SACS, SCHEV, and programmatic accreditation requirements in the academic programs in which they teach. In programs where terminal degrees exist, priority will be given for pursuit of those degrees.
In addition, the Carilion Clinic provides employees with tuition reimbursement toward completion of college credit course work. Faculty and staff are required to make use of this benefit prior to utilization of the College benefit.
Applications will be accepted and selection made by a committee comprised of the Dean for Administrative Services, the Provost, the Associate Dean for Academic Services and Graduate Education and a faculty member selected by the Faculty Senate. Funding priorities are set on an annual basis and reapplication for professional development funds is required annually.
The award of professional growth funds requires that the applicant meets admission criteria of the college or university and is accepted into the educational program. In addition, the applicant must have received at least “meets requirements” on the annual performance appraisal.
Funding is awarded on a fiscal year basis (October 1 to September 30) to be used for the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms consistent with the academic year approximated by the fiscal year. College funding may be used for tuition, fees, books, and other costs directly related to degree or credit acquisition from regionally accredited institutions. With permission of the Provost and the Department Chair, funding that is received may be used to pay adjunct faculty to cover up to 50% of the recipient’s normal teaching load.
Use of College funding for pursuit of advanced/terminal degree acquisition requires a one (1) year service commitment for every $5,000 or portion thereof received. The service commitment pay-back begins following the receipt of funding. The recipient of this funding may buy-out the service commitment at a prorated amount.

Applications will be accepted and recipients selected each year on or by November 1. If additional funds remain, applications will be accepted with recipients selected on or by February 1 and May 1 each year.

Priority for Selection of Professional Growth Funding Recipients
Tier 1:

Required per accreditation/contract

Meets high demand need identified by College

Encouraged per Program Director/Dean as related to College needs

Tier 2:

Desired to promote professional career

Desired to enhance current skills

Desired for overall development


  1. Complete application for Carilion Educational Assistance.

  2. Complete JCHS application form and attach appropriate documentation.

  3. Submit all documentation to Associate Dean for Academic Services and Graduate Education.

  4. Committee will review all applications and award funding based on published criteria; recipients will be notified in writing.

  5. Recipients schedule an appointment Associate Dean for Academic Services and Graduate Education to discuss policies and recipients sign service agreement.

  6. Recipients submit Request for Reimbursement form, copies of grades, bills and reimbursement forms and details of Carilion Tuition Assistance to the Associate Dean for Academic Services and Graduate Education.

  7. Funds will be processed through the Payroll Department.

  8. Recipients with funds remaining should submit all bills no later than September 15 for reimbursement in fiscal year.

  9. Recipients not utilizing all awarded funds should notify Associate Dean for Academic Services and Graduate Education as soon as possible so alternate awards can be made.

Jefferson College of Health Sciences

Application for Professional Growth Funding





Institution to be attended:

Degree/Certification sought:

Anticipated length of time to accomplish this goal and date of expected completion:

Brief description of proposed plan of study and attach program of study:

Explain how the plan of study will benefit JCHS:

If enrolled in a program, the total credit hours in the program and credits already completed:

What are the expected costs associated with the plan of study from now to completion?

Please attach an itemized list of your expected cost for both the total program and this fiscal year and include the following information per semester: Semester, number of credits, tuition costs, books, fees/other and Total.

If this is a request for continuation of funding, please indicate the number of credits attempted, grades and credits remaining.

Supervisor Approval:



  • Acceptance from regionally accredited college or university

  • Program of study

  • Itemized list of expenses

  • Confirmation of Carilion Educational Funding


DATE APPLICATION RECEIVED_________________________________________

SERVICE AGREEMENT SIGNED_________________________________________

AMOUNT OF FUNDING AWARDED_______________________________________

JEFFERSON COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES____________________________




Jefferson College of Health Sciences

Professional Growth Service Commitment

This agreement made this day of by and between Jefferson College of Health Sciences (the “Employer”) and ____________ (the “Employee”) provides:

  1. The Employer will reimburse tuition to the Employee under the condition that the Employee will continue to work for the Employer.

  1. The Employee agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the Professional Growth Policy. For each $5000, or portion thereof, there is a one-year service agreement that begins repayment following receipt of grades and award of monies.

  1. The Employee must maintain his/her employment status to fulfill the service commitment.

  1. If the Employee fails to voluntarily work the required service commitment, the Employee agrees to repay to the Employer upon termination of employment. If the employee has worked for a portion of the one year service agreement, the repayment will be pro-rated.

  1. At the time the service commitment begins, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) could view the tuition benefit for the degree or certification as taxable income if the total amount of the educational assistance received from the Employer exceeds $5,250 per calendar year.

  1. The Employee agrees to pay any collection costs and reasonable attorney’s fees associated with enforcement of this service commitment.

  1. This Agreement shall not be construed to give Employee the right to be retained in the service or in a specific job of the Employer, or to interfere with the right of the Employer to separate the Employee at any time and for any reason.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, and as evidence of their agreement to the foregoing provisions, the Employer and the Employee sign this Agreement as of the date above.

Employee Date

Jefferson College of Health Sciences Date

Professional Growth Expenses

Faculty/Staff Member:











Cost per credit























Actual expenses:

Carilion funding

JCHS award

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