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  1. Accessories like ink pens and whistles with snake chains may be approved for wear with the Class A uniform by the unit Manager. However, they must be of the same color metal and sheen of the brass worn. EXAMPLE: Operators 1 & 2 will wear silver badges and brass, therefore, should they wear an ink pen or whistle & snake chain, it must be silver.

  2. If worn, the snake chain will be attached to the right shoulder epaulet button on one end and the whistle, attached on the other end, concealed within the right breast pocket.

  1. If worn, the ink pen will be placed within the pen sleeve on the left breast pocket. If there is no sleeve for the ink pen, it shall not be worn unless approved to by the unit Manager.

  2. When in the Class A uniform, hats will not be worn indoors unless on a special detail or by directive of the unit Manager.

Written by: J. Josey, Manager Date: 9/15/2016

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