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Questions to use when testing your knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology:

  • Where is this structure located in relation to other body structures?

  • What general category does this concept fit into?

  • What are some specific examples of this general category?

  • What is the technical terminology for this concept/process/structure?

  • What are the similarities and differences between the concepts or structures within this general category?

  • What initiates a particular process?

  • When this happens, what else happens? (What does each event in the sequence cause?)

  • What mechanisms are involved in these causes and effects? (How does it all work?)

  • Which of these 4 items functions in “x” way?


  • Be sure to clarify the material by reading other material, including websites such as

  • Use your professor’s office hours to clarify material

  • Explain material in your own words; don’t just memorize

  • Try “drawing” processes, perhaps using a flow chart to reinforce the sequence of processes

  • Condense the material, make tables/charts

  • Be alert to differences between similar structures and concepts

  • Make up your own questions that could be asked on an exam

  • Have others quiz you as much as possible!


  • Textbook resources: sample questions at the end of chapters; CD packaged with the text

  • University of Minnesota: Web Anatomy:

  • Medline:

    • Select Health Topics, Drugs & Supplements, or Medical Encyclopedia

  • More study skills for Biology: (click on “Biology Reading Skills” and “Biology Study Skills”)

  • Click on “Resources” and then click on “Biology” (far right column) to get additional study skills links for biology:


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