Science and Technology Integrated with the SunSmart Program Early Stage 1 Unit of Work

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Teaching & Learning Activity

Teacher’s Comment/Observation

UT ES1.3


  • Explore what students know and what they would like to know about the need for wearing a hat at school.

  • Create a concept map for brainstorming ideas.

  • Explore the Cancer Council website school section for further information about SunSmart hats.

  • A- Categorise ‘sun safe or not sun safe hats’ from magazines- Refer to Activity 1.

  • Investigate and discuss who designed our school hat.

PP ES1.4

ES ES1.6

  • Students discuss the purpose of a school hat.

  • Experiment by taking hat off in the middle of the day. Children go to the playground and leave hat on and then take it off for a short time (approx 10 mins).

  • Predict what will happen if you don’t wear your hat in the playground. Discuss how they felt.

  • Introduce the experiment and hypothesise about why we can’t use people for this experiment. Discuss suggestions for what we could use. The bread and butter is a suggestion – maybe children will come up with something different.

  • Explain that we will leave one piece of bread and butter on the teacher’s desk, one piece on the windowsill (make sure it gets some sunshine) and one piece in the direct sun at lunchtime.

  • Children predict the outcome for each piece of bread.

  • Conduct the experiment on 2 consecutive days.

  • Record findings on individual recording sheets- Refer to Activity Sheet 2 ‘Hot and Cold’.

  • A- Make generalisations about findings.

  • Write a recount of the Bread and Butter experiment.

INV ES 1.7

DM ES1.8

  • Investigate the wearing of hats in the playground. Make a tally of children who don’t wear their hat.

  • Interview some of these children and ask why they are not wearing their hat.

  • Brainstorm suggestions of why a hat is important.

  • Identify why we need to wear a hat in the sun.

  • Make suggestions of how we can help other children become aware of the importance of wearing a hat in the school playground.

  • A- Design a poster to make all children in the school aware of the need for a sun safe hat. Refer to Activity Sheet 3.

  • Present poster to the class.



UT ES1.9

  • Present posters at morning assembly to whole school and explain that posters will be placed around the school as a reminder.

  • Place posters in appropriate positions around the school.

  • Observe how many children wear their hats after the posters go up.

  • Compare this data to the data originally collected.

  • Create and send an email to a buddy class describing what they did.

  • Make generalisations about the investigation.

  • Students view photos of hats worn in other cultures.

  • Discuss similarities and differences and the common need for a sun safe hat.

  • A- Link to the next stage- ‘I am a sun safe student’- Refer to Activity Sheet 4.


  • A- Make your own Legionnaire hat from paper- Refer to activity Sheet 5.

Activity Sheet 1

KLA: Science and Technology

Stage: Early Stage 1

Task: Investigate ways in which people respond to hot and cold in their environment

Activity: Categorise hats from magazines/stencil, as sun safe/not sun safe

Outcome: INV ES1.7, INV ES1.6

Sun safe hats

Not sun safe hats

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