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Columbus Technical College

School of Radiologic Technology

Declaration/Undeclaration of Pregnancy
Student Name: ___________________________________ Date: ________________
This is to voluntarily disclose and notify the Radiologic Technology Program Director, that I:
________ Declare I Am Pregnant ________ Un-declare My Pregnancy
Estimated Date of Conception ____________ Estimated Date of Delivery___________
In making this declaration, I understand that the unborn child not receive in excess of 500 millirems of radiation during the term of pregnancy. And, further, that if records show that the unborn child has received 450 millirems of radiation or greater at the time of this declaration, the unborn child is permitted to receive only an additional dose of no more than 50 millirems of radiation during the term of pregnancy.
I acknowledge that I have been counseled regarding Radiation Protection and Safety and/or have read and understand the following:

1. Student Handbook – Section III – Pregnancy Policy and the instructions to the student should they become pregnant.

  1. Student Handbook – Section III – Radiation Safety Policies.

  2. Student Handbook – Section IV – Medical Leave of Absence Policy, and that re-entry into the Program must be approved by the college and the Program Director/Dean, Health Science and Nursing Division.

  3. And, further, that the stated policies in the student handbook are covered by the exclusion statement that “policies are subject to be changed and that enrolled students will be notified”.

______ I understand that I may un-declare my pregnancy at any time.

Explanation of radiation safety and protection has been conducted during the early part of the first semester of the Program and is instructed by the Program Director or other faculty. Additional counseling is provided and supported throughout the length of the Program. Additional attention is made to policies and procedures concerning pregnancy in the Student Handbook provided to me at the beginning of my orientation to the program.
I hereby certify that I have read the above and understand. And I do hereby release Columbus Technical College and the School of Radiologic Technology and any of the clinical affiliates from any and all liability for injury to either myself as the expectant mother, or the child due to radiation exposure during this pregnancy.
Student’s Signature: ________________________________ Date: __________________
Counseled by

Program Director: _______________________________ Date: ___________________
**Please make your statement of intent concerning your options offered on the back of this form.

Pregnancy Declaration/Un-declaration

Page 2

I understand that I have the following options to choose from in relationship to the Radiologic Technology Program during my pregnancy. I also understand, as noted above, that I can un-declare my pregnancy at any time.

I have decided to choose the option check-marked below.

________ 1. Withdraw from program both academically and clinically. I may return to begin the

program again with the next class, if space is available.

________ 2. Request a leave of absence from the program, returning after pregnancy

terminates at appropriate semester.
_________3. Continue with academic courses and withdraw from clinical courses. Clinical

courses must be completed after termination of pregnancy.
_________4. Continue with academic and clinical components with no modifications, until

termination of pregnancy.

_________________________ _____________________

Student Signature Date

Reviewed 11/23/15

Section 4
Attendance Policies & Procedures


In order to fulfill the number of clinical hours required per semester, it is necessary for students to attend clinical in various shifts and times. This includes clinical hours on Friday when the college does not have didactic classes being held. This also includes afternoon clinical times which could extend to as long as 8pm. The program also has a weekend rotation, which is usually a Saturday, to give students the experience of the differences in department operation on weekends with a smaller technical and clerical staff. There is usually only one semester when a weekend day is assigned and the student will have a day off during the week to compensate for the Saturday rotation.


Semester breaks vary according to how many days are designated by the college. Any and all absences during the semester are to be made up during the last week of the semester before semester breaks. The Clinical Coordinator or Program Director will schedule makeup time at the end of each semester.


The school schedule will follow holidays designated by Columbus Technical College and can be found in the college student handbook and the semester calendar can be found on the college website noting important dates. Students cannot be scheduled to work at clinical sites during official holidays.


Comp time may be taken on a day when no academic classes are scheduled. Because weekend duty is assigned infrequently, comp time shall not be used for Saturday clinicals. Comp time shall not be used to “erase” absences.

To take comp time, the student must have comp time to take. To receive comp time the following can be utilized:

  • Attendance to a continuing education activity through CSRT (for each hour of continuing education, one hour of comp time is given)

  • An incentive day (AIP day) - for all A’s in a semester with no absences or tardies and no missed punches on time card, a full day is given.

  • Some community service activities scheduled by the college in the community (career fairs, boy scout jamboree, community walk volunteerism/participation, etc.) This time will be the exact time spent at the event and must be documented by the event coordinator/designee.

In order to take comp time off, the students must complete a Request form* and submit it to the Clinical Coordinator or Program Director AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR to the day, date, and time requested as off. Requests received closer than 1 week shall be returned to the student without approval, unless it is an emergency situation. Comp time taken is done in full and half days only.


Class and clinical schedules are posted several weeks in advance. Students are requested to make plans and appointments around these schedules. The exchanging of duty time is NOT permitted without consulting with the Clinical Coordinator/ Program Director. In order to exchange an assignment, a Request form* must be completed and submitted to the Clinical Coordinator/Program Director at least one week prior to the day, date, and time requested. Any exchange that is made between students must be made at the same clinical site. It is the exchanging students’ responsibility to keep up with the swapped time and to work for each other as designated. Abuse of this privilege will result in revoking of the offending student’s

exchanging privileges.

* Sample Request forms are listed below and on the Blackboard learning platform in each clinical course.


Today’s Date: ________________
I, (Please Print) ____________________________________ wish to request the following:

(check appropriate)

Comp Time: ½ Day (4.5 hours)________ Whole Day (7 hours) _______
Date to be observed off: ______________________
Clinical Assignment: ________________________

By submitting this form, I understand the applicable policies involved.

Student signature: ______________________________ Approved ________
Clinical Coordinator: ____________________________ Disapproved ________
Program Manager: ______________________________


Requesting Student ___________________________ Today’s Date _______________
I, _______________________________ will work for __________________________

(Requesting Student) (Exchanging Student)

On (day, date, & assignment) _______________________________________________
Exchanging student, _________________________________________will work for me
On (day, date, & assignment) _______________________________________________
Reason for the exchange request: ____________________________________________
With the above named students submitting this request, it is with the understanding of the applicable policies in the Student Handbook. And further, students exchanging understand that if a student fails to be able to report for duty (for any reason), that student will not be allowed to exchange time in the future.
Approved: _________ Clinical Coordinator: ______________________________
Disapproved: _______ Program Manager: ________________________________

If a student is absent more than 3 times during the semester, he/she will be required to meet with the Program Director to discuss disciplinary action, with the possibility of being dismissed from the program. Any absence, except for bereavement as outlined below, results in forfeiture (giving up) of vacation (semester break) time on a 1:1 ratio. One day of absence equals one less vacation day. Students will be scheduled for clinical duty during the last week of the semester prior to semester break. On the third absence during the semester, the student will receive notification from the Clinical Coordinator that he/she has met the limit of absences for the semester. Should the student be absent a 4th day, he/she will then be counseled by the Program Director and/or the Dean of Health Sciences and Nursing to determine if the student will be allowed to stay in the program and be placed on probation or dismissed from the program. .

Absences may constitute disciplinary action review by the Program Director and faculty to include requiring a letter on official letterhead from the student’s physician. These absences will be understood as needed due to health reasons but not excused from being required to be made up. Students with excessive absences may forfeit the opportunity to graduate with their class, if absences exceed the available days.
NOTE: Students when reporting for clinical and/or academic assignment are required to be able to function physically, mentally, and emotionally. When a condition prevents the individual from participating and performing fully, he/she will be required to leave. Attendance is not simply to “put in time” but to fulfill the required activities for achievement of competency.

If a student will be absent, he/she MUST follow this procedure:

  1. At least 30 minutes prior to the assigned time, contact the Clinical Instructor/Department Supervisor of the Radiology Department to which he/she is assigned AND

  2. Contact the Clinical Coordinator or Program Director at least 30 minutes prior to assigned time by leaving a message of your absence on their voicemail


If a student becomes ill during clinical assignment hours, the following procedure is to be followed:

  1. Report illness to the Clinical Coordinator or Program Director (Clinical Instructor in their absence) and

  2. If necessary, leave for home OR see your personal physician (at your expense)


Students are assigned a Saturday duty on a rotational basis. If you are ill during this time, follow the procedure previously described. Students SHALL NOT request to leave early from the assignment unless the Program Director has been consulted prior to the time of duty. The student will be given an off day on another day during the week when a Saturday is assigned.


Make up time is performed only on as scheduled at the end of the semester. All make up days must be recorded on the Time and Attendance card and are required to be a full shift for a 7 hour day or 4.5 hours if required for half day. All make up days are scheduled on week days only.


A copy of the summons and/or letter from court is required to verify the jury duty or court appearance. These are not excused absences and time for these activities will be made up at the end of the semester.


Military reserve and summer camp obligations are honored with proof of documentation from the military source.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: In the event of inclement weather, students are urged to make an attempt to report to their assignment. If travel is unsafe or weather conditions are hazardous, the Program Director will decide what measures are to be taken and students will be informed via college notification or by email as to the appropriate action, according to the Columbus Technical College policy in the college handbook. The college “ringback” will also notify students of times of hazardous weather/school closings. Listen for TV reports of school closings, as well. If a student decides that conditions warrant staying out, they must report their absence as described. The absence(s) will be treated according to the “Illness/Absence Policy”. Students are reminded that all educational/clinical time MUST be completed in order to be eligible for graduation and taking the ARRT examination.

Students are urged to report for clinical duty at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time. This allows time to put away personal belongings such as purses, books, etc. and time to get to their clinical area. Students will be considered tardy when they are NOT in their assigned area by 7 minutes past the scheduled time (7:30am, 8:30am, 11:30am, etc) which is dependent on the scheduled assignment. Arriving any time past 7 minutes over the scheduled time is and will be considered tardiness. Arriving into the assigned parking lot at the scheduled time is not considered being “ON TIME”. Tardiness will be noted on the weekly Director’s Report and the grade assigned will reflect the occurrence. Tardiness will reflect adversely on the student’s Employability grade, given at the end of each semester. Students are thereby “warned” with each documented tardy. Students who are tardy 3 times in a semester are formally warned on their Director’s Report. Upon the 3rd tardy, a makeup day will be added. Upon the 6th tardy the student will receive further disciplinary action with possible dismissal from the program. Tardiness is interpreted as arriving 7 minutes late of the assigned/scheduled time. Arrival after 30 minutes will be counted as an absence.


3 Days are granted for a death in the immediate family (father, mother, legal guardian, husband, wife, child, brother, sister, grandparent). NO time is granted for family members not listed here. If more than the granted time is needed off, the student can consult with the Clinical Coordinator/Program Director. Additional time may be taken if the student has available Comp Time. The Program reserves the right to require a death notice indicating next of kin.


Clinical and class schedules are posted several weeks in advance. Students shall schedule all dental, doctor, and other appointments after school on off-duty time. If not, time off requested for these appointments will need to be taken from comp time. If comp time is available, a request will be needed to be off for a minimum of a half day. If no comp time is available, an absence of a half day will be counted.


A full 18 months of education and training is required prior to formal completion of the Program and taking the ARRT exam. Arrangements may be made for return to the Program should an illness require an extended time of absence. The student should consult the Program Director and request a medical leave of absence. If an illness or accident results in more than 3 consecutive school days of absences, a student will be placed on medical leave of absence and his/her return shall be at a future time when the remaining program requirements may be completed in the proper chronological order. The student will be required to provide a physician’s release to return to school.

Time cards will be issued to each student at the beginning of each semester. It will be the responsibility of each student to keep track of his/her time card and use the appropriate card each week for punching in and out at the clinical site.
Time clocks are located in each Radiology Department for the specific use of the Radiology Student. Students must clock IN and OUT on the issued card only. No other time card is approved. If you forget your timecard, clock in on a piece of paper, have it initialed by the clinical instructor or radiographer assigned, and attach it to the time card or call the Clinical Coordinator to report your time IN and OUT, if you do not have your time card. A Tardy will be assessed for any missed punch noted.
Time cards are to be turned in no later than Monday afternoon of the following week to the Clinical Coordinator. Failure to do so will result in a makeup day for each day the time card is late being turned in.
DO NOT write on the time card unless told to do so. NEVER clock in for another student. If there are questions or problems regarding time IN or OUT, these must be discussed promptly and approved by the Clinical Coordinator or Program Director.
Students are subject to disciplinary action including dismissal if:

  1. found to be clocking IN or OUT for another student,

  2. found tampering with the time clocks,

  3. fraudulently recording school clinical time in any manner, including recording during paid time for

in the Radiology Department as a tech assistant,

  1. clocking OUT earlier than the approved time by the Program Director or Clinical Coordinator,

  2. habitually failing to clock IN or OUT properly according to these stated policies,

  3. habitually failing to turn in the time card on a timely basis as stated in these policies.

Failure to turn in a time card will be counted as an absence for the required number of days. Habitual failure to turn in a time card will constitute disciplinary action or dismissal. Failure to clock IN or OUT will be counted as a tardy. Improper clocking IN or OUT or turning in a time card late will be noted and graded accordingly on the Director’s report. There SHALL NOT be a called clock IN or OUT for more than one day in a week! If a second call IN is needed, the student must report to the Program Director’s office for another time card. If the time card is lost, the student should obtain another one from the Program Director/Clinical Coordinator.

Students who attend educational seminars and/or meetings, i.e. Atlanta Student Seminar, GSRT Annual Meeting, CSRT Fall Seminar, West Coast Student Seminar in Orlando, etc., shall abide by the following guidelines and policies:

  1. If attending while on clinical time, attendance to all educational sessions is MANDATORY.

    1. All Attendance Verification forms MUST be authorized by the session guest speaker, moderator, or Program Director or other Faculty in attendance.

    2. If time cannot be accounted for, this time will be made up in accordance with the school absentee policy.

    3. If the student fails to attend a session, the student forfeits any future chance of seminar/meeting attendance on student time.

    4. Students under the age of 21 are responsible for observing and obeying state laws regarding drinking alcoholic beverages. Any illegal acts are the responsibility of the individual.

    5. Students are responsible for damages incurred at a seminar/meeting which are the direct result of the student’s action.

    6. Columbus Technical College and/or any of its faculty are not liable for any physical or personal damages or injuries incurred during or en route to or from a seminar/meeting.

    7. Attendance Verification forms MUST be turned in to the Program Director or Clinical Coordinator on the first day of return to school time. If forms are not turned in promptly, the student will be charged with absences for each day unaccounted for (see absence policy).

Columbus Technical College

School of Radiologic Technology
Attendance Verification Form

Student Name: ________________________________________________

Session/Activity Title Date & Time Verification

1. _______________________________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________________________
3. _______________________________________________________________
4. _______________________________________________________________
5. _______________________________________________________________
6. _______________________________________________________________
7. _______________________________________________________________
8. _______________________________________________________________
9. _______________________________________________________________

Use additional Verification sheets as needed. Verification Signatures may be that of the speaker, session moderator, Program Director, or Clinical Coordinator.

Any changes in name, address, telephone number, marital status, etc. must be made in writing and presented to the Program Director and the Admissions Office of Columbus Technical College within 7 school days of the change. Notification of this information affords the information for name badges, radiation monitoring devices, records, and mailing of information.


Section 5

General Student Policies & Procedures


Students who do not report to duty in proper dress cannot stay in school that day and will be released and counted as absent. The following grooming standards are for ALL students, regardless of the clinical assignment. They are designed to promote a professional appearance to the public and patients. Our first and foremost concern is to the patient and our appearance is vital to good public relations for our hospitals and the school. PERSONAL body hygiene is absolutely essential at all times.

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