School of Instruction

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School of Instruction

(Bring Sword, Chapeau, Ritual and Tactics) Tactics page and paragraph are in parentheses. Revised June 27, 2010

Things all Sir Knights should be aware of:

1. Always give proper salutations upon entering or retiring from an Asylum. (demonstrate) (9/18).

2, Commander is "Eminent Commander" not "Eminent. (8/16)

3. Always say "Sir Knight” as first part of title. (8/13)

4. When uncovering, uncover at the word "cover" not "un" as I have seen. (45/98&99)

5. Always call on Senior Officer prior to saluting (with hand or sword). (10 /20a.)

6. When communicating only salute at the beginning and end. (9/17)

7. Knocks at door are the same sequence as Lodge. During the opening the Warder knocks after closing the door. During open Conclave he knocks both before opening the door and after closing the door. During the closing he knocks before opening the door.

8. Speak loud and clear as possible (we are getting older and want to hear your good work).

9. Remember the visiting Sir Knights. Make them welcome like you would in your own home.

10. Never, I repeat, never talk or whisper when the Orders or the Full Form Opening are in progress

(very disrespectful to the participants). Give them the attention they deserve for their hard work.

11. The Officer advancing to another station is asked to make sure the Sir Knight replacing him is

instructed to his duties and is proficient in the Ritual. The incoming Commander has plenty to do.

12. As a Past Commander, you have just begun your duties to the Commandery. Your knowledge and

enthusiasm is most valuable and needed in making your Commandery a success for years to come.

Some things to be aware of when using the sword:

1. Never talk through your sword or while saluting. Talk only when at attention. (demonstrate)

2. Do not saw your sword when coming to carry swords. (demonstrate) (32/64)

3. Go over Sword Manual positions. (40/+)

4. Demonstrate "Parry Four" (position of hand most important). (41&42/90)

5. If member of the Triangle Guard, to check distance from triangle, use one sword length.

6. During "Charge" swords should be held with palms up and then as swords are raised turn palms

down. (44/96)

7. When forming Arch of Steel, come to present swords at command “cross” and then form the Arch with

“parry one“ position at command “swords”. (43/94)

8. When kneeling with sword, right hand is on the sword and left resting on right. (46)
Things not to do:

1. Never say anything with Chapeau removed, except by orders of the Commander. Commander never talks with Chapeau removed except during prayer.

2. Commander does not turn to Generalissimo or Captain General. Always faces Commandery. (demonstrate)

3. United States flag never moves unless we are at hand salute or have hand over our heart. Active duty military and veterans are permitted to use hand salute when not in uniform.

4. Never dip the United States Flag (always straight up and proud). (9/19d.)
Things you can do to help yourself and others:

1. Learn 3 years of warfare guard part so you can help other Commanderies. Ritual page 124

2. Remember, when communicating the word, only the 1st Division arms are crossed. (demonstrate)

3. Correct Chapeau position on floor. (demonstrate) (45&46/101)

4. Practice returning sword without looking at scabbard. (40/85)

5. Most important, do not be afraid to jump in and help, the Commandery will appreciate it and you will learn something to take home with you.

Some things Officers should be aware of:

l. When you become the Commander make sure to keep the Sir Knights of the Commandery

informed. A well-informed Commandery is a close nit one.

2. Remember, three things make a Commandery successful: good ritualistic work, education and

fellowship before, during and especially after the Conclaves. Commanders, make all three happen!

3. One thing we have gotten away from that is very important. When a Commandery asks for the

number of Sir Knights and Ladies that will be attending a function, make sure to do this accurately

and quickly. Knightly courtesy is of utmost importance in our organization.

4. Senior Warden / Junior Warden, place sword in the Commanders hand so Sir Knight giving sword

lecture can hand it to new Sir Knight properly.

5. Senior Warden / Junior Warden, when in charge you will use a sword salute. (10/20 & 11/25)

6. Junior Warden goes directly to the center of the Asylum from door when returning with questions.

(7/6 & 12/31)

7. Junior Warden, “Countermarch, right and left by file” (when leaving Prelate's obligation scene). Sir Knights move directly to the front and execute facing movements with Sir Knight directly across from him. (87/421)

8. During the first four Libations the Senior Warden and Junior Warden form a triangle with the

Pilgrim. The same triangle as the Commander, Generalissimo and Captain General. (97/#27)

9. During the 5th Libation, the Senior Warden and Junior Warden help form the triangle. (97/#28)

10. Senior Warden assists the Pilgrim with extinguishing and relighting the candle.

11. Senior Warden assists the Pilgrim when he is finished with wine during 5thLibation.

12. Junior Warden asks Pilgrim for hat and walking stick during Hermit scenes (does not touch). (84/403)

13. During the Order of the Temple when talking to Prelate, Commander does not point or gesture

toward the Senior Warden.

14. Generalissimo takes position to the North of #3 Sir Knight in the 1st Division facing West after he

introduces Inspecting Officer and Commander takes over by saluting the Inspecting Officer.

15. Correct pronunciation of "preparatory". "pre-par'-a-tory".

16. We never "run" Degrees and Orders, we "confer" Orders only.'

17. We do not "Assist" in anything, we “Join". Examples: "Join" me in giving the Pledge of Allegiance

to our Flag. "Join" me in extending Grand Honors to ....

18. Candidates are not "Working" Candidates they are "Exemplar" Candidates.

19. Commander, Generalissimo, and Captain General should be a team during the OT. Move to and

from East together and to and from triangle together, also draw and return swords as a team.

20. Standard Guard uses 90 degree wheel turns or column half left and column half right when posting and retiring the United States Flag. NO oblique movements. See pages 81 and 101 for proper posting and retiring of the United States Flag. Practice posting and retiring the Flag. It is very important we do this properly.

21. Standard Guard orders swords during the sword manual in the Full Form Opening.

22. Standard Guard dips Beauceant during Full Form Opening, but not United States Flag.

23. Retire the United States Flag when going to recess prior to Full form Opening. (100 & 101)

24. Cups are removed from triangle during 5th Libation. (97/Plate #28)

25. Placement of cross, square and compasses and swords on Bible. Bible opened to Matthew 28.

26. Sir Knights remain at Hand Salute during Pledge of Allegiance. Changed by S.K. William H. Koon, II.

What I have presented is just a small portion of the valuable information contained in the Ritual and Tactics. Please obtained a copy of each and study them thoroughly. It will make you a more informed Sir Knight.

Does anyone have any items to add, or questions on what has been presented? Remember this is a working

document and we will add and subtract to it as needed.

Please, if you have learned anything from this, take it back to your Commandery and share it with the other Sir

Knights. Many of the items I have relayed to you were passed on to me by others. I give most of the credit to

S.K. Roscoe O. Rilling, P.C., Dayton #68, K.T.C.H. He took me under his wing and gave me many valuable

tips to make me a better Sir Knight. I sincerely hope this does the same for you.
Presented by: S.K. Larry E. Fisher, K.C.T., K.Y.C.H. Phone #s 937/426-9811 (res) or 937/750-0112 (cell)

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