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Enjoy your tour with your expert docents as they guide you through this inspiring ship. They will take you to the exhibit area where your scavenger hunt begins. There are two clues located within each exhibit.

Get out your pencil, put your thinking cap on

and explore the exhibits!
See if you can answer all the questions on your own.
To begin your adventure, please locate the “Battleship Sailor: Life Onboard the Big J” exhibit.
1. Circle one alarm that sailors learn in training.

A. Surface Alarm B. Flight Crash Alarm C. Galley Alarm

2. What is the name of the Sailor hat in the corner exhibit?

A. Pollywog B. Slap Cap C. Tri-cort

Make a RIGHT and head to the History of Battleship USS New Jersey Exhibit
3. Circle a War or Conflict that the BB-62 was involved in.

A. World War I B. Spanish American War C. Korean Conflict

4. How many Battle Stars have been awarded to the Battleship New Jersey?

A. 19 B. 21 C. 25

Now proceed to the Battleship New Jersey Historical Museum Society Exhibit
5. Who is speaking in the video?

A. Dwight Eisenhower B. Bob Hope C. Harry S Truman

6. What is the name on the typewriter?

A. Underwood B. Crandall C. Remington

Next up is the New Jerseyans on the Big J Exhibit
7. What was Lillian Carson’s occupation on the Big J?

A. Cook B. Captain C. Welder

8. How much do the exhibits handout’s cost?

A. $1.00 B. $2.00 C. Free

Follow the Yellow line on the deck to the Port side of the Exhibit area. Locate the Life and Times of Admiral William F. Halsey Exhibit (red room)
9. What sport did William Frederick Halsey, Jr. play?

A. Football B. Soccer C. Baseball

10. What was Admiral Halsey’s nickname?

A. Tiger B. Bull C. Lion

Enter the Great White Fleet Exhibit
11. What were the dates of the Great White Fleet’s voyage?

A. 1907-1909 B. 1899-1901 C. 1902-1905

12. How many battleships participated in this historic voyage around the globe?

A. 21 B. 16 C. 19

Continue to the International Battleship Development 1905-1992 Exhibit (Keeper’s of the Sea)
13. How many different flags are listed in this exhibit?

A. 10 B. 12 C. 9

14. The Battleship New Jersey is part of what class?

A. Iowa B. Nebraska C. Indiana

Your scavenger Hunt concludes in the Homeland Defense Technologies Exhibit
15. Rank from highest to lowest order the Homeland Security Advisor System.

1._____________________________ 4. ____________________________

2._____________________________ 5.____________________________


16. What is the weight listed on a “Minesniper”?

A. 45 pounds B. 50 pounds C. 55 pounds

Take your completed survey to your teacher or chaperone.
Before you exit the Battleship, don’t forget to visit the Brig, Chapel, Barber Shop, Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Bakery, Galley, Crew Mess Deck and Chow Line!


1) B

2) A

3) C

4) A

5) B

6) A

7) C

8) C

9) A

10) B

11) A

12) B

13) C

14) A

15) 1. Severe 2. High 3. Elevated 4. Guarded 5. Low

16) C

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