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SWP Title: Gel Doc System – to photograph a gel


SWP Author

Name: Dominique Dolgener

Date: 24/03/2008

OHS Approver

Name: Fiona Richards

Date: 28/03/2008

Supervisor/manager Approver

Name: Pavel Bitter

Date: 28/03/08

Procedure (in steps):

Identify Possible Hazards:




  1. Open the front door/bottom drawer of the Gel-Doc system and clean the
    glass plate with 70%ethanol and Kimwipes. Wait until all of the ethanol has evaporated and place gel inside. Make sure that you only touch the Gel-doc with Nitrile gloves as Ethidium Bromide contamination is likely.

  • Ethidium Bromide – very toxic by inhalation and skin contact

RA 795

RA 21

  1. Always wear gloves when working on the computer. Open the Gel-doc

Software (Quantity One). Select “File” from the top bar menu and then

“ChemiDoc XRS”. In the XRS window, press Select and choose “UV

Transillumination” from the drop-down menu.

RA 795

    • UV illumination is shut down as soon as doors are open

3. At the Gel-doc, turn on the UV transillumination light (from the panel found on the right-hand side of the Gel-Doc) and then activate the “Live/Focus” on the XRS window on the computer.

RA 795

4. If necessary (i.e. if you have white stripes on image) adjust the lens manually by moving the black lever on top of the Gel-Doc. You can fine tune the image by using the three sets of buttons beneath the “Live/Focus” button which will allow you to focus, zoom and sharpen.

RA 795

5. Once the image quality is satisfactory, press the “Freeze” button in the XRS window, then select “Automatic aquire”. The gel image will be displayed in a separate window. Once this window has opened, select “File” from the top bar menu and “Export as JPEG”. You can now save your image as a jpeg file onto the desktop, to be exported to your network folder.

RA 795

OHS 13 – 150507

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