Safe Work Procedure – Cable Yarding – Chokerman

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Safe Work Procedure – Cable Yarding – Chokerman


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  • A chokeman is under the direct supervision of the Rigging Slinger; the Hooktender being the supervisor of the side.

  • If doubtful of anything, ask the Rigging Slinger or the Hooktender.

  • Pull lines with your whole body, not just your arms. If too heavy for one man, get help.

  • Grip the line firmly with your hands so that they won't slide. This prevents a jagger wound.

  • Stay well away from bights and siwashes.

  • Stand behind the Rigging Slinger when the butt rigging is moving.

  • Never stand under the butt rigging when setting a choker.

  • Learn the proper way to set a choker. If possible, always set the choker by putting the knob over the log. Watch for the choker bell sliding down the lines.

  • Never stand close to the tail block or the stump, in case the strap or lines break or the stump pulls.

  • Learn the proper way to pack a block so that it can be thrown clear in case of tripping.

  • Never allow yourself to walk into a landing behind or over a pile while a loader is in the landing.

  • Be aware of flying chokers.

  • When unhooking guylines, stand on eye side of line.


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