Russia 110308 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 110308

Basic Political Developments

  • Russia still wary of US defense plans for Poland - American Vice President Joe Biden makes his way to Russia on Wednesday. It is expected that a fair amount of attention will be focused on US plans for Polish air defense and for an anti-missile shield, Gazeta Wyborcza reports.

  • Business welcomes Biden visit - American businessmen welcome the visit of U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden to Russia and the U.S. administration's intention to deepen economic cooperation between the two countries.

  • U.S. Vice President Begins Trip To Finland, Russia, And 'Model' Moldova - Biden's Moscow itinerary begins with lunch on March 9 at the U.S. Embassy with American business leaders. The group then travels to Skolkovo, Russia's version of America's Silicon Valley, for a roundtable discussion with Russian business leaders. A dinner with President Dmitry Medvedev is also planned.

  • Georgia Poses Hurdle for U.S.-Russia Ties - American policy makers will keep their distance from the process, despite a pressing interest in seeing Russia join the trade group. Michael McFaul, a senior adviser to President Obama, called the talks “a bilateral issue, not a trilateral issue.”

  • Russian Missiles Only "Temporarily" in South Ossetia - Karasin, however, did not specify when the rockets would be withdrawn.

  • What Happened to the Reset? - The "Reset" Rings Hollow Two Years On. By Russia Profile

  • Seperate missile defense unaccepatable – Rogozin: Mr. Rogozin underlined the fact that the alliance proposes the creation of  two independent systems of missile defense, one European the other Russian. This option does not suit Moscow, Rogozin stressed.

  • Bushehr plant marks the start of nuclear energy use: Russian ambassador

  • Failure at Iran Nuclear Power Plant Raises Concerns About Safety - The pump failure raises questions about the decisions the Russians made to move forward with emergency coolant system that’s 30 years old

  • COMMENT: Rosatom plans dangerous thermal capacity increases at Russia’s RBMK reactors of Chernobyl infamy

  • Russian firms 'interested in Jordan mega-projects' - The 10th Annual Russian Industrial Exhibition started on Monday with the participation of nearly 37 companies.

  • Russia delivers humanitarian aid for Libyan refugees in Tunisia - A Russian emergency situations ministry's aircraft with humanitarian aid for Libyan refugees landed in Tunisia on early Tuesday, a spokesman for the ministry said.

  • Russia sends more humanitarian aid for Libyan refugees to Tunisia

  • 2nd RME plane brings supplies for Libyan refugees

  • Sevastopol: Russian fleet stirs passions in Ukraine - By Daniel Sandford Moscow correspondent, BBC News

  • Victor Kaganov pleads guilty - A former Russian officer, now living in the United States, has pleaded guilty to illegal financial transactions totaling more than $ 170 million.

  • Tajik, Kyrgyz, Uzbek need visa changes, Russian says

  • Kim Jong Il thanks Russian musicians - DPRK leader Kim Jong Il visited a joint concert by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra of the XXI century dedicated to International Women's Day.

  • Serbia's export to the Russian market hit a 15-year high

  • Russia defends MTS investor warning on Turkmenistan - Russian diplomacy breaks silence, backs MTS in Turkmen row

  • Machines with fragments of AN-148 cannot leave the crash site due to risk of fuel spill

  • Hollywood star agent says 'unaware' if Putin's fundraiser pays off for hospitals

  • Medvedev wishes women spring warmth and excellent sentiments

  • It depends on men whether women beautify men’s life-PM

  • Speakers of both parliament chambers congratulate women on March 8

  • Interview: Politics, another way for women's self-fulfillment: Russian parliamentarian

  • Checkpoint between Russia and Transcaucasia closed - the request came from the Georgian side to limit traffic due to heavy snowfalls in the area.

  • Chechnya's strongman denies forcing women to wear headscarves, defends multiple wives

  • Brazilian stars to play in Grozny 'out of respect' - Chechen leader

  • Chechen terrorists, the rebels of the lost cause

  • Moscow Under Pressure to Make Decisive Moves in the Northwest Caucasus - By: Valery Dzutsev

  • A Fear of Three Letters - Traveling through Ingushetia, a republic where people are more frightened of Russia's shadowy security forces than the Islamist militants. BY TOM PARFITT

  • Church of Scientology Opens New Church in the Heart of Moscow - The building stands in the city’s central Garden Ring, just a mile from Red Square.

  • Russia Faces 3-Year Race to Secure Site of Olympics - By CLIFFORD J. LEVY

  • One Russian national killed, another wounded near France's Nice

  • WikiLeaks publishes new 'gas war' cables - The WikiLeaks whistleblower site on March 6 released six new classified U.S. State Department cables authored during the January 2009 gas crisis, when Russia then shut off gas supplies to Ukraine and Europe. Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and her counterpart Vladimir Putin on Jan. 19, 2009 reached a deal in Moscow to end the crisis.

  • Cablegate: France bullied Poland over Georgia war - France threatened to harm a flagship EU policy for post-Soviet countries shortly after the Russia-Georgia war unless the Union forgave Russia for its invasion, a freshly leaked US cable says.

National Economic Trends

  • Senior Bankers in U.S. to Advise Russia

  • Oil instability a windfall for Russia

  • East Europe Today: Russian Credit Risk at Lowest Since 2008

  • Wheat Planting Falls to Four Year Low in Russia as Export Ban Hits Farmers

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