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I was working with the DNA to remove some of the great amount of metal, that still remained, and it was rather early in the night of the 15th of March, 2007, possibly around 7:00 PM, CST, or so, when a voice began speaking to me! “Your DNA does not yet have the capability to remove this metal. Look at it. It (the metal) is attached to your skin! It is melded into your skin and you cannot remove this metal without pulling out chunks of your skin!”
He went on to tell me that this kind of torture is what the Annunaki do to their prisoners and that there is none, who can escape the horrors of this punishment! He told me that one had tried to get free of this “melded” metal; and tore out great amounts of his skin, thereby needing “skin grafts!” He also told me that by the following day, the new DNA would be able to remove some of the metal sheets from my body!
When he initially began to speak to me, I did know who was speaking, as our Father in Heaven had not yet allowed me to see him! So, I asked him to identify himself! It was at that point that he told me that he is Annunaki and that there are two with him. Then, I asked our Father in Heaven to allow me to see them; and almost immediately I was able to see the three, all dressed in light suits, but only one was doing the talking. I asked him, "How tall are you,” to which he replied, “Thirteen feet tall!” Then, he went on to tell me that there are those, who are much taller, fifteen, to seventeen feet! Yes, I could surely see that they were indeed “giants!”
He further told me that they “know” Yahweh and “love” Yahweh! He told me that Yahweh allowed 67 of their ships to pass through and that they serve Yahweh. He also told me that they have an underground base somewhere on this planet.
I asked him about King Anu, the King of the Annunaki and where he is now, to which he responded, that the King is staying in South America in a very large place. (Almost immediately after my talk with this Annunaki man, I remembered the Internet dialogues about the Bushes and how they have purchased a very large piece of land in Paraguay! I wondered whether this land could have been purchased as a base for the passing Annunaki King and his hoards! But, by the time that I remembered this information, the Annunaki were gone, so I was unable to inquire about this information!) But, I did ask him how long King Anu, the King of the Annunaki, would be in the Earth; and he told me that he will probably be here for six to eight months, or possibly longer!
The Annunaki man then went on to tell me that he does “medical” work for the Annunaki! He further told me that the Annunaki have perverted their DNA and that it will no longer function as it was originally designed to function. Therefore, they cannot get free of many of these most horrible of “metal, wire and implant” punishments, which are inserted into them!
That night, the Annunaki giant further told me that not all Annunaki are evil, and that there are those, who choose to do right and who also love and serve Yahweh! He further told me that there are those, who want to see the humans progress and want to see the humans get this new DNA. He also informed me that those, who are the servants of Yahweh, hope to go with the humans to our Father’s Kingdom when the portal opens.
Did the Annunaki man tell me the truth?
My Dear Ones, I take a “wait and see” attitude about everything that I hear them say! But, I also tell you that as our Father Yahweh governs my life, that He allows me to hear what He wants me to hear and to see what He wants me to see. This is also what I ask of Him, that He keep me within His will at all times. So, when an incident like this one happens, I know that it is most often for reasons that I may not fully understand. Nevertheless, I take note of what I hear and what I see, taking a “wait and see” attitude and then I go on with my life! However, my Dear Ones, if his words are so, may he and those Annunaki, who are righteous, be greatly blessed by our Father Yahweh, and also “saved” from the horrible times, which are at hand!

The “Melded” Metal in my tissues!

My Dear Ones, I would later find out that the Annunaki told me the truth regarding the melded metal in my tissues! The metal was indeed “melded” into my flesh! It was part of my flesh, welded into my flesh in sheets; and as such the DNA could not get it out until our Father Yahweh imparted the growth and power into the DNA to make possible this work! My Dear Ones, I cannot possibly imagine how they could “meld” metal into one’s flesh, unless they separate the metal at the subatomic level and then forge the particles into the flesh.
The metal was bright and yellow, like gold; and it was malleable, moving with my flesh, but also sticking into my flesh with each move. For, they had not forged sheets of smooth metal into my flesh! But, sheets of coarse metal, with sharp and pointed indentations! These indentations then became as plentiful, sharp spikes and these sharp spikes pushed and gouged continually into my flesh! As the DNA had neither seen, nor experienced anything like this, it could not begin to get it out; but if it tried at my persistence, it truly would and did pull out chunks of my flesh. In some parts of my back, my flesh had the texture of chopped beef and was excruciatingly painful because I had “pushed” the DNA to remove this metal, when it did not yet have the capability!
My Dear Ones, I did not know any better as regarding this melded metal, as our Father had not said anything, so I learned an invaluable lesson as well, that in all things I must wait upon Him! And, after taking note of what the Annunaki was showing me, I waited upon our Father Yahweh to grow the DNA and to give it the power and capability to remove this “melded” metal!
It was on the night of the 17th of March, that our Father Yahweh came forth with a mighty victory for himself, for the new DNA and most assuredly for me! For, at that time, the “melded” metal began to roll out of my tissues, much as find sand would roll out of one’s hands at the beach. The DNA then sifted it out of my tissues and carried it to “parts unknown”, thereby removing every shred of this “melded” metal from my tissues and along with it, the last vestiges of the pain, which was caused from the sharp metal spikes!
To overcome this horrific Annunaki task, the DNA needed about four days; and this has been the case with many of their terrible schemes! Therefore, for this time-span of about four days, I have had to go about my daily tasks with vast amounts of metal, wire and other foreign substances in my body, often hobbling around, or feeling very tired from so many electrical currents pouring through my body, such powerful electrical currents, that often my body will be “rocking” beneath the force of their electrical assaults!
Great are their electrical assaults against me and great are their on-going attempts to enslave me any way they can! But, through all that they have done, they have failed to accomplish their purposes and amidst such great torture and persecution, the DNA has now grown to the point that it is a fully operational 360 degree DNA! And, daily, I am truly carried on the wings of the love, mercy, grace and power of our Blessed Father Yahweh! Holy is His Name and Holy is the Name of Jesus, Yeshua, our Wonderful Saviour!

More from the Annunaki

The same Annunaki was back in my house a few days after his initial visit and that time he told me that they, the Annunaki, had then “glued sheets of metal” into the tissues of my body in various places. As he told me these things, the DNA did for a fact reveal some of these “glued’ places; and at that time, he told me that this is very powerful “glue” and that my DNA did not yet have the capability to overcome this powerful glue!
And, this, my Dear Ones, was also true! I had to wait a certain number of days for our Father to empower the DNA to overcome the very strong glue, so that it could separate the glued metal from my tissues within my body.
Since that time, the same Annunaki has been back once, but it was a very short visit! That was around the around the 11th of April; and at that time he told me that it would not “take long” for the “liquid light” to come into my body! Indeed, this was true; for by the 21st of April, the 360 degree DNA was fully operational and with this fully operational 30 degree DNA, there began to come into my body a great amount of “liquid light!” But, on that day I just listened, not knowing whether he was in fact telling me the truth! The liquid light was only about ten days in coming through, but I remember at the time, that these ten days seemed like an eternity, and at times I wondered just when the liquid light would really come in!

The Works of the Evil Annunaki!

My Dear Ones, this horrific “wiring” is not just an implant here and there in one’s body! This amount is wire and metal is massive and extensively covers part, if not all of one’s body, inch by inch! From day to day, the metal, in any given area of my body is almost SOLID!!!! So small are some of these metal pieces and wire fragments, that they literally saturate the tissues, thereby causing my whole body to become a walking mass of metal.
Their Drugged and Mind Controlled Slaves!
When one is unable to get free of such a terrible assault, and has no divine intervention, such a victim will surely become their prisoner, thereafter becoming incapable of escaping and incapable of being anything other than a permanent slave! With the great amounts of metal, which saturates the body and with constant drugging and assaults via electronic impulses, these evil ones can easily override the will of their victims and these captives can easily become their permanent, mind controlled slaves! Oh, they have thought to do such a thing to me from day to day, but they totally underestimate the power of my God, the Great and Almighty God Yahweh! But, even so, they have given it their best shot! And, oh what absolute horrors they have done to their people; and what absolute horrors await humanity!
Read what our Father in Heaven told Daniel!
My Dear Ones, in the Book of Daniel, Chapter 2:43, we are told of these evil Annunaki, as well as Satan and the fallen angels, when our Father tells Daniel, “And, whereas, thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.”
And, so it goes, my Dear Ones! I have seen the Annunaki King in my own house as he was conversing with a highly decorated military man! I have seen them all working hand in hand, but now at this critical juncture in these works, it seems that the humans have been pushed aside, leaving this work totally to Satan and the Annunaki overlords!
Other-Worldly Technology!
My Dear Ones, it is a fact that many of the Annunaki are utterly ruthless, and they are extremely advanced, being a greatly older and much more advanced race than the humans! Their technology is hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years ahead of what we could ever imagine, and such technology seems like science fiction to us, but for sure a science fiction of the ghouls and devils! Their torture schemes are horrible beyond any measure; disgusting and unthinkable to most of us! Nevertheless, they are here and they are advancing in their efforts to make slaves of every remaining human, that is, after they kill exterminate many!
In the last few years, which remain before the rule of our Saviour, they will use these horrific schemes of torture and mind control on the humans! This time is at hand; and I a certain victim! I know the truth of their ways! I write the truth of what I live through and endure from day to day! I could not live for even one minute under their feet if our Blessed Father did not fight my battles and supernaturally carry me in his love, grace and mercy!
What will Happen to these evil Annunaki?
It is written in Isaiah Ch 24 that many of them will surely be put into the burning pits! Read these words from Isaiah Chapter 24:21-22! “And, it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth. And, they shall be gathered together, as prisoners are gathered in the pit, and shall be shut up in the prison, and after many days shall they be visited.”
Will this happen when the Earth is turned upside down? If we go back to verses 19 and 20, in Isaiah Chapter 24, we read, “The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is moved exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall and not rise again.”
So, my Dear Ones, will our Lord and God put many of them into the pits at the time of the flipping of the earth, and just how close are we to this flipping! Later on, I will give you some vital information about my own current observations about this now wobbling earth, but right now, I shall proceed to record information as regards these current works!

The DNA had to learn evil!

Yes, indeed, they are going to use these horrific and disgusting schemes of slavery on the poor and unsuspecting humans and also on those in the Supernatural Army! This is why this new DNA must “know” how to get free of the horrific Annunaki kinds of punishment, not only to keep the supernatural army free when these horrible implants are put into their bodies, but also to help the Supernatural Army of our Father Yahweh in its work with the soon-enslaved humans, to make and keep them free as well!
Remember that this DNA came straight from heaven; and as such it was naïve to evil! It had only known the beauty, the light and love of heaven; and it had to grow to know evil, to know the torture tricks of Satan, the fallen angels, the evil humans and the Annunaki clown gods! Through these many months, this DNA has been learning to fight all of their horrific technology and to overcome any and everything, which they have thrown at it! In this way, our Father has grown it and is making it ready to go out to those, who are ready to receive it!
Yes, this has been a time of great learning for this beautiful DNA, this perfect creation of our Father; and it has been a time of great torture and persecution for me, yet also a time of unparalleled miracles in my life! But, through it all, my Dear Ones, I can only say that I am blessed, exceedingly blessed and extremely grateful that our Father has called me and chose me for a work, which will greatly bless humanity! Surely, this new DNA will bear wonderful fruit for our Father Yahweh for many generations to come! May we all strive to please Him and bless Him in every way! Praises to His Holy Name!
The Kingdom of our Father, “will break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms.”
As we read on in the Book of Daniel, Chapter 2:44, we read about our Father’s Kingdom when our Father tells Daniel, “And, in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever!”
So, my Dear Ones, our Father will set up His Kingdom in the Earth even while the antichrist is ruling and during the reign of the antichrist kings! Yes, indeed! These beautiful souls will come back into the Earth, fully empowered by our Father, in possession of new bodies, new DNA, given great power from our Beloved Lord and God, and they will lay to waste much, much evil! They will fight for the enslaved humans and they will heal and set many free!
Blessed is the Holy Name of our Mighty God Yahweh; for He is all-powerful and wonderful beyond any descriptions! May we all continually bow before Him in praise and thanksgiving; for if not for His great love and faithfulness, we would all be destroyed! He and His Beautiful Son are the Only Hope in this dark and evil world!
Why there had to be a new human DNA!
My Dear Brothers and Sisters, as we look around in the Earth, we continually see the great genetic experiments, which are being carried out against all manner of our Father’s creations! Against the plants, against the animals and within the past few years, against the human DNA! A few years back, scientists decoded the human DNA and since that time, we have read of almost constant assaults against the human DNA! I am sure that many of you have read of the human/sheep, a sheep, which is now15% human!
My Dear Ones, Satan and the Annunaki hoards are making a great effort to totally destroy the current human DNA and to totally destroy the DNA of plants and animals on this Earth as they see themselves losing and are therefore out to “trash” the whole earth! At this time, the plant seeds are so hybridized and combined with different kinds of bug DNA and other kinds of DNA, that much of the food that we eat, has become toxic to the humans! Mass poisonings are taking place as many are becoming sick from such blatantly contaminated food!
Their motto is that if they cannot be in control, they will totally destroy all that is in the earth! And, they have been busily doing such things for many years, to such a degree that the whole food chain is a great wreck right now! If allowed to continue in their great assaults against the human DNA, there would be no humans left within a few years, only genetic aberants and nightmares! Therefore, our Father Yahweh is bringing forth this new DNA as it is time for those, who are worthy, to receive it; and it is also time for the Beautiful Kingdom of Our Lord and God to roll forth! His timing is perfect in all things! Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh!
A Month of Unbelievable Torture!
My Dear Ones, the whole months of March and April were really one big blur of torture, torture and more torture as I waited from day to day for the DNA to acquire the skills that it needed to overcome the next round of torture! When the DNA mastered the “melded” metal, I was elated, but truly this elation would be short-lived! From the melded metal, they simply forged ahead in their vast repertoire of torture techniques. They went from single layers of the melded metal to multiple layers of melded metal, and literally put these all over my body! And from multiple layers of the melded metal to multiple sheets of pure metal, this metal driven into my body and layered all over my torso, my brain, my face, my legs, and arms as they so chose! On my left wrist and in my left knees, I looked one morning to see red streaks running across my flesh, the red streaks perfectly spaced and placed at around five per centimeter.
I knew that these red places in my flesh represented places, wherein they had just put sheets, or strips of metal into my tissues, and as I said, about five per centimeter! But not just sheets of metal did they layer into my body, but within these sheets, tiny wires up and down my body were also forged between these sheets of metal, with strong glue forged into the tissues holding the metal to the metal and the metal to the flesh! Oh, they have packed my head solid with such things and my body solid with such things over and over again.

My Dear Ones, I have counted as many as sixty plus sheets of metal in some parts of my body, not once my Dear Ones, for they never do their tricks only once, but over and over again, night after night, day after day, with so much metal, so many metal sheets slicing through my whole body, sandwiched between the tissues and held in place, either with terrible glue or metal welded to tissues, or welded into tissues and then into the next sheet of metal! And, oh yes with each new addition, which the DNA had not encountered before, it had to take some time to get the added dimension of power, which it needed to overcome what they had done!

And, not only metal and massive amounts of wire, but imbedded in my flesh, particularly in my back, they have put wire frames, which they pushed down into my back, into my right cheek, into my chest and any other place that they have so wanted. And, into these wire frames, they have layered vast amounts of wire, and wire designs in layers, with each layer separated from the other by either cloth or rubber separators! Oh, the horrors of it all, day after day and night after night!
In addition, they began an assault against my lungs more than six weeks ago and to this day, they have not let up! Into my lungs, into the lining of my lungs, they forge metal strips, and into my esophagus, into my trachea, and into my stomach, my chest, bowels and elsewhere! Massive amounts of metal strips, sheets of metal and more metal. And, then into my lungs and into my head and sinuses with vast amounts of mucus, and with the metal strips in my lungs, they were literally trying to drown out my lungs, making my lungs immovable, so that when I coughed I could not cough up the phlegm.
Then, into the back of my throat, they have continually put many, many burry, metal things, which looked like metal sandspurs, or metal burrs of some sort, but of many sizes and shapes. These burrs in the back of my throat would rub my throat and make me cough, and seeing this, Satan and his hoards them began to ram them into my chest, into my trachea and into my lungs. Then, they began to go wild, forging them into my whole body! Into my flesh, into my knees, into my brain, and on and on they went!
But, I just waited! I waited upon our Lord and God to bring forth the power to put it into the DNA to dissolve these disgusting burrs and I am better than good, I am great because of the saving grace of One Loving God Yahweh!
They sit in their ships and drive these horrible things into my body for hours on end each night, but not limited to the nights at all. They now attack me all through the day as they so please, for they are furious about the advancements of this new DNA!
Amidst the metal sheets, the have repeatedly placed metal strips, some of them very narrow and most certainly almost microscopic in my teeth and gums, but others long and wide and running the length of my body, even from my shoulders down into my feet. They have driven these strips into my body horizontally, and vertically and to such saturation at times that they have literally tried to turn my whole body into metal. These metal strips have been absolutely solid in places within my body as they continually drive them into certain places one on top of the other until there are massive numbers of them in certain parts of my body!
And, between the strips and sheets of metal, in their attempts to turn my whole body into metal, they have repeatedly forged patterns of metal fragments into my tissues to such a degree that my whole body has in fact been almost continually saturated with metals in some shape or form! At times, my face, my gums, and my body have been swollen with so much metal, metal in my lungs, metal in my heart, metal in my back, in my spine, in my legs, and elsewhere, even and especially into my knees! Day after day, they have attacked my knees, driving metal strips into the bones, and large screws into my kneecaps and into the bones and nerves of my legs! They have done all that they could conjure up to make me crippled and/or to cause me to be unable to walk! Oh, their evil torture has cause me great pain from time to time, but even so, I go on; for this, too, is but a small thing to endure for the love of my Mighty God!
The Wire Designs!
What terrible things! They first began to put these into my teeth and jaws some months past! First, came Satan and the humans in the summer and fall of this last year! At that time, they would forge wires into my teeth and gums, running certain wires the length of my gums and teeth and inserting tiny locks at certain places along these wires! These were, tiny, round locks, which the DNA would need to find and to unlock to be able to remove the wire designs. To put these tiny wire fragments into my teeth and gums, they would come into my room and would often work for hours and hours on only the right side of my teeth and gums! They would hold a certain device in their hands and literally force these tiny, wire particles into my gums, particle by particle! I remember going to sleep so often with the pain of sharp metallic objects being forced into the nerves of my teeth and gums and knowing that I could not do one thing but to wait upon our Lord and God to help me!

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