Ross Douglas Earle MacPhee

Switek, Brian (2011) Inside the Columbian mammoth, signs of a Woolly cousin. Wired Science

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Switek, Brian (2011) Inside the Columbian mammoth, signs of a Woolly cousin. Wired Science.
CBS Early Show (3/23/2013) [De-extinction]

An Apology to Elephants (2013) HBO documentary [interview], aired 22 April 2013 (Earth Day)

WSJ Digital Network Lunch Break with Wendy Bounds (2013) [Interview regarding

report on significance of recovery of full genome of 700k yr old horse (27 June 2013)]!B586C23C-8C99-48EB-954D-1E8910B91D54

Poppick, Laura (2013) “Woolly mammoth comeback? 5 ethical challenges” LiveScience [Discussion of my presentation on de-extinction at AMNH SciCafe, 2 October 2013] (October 8, 2013)

Newbern, Liz (2013) Night at the museum Scienceline Though there is no agreement among experts about whether de-extinction is advisable or even possible, Ross D. E. MacPhee, curator at the American Museum ...

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