Ross Douglas Earle MacPhee

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Plenary Speaker, International Congress of Antarctic Earth Science XI, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (July 2011); CINE Golden Eagle award, 2010, for “Return from the Pole” video in AMNH The Race to the Ends of the Earth exhibition; President, American Friends of the Hakluyt Society (2006-2008). Funds scholarly publication of early works relevant to the history of exploration; Distinguished Lecturer, UMEB (Environmental Biology) Program, Florida International University (Sept. 14, 2002); Keynote Speaker, Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science (Wyomissing, PA, April 14, 2000); Cutting Edge Speaker, Wildlife Disease Association of the American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians (Athens, Georgia, August 9, 1999); CINE Golden Eagle award, 1999, for videos in AMNH Endurance exhibition: Society for Environmental Design, Honor Award (highest merit) (2000), for category “Exhibition Design/Museum Environments” (member of design team); American Institute of Graphic Arts "Communication Graphics 21" competition jury award (2000) for "Waves, sextant, and the James Caird from Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition interactive exhibition"; Laureate (with Manuel A. Iturralde-Vinent), 1997 Premio Anual, Academia de Ciencias de Cuba [Cuban national award for outstanding scientific research]; 2005 Agencia de Medio Ambiente, for “Origen y evolución del Caribe y sus biotas marinas y terrestres”

West Indies: Anguilla 1988, 1989, 1991, 1995; Cuba 1990-2000 (quasiannually); Dominican Republic l989, 1996; Jamaica 1981, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2000; Navassa 1999; Puerto Rico 1987, 1988, 1990, 1994; Madagascar: 1983-1985, 1987, 1989; Europe: Messel (Germany) 1986; Mallorca 1995; Crete 2012, 2013; Asia: Indonesia 1989, 1992; China l994; South America: Trinidad 1982; Patagonia (Chile & Argentina) 2001; North America: Banks I. (Canada, NWT) 2004; Yukon 2008; Russia: Wrangel I. 1998; Sakhalin I. 2002; Taimyr, 2000, 2001, 2005, 2006; Antarctica: Livingstone I. (South Shetlands) 2007, 2009; Seymour I. (Weddell Sea) 2008, 2009; James Ross I. (Weddell Sea), 2009; Vega I. (Weddell Sea), 2011, 2014

NSF OPP ANT 1142052, Collaborative Research: Late Cretaceous-Paleogene vertebrates from Antarctica: implications for paleobiogeography, paleoenvironment, and extinction in Polar Gondwana, Co-PI (M Lamanna, PI) ($51,000 of $314,000 total in the collaboration)

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 41100635, Re-imagining Asia: toward a 21st century presentation of culture, nature, and art ($500,000, 1/1/2012-1/6/14); co-curators Laurel Kendall and Ross MacPhee (awarded “to the American Museum of Natural History, and the personnel...identified in this Proposal”)


NSF OPP ANT 0925367 Collaborative Research: Austral Portals: Tectonics, Paleogeography and Biogeography ($30,600; 09/01/2009-09/01/2012), PI (D Barbeau, co-PI)

NSF OPP ANT 1026397, Vertebrate paleontology of Livingston Island, South Shetlands, Antarctica (supplemental award to NSF OPP ANT 0636639; $17,000; 2010), PI

NSF OPP ANT 0636639, Vertebrate paleontology of Livingston Island, South Shetlands, Antarctica ($79,033; 2007- 2009), PI

NSF OPP ANS 0117400, Megafaunal mammal genetics and extinction dynamics in the late Pleistocene: testing the hyperdisease hypothesis ($473,067; 2001-2007), PI (AD Greenwood & R DeSalle, co-PIs)

NSF OPP 9807670, Mammalian extinction dynamics in the late Quaternary of Siberia and the hyperdisease hypothesis ($50,000; 1998-1999), PI

NSF BSR 902002, Cenozoic vertebrate paleontology and biogeography of Cuba and Hispaniola ($107,000; 1991-1996), PI (ML Smith, co-PI)

NSF BSR 902002, supplemental Research Opportunity Award (1996), to support H Whidden’s investigations of Antillean insectivores

NSF BSR 8708250, Human settlement, environmental change, and megafaunal extinctions in Madagascar ($320,000; 1987-1990), PI (RE Dewar, DA Burney, & NA Wells, co-PIs)

NSF BSR 8501079, Extinction, causation, and explicit tests: the Holocene megafaunal extinctions in Madagascar ($160,000; 1985-1987), PI (RE Dewar & NA Wells, co-PIs)

NSF DEB 8208797, Comparative embryology of the basicranium and primate relationships ($195,000; 1982-1985), PI (M Cartmill, co-PI)

NSF DEB 8021735, Biogeographic and systematic studies of extinct Antillean land mammals ($18,338; 1981-1982), PI

National Geographic Society 2633-83, Pre-Holocene mammalian paleontology of Madagascar: the absent record ($21,190; 1983-1984), PI

National Geographic Society 2826-84, Extinct mammals of Madagascar: extending the record ($25,072; 1984-1985), PI

Philip M. McKenna Foundation, Early land mammals of Puerto Rico ($3,400; 1987-1988), PI

Duke University Research Council, Quaternary extinctions and environmental change in Puerto Rico ($4,934; 1987-1988), co-PI (with DA Burney)

Philip M. McKenna Foundation, Origin of the vertebrate fauna of Hispaniola ($1,980; l990), co-PI (with ML Smith)

Percy Sladen Memorial Fund, Paleontological investigations in Anguilla, BWI (£500; 1990), co-PI (with DA McFarlane)

Leakey Foundation, The extinct platyrrhines of Cuba and Hispaniola ($2500; 1990), PI

Center for Biodiversity and Conservation (American Museum of Natural History), Investigations of rare and extinct mammals of Hispaniola ($24,000; 1996), PI

Center for Biodiversity and Conservation (American Museum of Natural History), for “Short Course in Advanced Methods of Systematics,” conducted in La Habana, Cuba, January 1998 ($27,000; 1998), PI

Center for Biodiversity and Conservation (American Museum of Natural History) ($180,000; 1998-1999), for organizing CREO (Committee on Recently Extinct Organisms) and implementing research program on modern-era extinctions (with MJL Stiassny, R Tedford, & P Mikkelsen)

Center for Environmental Research and Conservation (Columbia University), The determination of extinction across major taxonomic groups: convening a research team to evaluate criteria for consistent assessment of extinction evidence ($12,000; 1999), co-PI (with W Hahn)

Adler Fund, Investigation of causes of megafaunal extinction ($75,000; 1998-2000), PI

Irene Diamond Fund, Investigation of causes of megafaunal extinction ($90,000;1998-2001), PI

National Geographic Society 6603-99, Dawn of land mammals in West Indies: Seven Rivers, Jamaica ($10,000; 2000-2001), PI

Niarchos Foundation, Support of Holarctic paleontological investigations ($20,000; 2004-2005), PI

Evelyn Stefansson Nef Foundation, At the limit: woolly mammoth and other Pleistocene megafauna of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago ($25,000; 2004-2005), PI

Niarchos Foundation, Support of paleontological investigations in Taimyr, Siberia ($12,000; 2006-2007), PI

Janet Asimov, Support of extinction research ($10,000; 2007)

ARC-DP 0878604 (Australian Research Council Discovery Project), Pleistocene evolutionary dynamics and past environments of Siberia: Reconstructions using luminescence dating of ancient DNA sedimentary archives (requested $A471,794; 2008-2011), Participating Investigator (Lee Arnold, Chief Investigator; H Poinar, Participating Investigator)

Grad Students: Jennifer White (PhD ‘93, SUNY Stony Brook, Dept of Anatomical Sciences); Ines Horovitz (PhD ‘97, Stony Brook Univ., Dept of Anatomical Sciences); Rob Asher (PhD ‘00, Stony Brook Univ., Dept of Anatomical Sciences); Siobhan Cooke (PhD ’11, Doctoral Program in Anthropology, Graduate Center, City University of New York).

Postdocs: Dr. Manuel Iturralde-Vinent (1997-1998), Dr. Alex Greenwood (1999-2001), Dr. Pere Bover (2006-2008), Dr. Faysal Bibi (2012-2013), Dr. Laureano Gonzalez Ruiz (2013-2014)

Patricia Sutherland (PhD defense April 15, 2004; University of Alberta); Eske Willerslev (PhD defense October 23, 2004; University of Copenhagen)


Chair, Senate Exhibition, Digital Media, and Shop Policy Committee (2010-2014; responsibilities include curatorial input regarding proposed exhibitions, digital content on AMNH websites, and retail store operations (with special regard to scientific accuracy where appropriate, Native American materials, and fossils)

Member, Senate Finance Committee (2010-2013)

Editor, Canadian Review of Physical Anthropology/Revue Canadienne d'Anthropologie Physique (1978-79) ; Associate Editor, Journal of Human Evolution (1990-1993); Guest Editor, Discovering Archaeology (October-November, 1999 issue on causes of Pleistocene extinctions); Series Editor, Advances in Primatology (Plenum) (1990-1997); Series Editor, Advances in Vertebrate Paleobiology (Plenum/Kluwer) (1995-2000); Series Editor, Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology (Springer) (2003-2010); Member, Intl. Honorary Board of Trustees, Mammoth Site of South Dakota (2002-date); Member, Chancellor's Advisory Council, Caribbean Primate Research Center, Univ. Puerto Rico (1990-2000); Member, Organizing Committee, 2005 World of Elephants Conference; Member, International Scientific Committee of the 4th International Mammoth Conference, Yakutsk, 2007; AMQUA "Ask an Expert" (Quaternary Paleontology) (2000-2004); Consultant, What Killed the Megabeasts (Discovery Channel, 2002); Consultant, Ice Age 2 (Blue Sky Productions, 2004); Consultant, The Baby Mammoth and Quest program, Discovery Communications (2006-2007)

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