Rmdac meeting Minutes March 10, 2015

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RMDAC Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2015
Held at 1201 Main Street Suite 1600

Columbia, SC 29201


Norman Chandler, Republic Services

Vic Carpenter, Kershaw County

Glenn Odom, Wellman Plastics

Ronnie Grant, Sonoco

Donna London, Clemson University

Kristen Brown, MYECO

Lauren Cox, Century Aluminum

Roger Player, Dilmar Oil

Wes Westbrooks, BMW

Esther Murphy, HCSWA

Angel Lara, Mid-Carolina Steel and Recycling


Chuck LaGrange, GGSC

Brad Dutton, FiberQuest

Dan Chuy, Michelin


Chantal Fryer, SC Department of Commerce


Amanda St. John, DHEC

John Erikson, Dilmar Oil
Call to Order

Ronnie Grant, RMDAC Chair, welcomed members and guests.


The January 20 minutes were reviewed and adopted.

John Erikson with Dilmar Oil provided an overview of the services that the company provides such as:

  • Onsite Reclamation

  • Offsite Reclamation (Totes or Bulk)

  • Confined Space Reservoir Cleaning

  • Dialysis filtration, dehydration (MRU or Portable Skids)

  • Initial fill filtration to spec

  • Hot Oil Flushing

  • Supply and Return Header Flushing (Paper Mills)

  • Equipment Rental

  • Oil Sampling Programs

  • Filter and Filtration Equipment Sales

Key industries served include:

  • Injection Molding

  • Extrusion Presses

  • Tire Manufacturing

  • Stamping Presses

  • Larger Gear Boxes

  • Machining

  • Customers with large mobile hydraulic equipment

    • Off Road

    • Cement Pumping

    • Cranes

Benefits include

  • Total lubricant cost reduction

      • Reclamation typically cost 40-60% cost of new

      • Reduced new oil purchases up to 90%

      • Lower overall oil cost for the reclaimed product

      • Lower waste oil disposal charges

      • Reduction in waste oil volume

  • Reclamation maintains longer life of lubricants

  • Approved by oil suppliers and most equipment manufacturers

SC Recycling Organizations Discussion: Ronnie Grant led a discussion of recycling organizations. With so many organizations in the state representing recycling, the challenge is for companies to know who is doing what and to attend all the meetings, events, and conferences. The initiative is to plan to get together the various groups for a meeting in the future to share information, schedules, etc.
RMDAC program update: Chantal Fryer gave an update on carpet, plastics, composting, and other activities in the RMDAC work plan.
RMDAC Member Input:

  • Amanda St. John with SC DHEC gave an overview of Business Recycling Reporting for the 2014 DHEC Annual Report. The new MSW recycling rate is 29.2%. Hwoever, businesses aren’t required to report. The recycling rate is affected by the fact that some companies report one year but then don’t report the next. Also contacts change from year to year. Roger Player shared the Right to Know Network website – www.rtknet.org - which lists companies and their EHS contacts in a database. Other ideas to help boost reporting were to issue a press release and work with processors to get their data.

  • Styrofoam cups – Lauren Cox from Alcoa brought up the fact that at their Green Team meetings, the question is often asked about Styrofoam cup recycling. Currently, when a company is a large volume user/receiver of Styfrofoam, they invest in a densifier (ie Bose, Bed Bath and Beyond, Haverty’s etc). other companies have done away with Styrofoam cups at the coffee and water stations, providing a reusable cup instead.

  • Waste/recycling contracts – Lauren asked if there was a way to show how much a company can save by recycling. Berkeley County has a user fee for solid waste but there should be a way to demonstrate savings when waste is reduced and diverted to recycling.

  • Recycling video: Kristen Brown and Donna London gave an overview of the recycling video. It would entail getting -“b-roll”from recycling companies in SC to show the importance of recycling . Norm gave the example of “I’m a bill on capitol hill model” - where does it start? And then show where it ends up.

  • Ideas:

    • Jobs related to recycling

    • Material recycling

    • Wellman carpet recycling video

      • Sonoco – MRF – plastic recycling. Watch a bottle go through the system.

      • Alcoa – can back to shelf in days

      • ISRI – paper, fiber, tire, metals

      • Commercial Metals; Nucor – automobile from scrap

  • Basic message – what happens when you put it in the trash can or recycling bin

  • How to succeed in the industry – what skills are needed

  • QR codes – see what happens when you recycle; scan code and video plays

Old/New Business

Donna London brought up plastic bag bans. Cotton farmers see plastic bags as a major issue. Plastic bags are a major contaminant in cotton. As it goes through the picking/ginning process, it shreds into millions of pieces and when that bale of cotton gets to a spinning mill, it can create problems. When the plastic is spun and mixed in with the cotton, it causes defects with the yarn strength or the fact that it doesn't dye causing imperfections.


May 19, 2015 in Columbia, SC


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