Revised to April, 2008 policies and mandates

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Revised to April, 2008



  1. It shall be the policy of the Louisiana Dental Association to present an award to the graduating senior of the LSU Dental School who best represents and conducts his/her life in accordance with the ideals of the profession of dentistry, and who has demonstrated a willingness to be involved with organized dentistry. The winner of the award shall be selected in advance by a committee composed of the LDA President, the Chairman of the LDA Council on Government Affairs, and the LDA Executive Director. A monetary prize of $1,000 shall be presented with the award. (rev. HOD, 2007)

  1. The LDA shall honor by certificate and recognition at their district installation banquets all members who have maintained membership in the association for a total of fifty (50) years. (rev. HOD, 2005)

  1. The Louisiana Dental Association shall honor by certificate and recognition at their district installation banquets all members who have maintained membership in the association for a total of twenty-five years. (rev. HOD, 2005)

  1. The annual gift of appreciation for the immediate past-president shall be a lapel pin and a wall plaque. The lapel pin shall be made available to all past-presidents for those who wish to purchase them.


  1. Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Local Arrangements Committee: The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Local Arrangements Committee shall be selected by the host district and approved by the Board of Directors of the LDA.

  1. The Speaker of the House, the Local Arrangements Chairman and the Secretary-Treasury shall determine the hours of the meetings of the House of Delegates and the Reference Committees during the annual meeting.

  1. House of Delegates:

  1. Each delegate should be furnished a special colored badge and ribbon.

  1. A roster of the House of Delegates should be included in the first mailing to the House of Delegates.

  1. Delegates should receive messages from visiting dignitaries, President, Speaker of the House, etc., which would reinforce their awareness of the importance of the issues which they are called upon to decide.

The following reference committee mandates are on inactive status:

An appropriate resource person, to be elected by the Board, at their meeting immediately prior to the meeting of the House of Delegates, shall be assigned to each reference committee and be readily available to explain and/or clarify resolutions to each reference committee of the House of Delegates during the executive sessions of the reference committees.
The Board of Directors shall present at the Annual Session, a recommended list of priorities of projected activities which it believes should be addressed in the coming year to best use the available resources of the Association.
The Louisiana Dental Association’s Annual Meeting shall be held at a place and time designated by the Board of Directors that affords adequate opportunity for the House of Delegates to dispense with all matters of business for that year that may appropriately come before it. (2008)


(Revised 3/16/02)

The following organizations and their selected representative shall be recognized as guests to the House of Delegates at the Annual Meeting. They are part of the dental team and should be recognized publicly for their contribution to the dental health care of our great State of Louisiana.
Alliance to the Louisiana Dental Association

Louisiana Dental Student Association

Louisiana Dental Hygienists Association

Louisiana Dental Assistants Association

Louisiana Laboratory Association or Guild

Louisiana State University School of Dentistry

Louisiana State Board of Dentistry

LDA Bowden Conference:
The L.H. Bowden Leadership Conference will be held the morning of the January board meeting in the year 2005 and thereafter. (rev. HOD, 2005)
C.E. Hebert, Jr. Scientific Conference:
The state shall conduct a C.E. Hebert, Jr. Scientific Conference in conjunction with the delegate approved Summer Conference.


  1. Standing committees and councils of the LDA should submit annual written reports summarizing activities for the year and should include such resolutions that require action by the LDA House of Delegates. These reports shall be sent to the Executive Office in sufficient time to allow for their publication and study by the Board of Directors prior to the January Board meeting. Annual reports not received in time for this Board meeting shall be submitted to the Executive Office sixty (60) days prior to the annual meeting of the LDA and shall be distributed to the members of the LDA House of Delegates.

  1. Special committees established by the LDA House of Delegates should submit reports in a similar manner.

  1. LDA representatives to other agencies should submit reports in a similar manner.

  1. The Secretary-Treasure will submit a Treasurer’s report to the membership annually stating current income and disbursements of the Association and the Relief Fund. Additionally, he will present a financial report to the LDA House of Delegates at the annual meeting.

  1. Resolutions of the LDA Board of Directors meetings will be sent to the members of the LDA House of Delegates prior to the LDA Annual Meeting.

  1. Board reports will include resolutions necessitating action by the LDA House of Delegates and the Board’s recommendation to the House of Delegates on each resolution. Board reports will be sent to members of the LDA House of Delegates prior to the LDA Annual Meeting except the Board report from the Board meeting immediately preceding the annual session and it shall be distributed to the members of the LDA House of Delegates at the first session the House of Delegates or at a time and place specified by the Secretary of the LDA.

  1. Minutes of the House of Delegates of the LDA shall be transcribed and condensed, rather than in verbatim form.




The Louisiana Dental Association (LDA) seeks to promote the art and science of dentistry and to improve the health of the public. In serving these objectives, the LDA communicates regularly with the dental profession, with allied health professions, and with the public. The LDA welcomes advertising in its publications as an important means of keeping the dentist informed of new and better products and services for the practice of dentistry. Such advertising must be factual, dignified, tasteful, and intended to provide useful product and service information.

These standards apply to all publications of the LDA in which advertising space is sold. The publication of an advertisement is not to be construed as endorsement or approval by the LDA or any of its subsidiaries, councils, commissions, or bureaus of the product or service being offered in the advertisement unless the ad specifically includes an authorized statement that such approval or endorsement has been granted. The fact that an ad for a product, service, or company has appeared in LDA publications shall not be referred to in collateral advertising.

As a matter of policy, the LDA will sell advertising space in its publications when the inclusion of advertising material does not interfere with the purpose of the publication. The LDA reserves the right to accept or reject advertising at its sole discretion for any product or service submitted for publication.

1. All ads submitted for display in an LDA publication are subject to review.

2. Ads must not be deceptive or misleading.

3. Advertisers are strongly encouraged to provide at least a one month advance notice to the LDA Journal office before introducing any advertisements or promotions that involve the LDA.

4. Products or services eligible for advertising in LDA publications should preferably be germane to dentistry. Such products and services must be effective and useful in the practice of dentistry. Products and services offered by responsible advertisers that are not related to dentistry but are of interest to dentists or auxiliary are eligible for advertising in LDA publications.

5. Ads will not be accepted if they conflict with or appear to violate LDA or ADA policy, the ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct or either the LDA or ADA Constitutions and Bylaws, or if the ads are deemed offensive in either text or artwork, or contain attacks of a personal, racial, or religious nature.

6. By submitting advertising copy, advertisers certify that such copy and the advertised product(s) are in accord with applicable government laws and regulations (e.g., equal opportunity laws and regulations covering new drug applications and prescription drug advertising). Acceptance of advertising in LDA publications is not to be construed as a guarantee that the manufacturer has complied with such laws and regulations.

7. Complete scientific and technical data, whether published or unpublished, concerning product safety, operation, and usefulness will be required. The LDA reserves the right to decline advertising for any product involved with a government agency challenge or denial of product marketing and for any technique or product that is the subject of an unfavorable or cautionary report by an agency of the LDA or ADA.

8. All claims of fact must be fully supported and meaningful in terms of performance or any other benefit. The LDA may require a minimum of one study for certain types of ads.

9. An ad may cite, in footnotes, references from dental and other scientific literature provided the reference is truthful and is a fair and accurate representation of the body of literature supporting the claim made. Unwarranted disparagement or unfair comparisons of a competitor’s products or services will not be allowed.

10. Comparative advertising must be fair and, unless it is “puffery,” must be substantiated adequately.1 Comparative advertising which is not puffery is strictly reviewed because of the potential that it may unfairly attack a competitor or mislead dentists or the public. A minimum of one controlled study will be required for comparative advertisements. Additional studies may be required depending on the nature of the advertiser’s claim. Studies must be conducted pursuant to the guidelines established by the ADA, and they must be among subjects representative of the population for whom the product is intended. All citable comparative studies related to an advertising claim should be taken into consideration. If other comparative studies give conflicting results, advertising claims not reflecting this are unacceptable.

Comparative advertisements may include the use of a competitor’s name and the description of a comparable product or service, including price, if the comparison is made in a manner that is not false or misleading.

11. Display advertising with respect to employment, purchase of practice, participation or any other contractual relationship with any dental care delivery mode or system shall not be accepted for publication. Such opportunities may be advertised in the classified ad section of LDA publications without any illustrations or graphics.

12. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are not eligible for advertising.

13. Special purpose foods and nutritional supplements (e.g., low sugar foods, post-operative, and other therapeutic diets) are eligible when their uses are supported by acceptable data.

14. Books related to dentistry are eligible for advertising. Appropriate books of interest to dentists and their families as consumers are eligible for advertising in LDA publications.

15. An advertisement for an educational course is eligible if the course is conducted under the auspices of the LDA or ADA, and is recognized by the ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program, one of its constituent or component dental societies, a national certifying board or national society for one of the specialty areas of dental practice recognized by the ADA, an accredited dental or medical school, or any organization specifically referred to in the Bylaws of the American Dental Association. The LDA reserves the right to decline advertising for any course that involves the teaching or use of a product or technique that conflicts with Association policy, or is the subject of an unfavorable or cautionary report by an agency of the LDA or ADA. The ad must state which of the aforementioned organizations is associated with the course and, if applicable, the number and type of continuing education credits granted on completion of the course. The eligibility of an ad for a course conducted by or under the auspices of an organization or commercial venture other than the aforementioned will be determined on a case by case basis. Acceptance of ads for courses and education materials offered by commercial ventures and directed to the income of a dentist or to the commercial aspects of a dental practice will be reviewed for attractiveness, accuracy and dignity to determine eligibility.

16. Miscellaneous products and services not specified in these standards may be eligible to advertise on a case by case basis.


1. The advertiser and the product or service being offered should be clearly identified in the ad. In the case of drug advertisements, the full generic name of each active ingredient will appear.

2. Advertising that simulates editorial content must be clearly identified as advertising. The word “advertisement” must be displayed prominently for all advertorials.

3. Guarantees may be used in ads provided the statements that are “guaranteed” are truthful and can be substantiated. However, no guarantee should be used without disclosing its conditions and limitations. When space or time restrictions preclude such disclosures, the ad must clearly reveal where the full text of the guarantee can be examined before purchase.

4. Ads must not quote the names, statements or writings of any individual, public official, government agency, testing group or other organization without their express written consent.


Although the LDA cannot guarantee adherence in all cases to a fixed time schedule, every effort will be made to expedite LDA or ADA review. Advertisers are strongly urged to submit all ad copy in rough form if there is some doubt about adherence to LDA and/or ADA standards.

Review of advertising will range between five and 30 working days depending on the number of revisions and on whether the advertisement is for a new or existing product or a participant in an ADA Seal program. If supporting data are not provided or are incomplete, additional time will be required.


A brief newsletter shall be published and distributed quarterly between issues of the Journal of the Louisiana Dental Association. Each year, one issue of the newsletter shall be mailed to all dentists in Louisiana. The newsletter shall include, but not be restricted to, a calendar of events, membership surveys and summaries of actions taken by the Board of Directors, House of Delegates, LDA staff, councils and committees and other news items. Louisiana Dental Services, Inc. will bear the total cost of the newsletter. (HOD, 1994)

The House of Delegates of the Louisiana Dental Association endorses the formation and incorporation of a Political Action Committee for Louisiana; that this Committee be called Louisiana Dental Political Action Committee (LADPAC) and that this Committee may be affiliated with the American Dental Political Action Committee.


  1. Louisiana State Board of Dentistry: The President of the Association shall designate two (2) representatives from this Association to attend meetings of the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry.

  1. Louisiana State Medical Society: The President of the Louisiana Dental Association shall serve as the liaison officer to the Louisiana State Medical Society and attend the annual meeting.


    The House of Delegates supports the concept of Louisiana Dental Services, Inc., a wholly owned for-profit subsidiary of the Louisiana Dental Association, said corporation to be administered by a Board of Directors composed of one member appointed by each component district except NODA which shall have two appointees. A president shall be appointed by the LDA Board of Directors.

    The LDS Board of Directors will present in detail to the Board of Directors of the LDA for approval any business proposals for which it proposed to contract. Such detail to provide financial impact as far as cost to the corporation, if any, anticipated revenue from the project, length of contractual period, and obligations of service under any endorsement arrangements provided under the contract.

    It shall be the policy of the LDA to involve the LDS in all such business agreements or contracts that could have for-profit opportunities which could accrue to the benefit of the LDA membership.


    I. The termination date for all member services to delinquent members, including those on DIP, shall be March 31. (HOD, 1995)


The Louisiana Dental Association encourages all dental schools and/or specialty programs to review and evaluate all financial arrangements to ensure that financial support from entities outside the school or specialty program, or the educational system of which they are a part, do not compromise the integrity of the educational program, the selection of the candidates, or the professional options of the students and/or graduates. (HOD, 2005)


    I. After approval of application by the Louisiana Dental Association, it is recommended that the student member contact the district component located in his area of intended practice to join said component as an associate member to help facilitate transition into said component after graduation. It is further recommended by the House of Delegates to encourage district components to create an associate membership category if one does not currently exist and to encourage said components to waive dues for student members. (HOD, 2005)

1 Comparative advertising is the practice of directly or indirectly comparing identifiable products or competitors in advertising messages and usually making a comparison on one or more specific attributes or characteristics. Puffery is advertising that makes general or vague claims about a product that cannot be measured and that neither mentions a competitor’s name nor makes comparisons to an identifiable product or group of products.

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