Reverse speech essay by George Duziman

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By George Duziman
One of the first things that I learned from RS class was to discard sounds that greatly reduced the validity factor. "Hurry hit steam" In hindsight it is obvious, but it wasn't until I actually struggled with the reversal and then got the feedback that I really learned. This reversal with "in the arrow" was like a Validity 1 or 2 until I dropped the last 3 words & then it was approx. validity 4. I knew that this learning would eliminate about 60% of the mistakes that I was making at the time.
Also I was trying to find ways of improving the clarity of my reverse speech. One of those ways was to play lots of tapes backwards without really trying to find reversals. During class you clarified that this is very close to a good way to find reversals for beginners. In other words, listen backwards until something jumps out at you, then check it closely & if it's good then document it. As Jack said "let the reversals find you". I was quite pleased to hear that you had also just listened to tapes backwards without trying to hear reversals.
I learned that it's very easy to hear what you want to hear, especially when you get excited. I'm thinking that one way to reduce this would be to document & then go back days later and recheck.
You went over some RS history. You also covered reversal reaction. How it will bite us and that you're training us to be like Jedi warriors. RR is something that when I first heard you talk about it, I knew it was a very powerful key to a much greater understanding of RS & ourselves. You covered layered reversals breifly.

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