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Destination Life

Harold Shank
Main Text: Luke 24:1-12
1. About 2,0000 years ago one of the most amazing events in the world took place outside Jerusalem

a. It was springtime in Palestine

b. Early on a Sunday morning before most people were up and about
2. Nobody witnessed this event

a. No Roman soldier saw it happen

b. No passing shepherd watched it

c. No dedicated disciple peeked from around the corner

3. It happened inside a room

a. The room had a stone for a door

b. It had a rock for a roof

c. It had a slab for a bed

4. The stone held the body of a young man about 33 years old

a. He had no pulse

b. The CAT scan would have detected no brain waves

c. The body temperature was about 60 degrees matching the chill of the tomb

5. We don’t know what moved first

a. Did his chest heave

b. Did his nose twitch

c. Did he wiggle his toe? Open his eye?

6. But there in the darkness and EVENT HAPPENED THAT

a. No human eye saw and

b. Would forever change the course of human history

c. People would never forget

7. The resurrection

a. Jesus dead by a Roman cross, but alive by the power of God

b. Jesus killed by sinful humanity, raised by pure divinity

c. Jesus crushed by sin of the world, and raised to crush the sin of the world

8. Yet it all happened in utter secrecy, NOT WITNESSED BY

a. The faithful, enemies

b. Any neutral or objective source
9. It happened in secret

a. In a closed tomb

b. In a remote garden

c. Early in the morning - Luke 23 and 24 tells the story

10. Luke 23:44-49 - Jesus was crucified on a Friday

a. Verse 49 says that the women witnessed his death

b. Named in Luke 24:10 is Mary, Joanna, Mary and another unnamed

c. One was from Magdala

d. One was the mother of James and Joseph

e. One was the wife of Herod’s steward

11. Luke 23: 50-56 - Jesus is dead

a. The women appear at the tomb late Friday

b. Along with Joseph they prepared the body of Jesus for burial
12. Luke 24:1-12 - The women reappear at the tomb early at dawn on Sunday

a. The carried spices they had prepared to the tomb

b. They found the stone rolled away from the entrance and the body gone

c. 4 women were perplexed, confused and then 2 men appeared

d. The women were frightened and fell to the ground

e. The two men said, “Why do you seek the living among the dead?”

f. They reminded the women of what Jesus said in Galilee about his death, burial and resurrection

g. The 4 women ran and told the apostles

h. Luke 24:11 was the last mention of the two women
13. The women were surprised

a. They came expecting a dead man

b. They came expecting a closed door and dead body

c. But they see an empty tomb and learn about a resurrected savior

14. Why do you seek the living among the dead?

a. It is a striking question to ask on a Sunday morning

b. It is an amazing issue to raise about an event nobody saw

c. Maybe we are still doing what the women did

15. Why do you seek the living among the dead?

a. Death dominates our culture as it did theirs

b. We seek hope in places dominated by death

c. Often we base our lives on structures that lead to death

d. Hope is not found in death. Hope is found in life

16. The Irish playwright, Samuel Becket died in December 1989

a. He wrote the play, “Breath” in 1970

b. The entire play lasted 30 seconds

c. The curtain opens and the audience hears a breath drawn in and exhaled

d. There’s a faint cry and the curtain closes and the play is over
17. The point is that there is not much to life

a. We live and we die

b. Nothing in between but a cry of despair
18. Attitudes about death vary

a. George Bernard Shaw says that one out of one dies

b. Joseph Stalin feared being killed so much that he had 7 bedrooms and his aids didn’t know which one he would sleep in

c. Howard Hughes thought germs would lead to his death

d. John Lennon’ s biography says that he was so afraid of death that the last month of his life he slept with the lights on
19. There were 8 people that were raised from the dead in the Bible

a. There were 3 in the old testament

b. One was a widow’s son - 1 Kings 17

c. One was the son of a wealthy couple of Shunem - 2 Kings 4

d. One was a dead man who touched the bones of Elijah - 2 Kings 13

e. There were 3 raised by Jesus

f. The widow’s son in Nain - Luke 17

g. Jairus’s daughter - Luke 8

h. Lazarus - John 11

i. There were two raised by the apostles

j. Dorcas by Peter - Acts 9

k. Eutychus by Paul - Acts 20

20. But those 8 didn’t compare with this one

a. The 8 rarest people in human history

b. Died twice and faced death 2 times

c. They were raised in between

d. Jesus faced death one time

e. He promises that what happened to him will happen to us

21. God raised Jesus from the dead

a. They tortured him on a cross

b. They loaded him with sins he didn’t commit

c. They mocked him for living a perfect life

d. The buried him hoping to forget that he ever lived

22. God raised him on the 3rd day

a. He forgave the torture of the cross

b. He forgave sins that he did not commit

c. He forgave the mocking of his perfect life

d. He forgave their attempt to forget his life
23. Why do you seek the living among the dead?

a. God is not stopped by death

b. Jesus was not stopped by death

c. Jesus has been raised

24. God will raise us with Jesus - LIFE DOES NOT END

a. In the ICU

b. At the MED

c. At Memorial Park

d. Life goes on through resurrection
25. Some day a hand will come out of heaven and REACH RIGHT

a. Into the sealed vaults and take us to him

b. Through concrete walls and take us to him

c. Through granite stone and take us to him

26. God isn’t going to let anybody on earth write the final chapter

a. Congress has no say about how the world will end

b. 60 minutes will not be around to cover God’s final acts

c. Hollywood will never make a sequel to the final resurrection

d. God will raise us with Jesus
27. There will be no more

a. Lazaruses, tombs, grave clothes, cemeteries, funeral homes, stench of death

b. Thomases saying let us go and die

c. Martha’s wondering if death could be prevented

d. Mary’s grieving over loved ones


28. On that day

a. No need for Samuel Becket’s play

b. Bernard Shaw’s observation will be wrong

c. Stalin’s fear will be non existent

d. Howard Hughes fear of germs will be wiped out

e. No need for the John Lennons to leave the lights on

f. Because there will be no more death

29. The resurrection is the event that nobody saw and the event that everybody wants

a. What happened to Jesus is offered to all

b. Why do you seek the living among the dead?
30. Much about the resurrection that we don’t understand and can’t fathom

a. The event that nobody saw has become our hope

b. It is only by stories that we can pull along side
31. David Hefelfinger is at Pediatrics at University of Alabama Medical School

a. He tells of caring for an 8 year old boy with inoperable brain tumor

b. He told the parents and the mother wanted to care for the boy at home

c. Hefelfinger agreed and often visited the boy at home

d. He was there one afternoon and listened as the mother read a story about King Arthur and his knights

e. The boy interrupted and said, “Mother, what is it like to did?” Does it hurt?

f. The mother was caught off guard and said that she had to check something in the kitchen

g. She went and cried in front of the refrigerator

h. The doctor heard her pray, “O God this little boy of mine is about to die. Give me some answer that will take away his fear?”

I. The doctor said that the kitchen had become a holy place where parents gain support to go back to a dying child

32. She composed herself and went back to the bedroom

a. “You asked what it would be like to die.:

b. Do you remember when you were well and how you used to go outside and play all day

c. You would come in tired and eat supper and then fall asleep on the couch watching TV

d. You were always amazed that when you woke up in the morning, you were in your own bed in your pajamas

e. What you did not know was that while you slept your father came with his strong arms and carried you upstairs and put you in bed

33. That is what dying is like

a. It’s going to sleep in one room in God’s house

b. It’s waking up in another room

c. It’s going to sleep downstairs

d. It’s waking up upstairs
34. That’s not quite right, but maybe it helps us pull alongside

a. It goes beyond what we now understand

b. But it’s the basis of hope

c. We didn’t seek the living among the dead

35. Edinburgh Scotland has a shop with paintings in a window

a. A man stopped one day to look at the selections

b. One was called the “crucifixion”

c. Jesus on a cross, the Roman soldiers look up and Mary and the others are in the background

d. The man had not thought about that story in years and the scene troubled him
36. Suddenly he became aware of a ragged little boy standing beside him

a. The child started to speak as if explaining the painting to the man

b. “That man on the cross is Jesus”

c. He was a good man. He died for us

d. That’s his mother standing there looking at what they did to him
37. The man felt a lump in his throat as this innocent voice talked

a. The boy concluded, “He died for our sins.”

b. They buried him in a tomb with a big stone in front

c. The man started to cry and turned and walked away

d. He didn’t want the kid to see his face
38. He hadn’t walked far when he felt a tug on his coat

a. He looked down and it was the concerned face of the little boy

b. The child blurted out, “I forgot to tell you sir.”

c. I forgot to tell you, he rose again

39. Why seek the living among the dead?

a. He is not here, he has been raised from the dead

b. That makes all the difference in the world

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