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April 2012
Zeev Zalevsky

Mailing address: Faculty of Engineering

Bar-Ilan University



Date of Birth: 20.2.1971
Contact Details: (Home) 972-3-9383468

(Office) 972-3-5317055

(Lab) 972-3-5317017

(Fax) 972-3-7384051



1989-1993 B.Sc - Electrical Engineering, Cum Laude, Tel - Aviv University

1993-1996 Direct Ph.D studies in Tel - Aviv University.

Thesis subject: "Unconventional Optical Processors for Pattern Recognition and Signal Processing",

Advisors – Prof. David Mendlovic and Prof. Amos Hardy.

Professional Occupation
1993-1996 Teaching assistant at Tel - Aviv University in various courses ("Introduction to Electrical Engineering", "Introduction to Physical Electronics").

1998 Adjunct Lecturer at Ariel Academic College ("Signal and Systems")

1998-2003 Adjunct Lecturer at Tel-Aviv University in various courses ("Optical Communication", "Introduction to Electrical Engineering").

2007 Adjunct Lecturer at Weizmann institute in linear optics course

    1. Project Officer, Israeli Air Force, R&D Dept.

    1. Founder and CTO/ Sr. VP R&T at Civcom

‏2003 Research fellow, Technion

2003-2004 Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Explay

2004 Founder and President of Xceed Imaging

2004-2007 Senior Lecturer (Assistant Prof.) at Bar-Ilan University

2004-present Head of the electro-optics track in the school of engineering in Bar-Ilan

2006-present Director of nanophotonics center at the Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA) in Bar-Ilan

2007-2010 Associate Prof. at Bar-Ilan University

2010-present Full Prof. at Bar-Ilan University

2010-present Head of the Ph.D studies committee, faculty of engineering

2011-2015 Visiting Prof. in Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

2011-present Head of Ph.D student committee in faculty of engineering and member of the university graduate students committee.

2011-present Member of the high education council of Bar-Ilan University

1990 Dean's prize for outstanding studies achievements.

1994 Wolf award for research students.

2007 Krill prize from the Wolf foundation (Wolf prize for young scientists).

2008 ICO (International Commission of Optics) prize and Abbe's medal for significant contribution in the field of optical super resolution.

2009 Second place award (1 out of 4 finalist) of the international Bepi Colombo prize for transferring innovation into applications.

2009 Juludan prize for advancing technology in medicine.

2010 Fellow of SPIE (the international society for optics and photonics) award.

2011 The international SAOT (School for Advanced Optical Technologies) young researcher prize for pioneering contributions in the development of optical techniques for enhanced imaging resolution and its use for biomedical applications (this prize is annually awarded by the German federal and state governments through the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg).

2011 Lean and Maria Taubenblatt prize for excellence in medical research for the development of a “Multi-functional bio-medical micro probe”.

2011 Best paper award for papers presented in the 2011 Information Optics Workshop (WIO2011):

  • Z. Zalevsky, O. Fixler, V. Micó, J. García-Monreal and B. Javidi, "Geometrical super resolved lensless imaging"

2012 Fellow of OSA (the optical society of America) award.

2012 Young investigator award in nanoscience and nanotechnology given by the Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative (INNI) together with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Labor.

2012 Selected to be IEEE Senior Member
Prestigious International Grant Awards
2009 National Institutes of Health (NIH) exploratory/developmental research grant award (together with Hamutal Slovin) for “Novel nano-pipette for imaging of deep cortal layers and deep brain structures”.

2011 PIANO+ competition award of the European commission on photonics-based internet access networks of the future. Awarded to Zeev Zalevsky on the topic of “Filters and optical spectrum analyzer for access networks of the future”.

Miscellaneous Additional Scientific Achievements/Awards/Honors
1994 Tel - Aviv's University Dean’s award/fellowship.

1995-1996 Eshkol fellowship awarded by the Israeli ministry of science and arts for doctoral research.

1998 Nominee for the Israeli air force commander technology prize for contribution to the development of “Blue Sky” project.

1999 Selected to be included in the Marquis Who’s Who list in science and engineering.

2005 Zalevsky was one of the inventors of the gaming technology module Kinect ( The machine learning work on human motion capture within Kinect won the 2011 MacRobert Award for engineering innovation. Kinect Won T3's "Gadget of the Year" award for 2011. It also won the "Gaming Gadget of the Year" prize. ‘Microsoft Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit' was ranked second in "The 10 Most Innovative Tech Products of 2011" at Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards ceremony in New York City.

2008 Laser Focus World commendation for excellence in technical communications.

2009 Selected by the Israeli financial journal TheMarker as one out of 7 outstanding & promising young Israeli researchers:

2009 Finalist for the prism award of SPIE for photonic innovation for inventing the extended depth of focus technology for ophthalmic applications being developed by Xceed Imaging.

2009 Diploma of honor awarded in remembrance of eminent contribution to the optical meeting of ICO-Photonics in Delphi 2009.

2010 The international Huber water technology prize: 1 of top 10 research finalists.

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