Resource List for Immunology & Other P, Lafleur Harvard 2004

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Resource List for Immunology & Other P, Lafleur Harvard 2004

Jeopardy Game Board:
NCBI Genome Database
NCBI Genome Base
Immune System Animation Links through Anatomy & Physiology Groups
Scientific Microscopy Photoimage Library
David Goodsell – Molecular Artist
Red Bacteria image
Arm Wound image
Viruses image & Link to SanDiago Museum of Natural History - Natural History of Disease:
Bread mold image
Parasitic Worm image


Hematology Image Microscopy
Apoptosis of Macrophage
Inflammation Movie Clip
Macrophage Image
Macrophage Image Animation

Adjuvant Strategy of Cholera toxin – diagram showing antibody & receptors

Harwich High School A&P Syllabus & Links
Skeletal System Graphics – teacher web page
Fighting Back Virus Attack Game
Antigen Processing by the Proteasome Animation
Student –Designed WebQuest Projects
PubMed / NCBI Article on Molecular epidemiology of HIV transmission in a dental practice.
Review Games – all sciences
PowerPoint Jeopardy Review Template

Immunology Project Resources –

Understanding Autoimmune Disease
Antibody descriptions [IgG, IgM, IgA]
Immunology Hyperlinked History & Molecular Movies
Nature Magazine & Immunology

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