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Technical specifications for purchase of tactical gear

Tactical gear

FAST ( Future Assault Shell Technology) Base Jump Helmet

The shell should be constructed of an injection-molded polymer (partially glass-filled Nylon) for an extremely rigid structure. No bending or warping is accepted. Should have its shroud in-molded directly in the shell for NVG that extremely rigid and stable platform for attaching night vision.

The in-molded shroud should be designed to interface with standard NVG Mount Brackets such as Standard-Issue USGI Rhino Mount, Norotos AKA2 and INVG, Wilcox L4 G24, L4 G01 L4 G02, L4 G21, L4G29.

Has to have Dial suspension system. This system should feature an adjustable “fit-band” that tightens or loosens around the user’s head, providing more support and even weight distribution around the cranium eliminating “hotspots” of contact that can be annoying/painful during prolonged missions. The fit-band should allow for better integration of ear-pro and comms headsets allowing the headset to slide in between the shell and the fit-band.

The sides of the helmet sport proprietary should position Rail Connectors for securing accessories like lights. These ARC’s should act as the hub for an entire suite of modular accessories.

The Base Jump Helmet should incorporate the BISS-NVD lanyard/ elastic tensioner which eliminate night vision mount rattle and vibration by keeping your devices taut against the helmet shell. When not in use, the bungie-cord lanyards hook into holes under the shroud for storage.

Not requires ballistic protection. Possible brands - “Emerson”, “Ops-Core” or analog



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