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Tactical modular belt sleeves with rigger belt

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Tactical modular belt sleeves with rigger belt. Belt should provide the comfortable, no-slip stability necessary for reducing back strain and general discomfort so frequently caused by loose-fitting, drooping and weighted-down belts.

Genuine Multicam material 1000 denier or equivalent (Ultra-Light Weight Nylon Ripstop Fabrics) .

Has to have two rows of webbing across belt with four D-rings for harness, padded mesh with non-slip lining.

Heavy duty webbing covered in color multicam fabric or equivalent.

Condor Tactical Battle Belt, Viking Tactics Battle Belt or equivalent

Color : Multicam, khaki, or od green




Tactical patrolling pouch or patrolling bag with MOLLE system

1. Low profile, versatile, utility pouch for all tools, such as allen wrenches, mini flashlight, pocket knife, pen, and other accessories. There are three ways to use the pouch: 1. Using the zipper stopper creates a low profile utility pouch.

2. Use the paracords to create a 90 degree angle and make a work station.

3. Use it as a stand-alone tool pouch and it opens flat for accessibility

- Fully opens with paracords to adjust.

- One internal sleeve, one zipper pocket, and multiple elastic holders

- Removable back straps

- Two D-ring on the back

- Import
Dimensions no less than 16 cm H

25 cm W

4 cm D
No more than 20 cm H

30 cm W

10 cm D
In case if it is a patrolling bag H changes with W.

Color: multicam


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