Reporting of dental status from full-arch radiographs: Descriptive analysis and methodological aspects

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P- Reviewer: Arısan V, Kamburoglu K S- Editor: Ji FF L- Editor: A E- Editor: Liu SQ
Figure Legends

Figure 1 Flow chart of review strategy and finally evaluated articles: The flow chart shows the systematic exclusion of search results towards the finally evaluated studies. The primary reasons for exclusion are mentioned including the number of concerned articles.

Figure 2 Distribution of included and excluded articles: Distribution of the 37 evaluated (green) and 159 excluded (red) studies of the search results ordered by their date of publication. Shaded fractions represent the 4 articles which were not available as full text version.

Figure 3 Shares of patients in the 37 evaluated studies with respect to the country of origin: The number of contributing studies is noted in brackets behind the country. Preponderance of United States is due to two reports of “mass X-ray evaluation” in the years 1977 and 1982. If these two are left out of consideration the median value of studied subjects in a paper is 212 (mean = 485).

Table 1 Entities of dental status and their surrogates in oral health: Left column notes the entities of dental status, which can be assessed from a full-arch radiograph

Focused entities

Subject of clinical dentistry

Surrogate of oral health

Alveolar bone loss, furcation and vertical bony defects

Periodontology, implantology

Periodontitis/inflammation, risk of tooth loss


Operative dentistry

Oral hygiene, caries, decay, risk for massive fillings/partial crowns

Massive filling/partial crown

Operative dentistry, prosthodontics

Risk of root canal treatment, risk for crown-treatment

Crowns and fixed dental prosthesis/pontics

Prosthodontics, periodontology

Massive decay (even of healthy teeth), risen risk for caries and endodontic problems, risk for bone loss and fracture (missing teeth), missing teeth

Root canal filling and root posts

Operative dentistry, endodontology, prosthodontics

High number of life events of intervention, risk of tooth loss by fracture/inflammation, need for crown

Apical lesion

Endodontology, oral surgery

High risk of tooth loss, poor root canal treatment, inflammation

Missing teeth

Prosthodontics, implantology

High number of life events of interventions, former inflammations, trauma, hypodontia, malocclussion


Periodontology, prosthodontics

Missing teeth, higher risk for inflammation (periimplantitis), occlusal rehabilitation


Prosthodontics, oral surgery

High number of life events, no further risk of odontogenic inflammation (caries, periodontitis, apical lesions)

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