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Refer back to Kandel & Schwartz for textbook details. Graduate students should read the first few chapters of that textbook for course work in any case.
Thalamocortical physiology:
L. Domich, G. Oakson, and M. Steriade. Thalamic burst patterns in the naturally sleeping cat: a

comparison between cortically projecting and reticularis neurones. J Physiol (Lond) 379:429-

449, 1986.

[PMID: 3560000]

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differentially affects nociceptive and nonnociceptive pathways distinguished by specific

calcium-binding proteins and down-regulates gamma-aminobutyric acid type A receptors at

thalamic levels. Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci. 89:2571-2575, 1992.

[PMID: 1313562]
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[PMID: 10581069] (this is the editorial about ....

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dysrhythmia: A neurological and neuropsychiatric syndrome characterized by

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D. Mumford. On the computational architecture of the neocortex. I. The role of the thalamo-

cortical loop. Biol.Cybern. 65 (2):135-145, 1991.

[PMID: 1912004]

Somatosensory physiology:
Yoshioka T, Gibb B, Dorsch AK, Hsiao SS, Johnson KO. Neural coding mechanisms underlying perceived roughness of finely textured surfaces J Neurosci. 21(17):6905-16, 2001.

[PMID: 11517278]

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[PMID: 12931188]

Human thalamocortical physiology/pathophysiology:
Tasker RR, Kiss ZHT: The role of the thalamus in functional neurosurgery.

Neurosurg.Clin.N.Am. 6(1):73-104, 1995.

[PMID: 7696876] (I have reprints).

F. A. Lenz, J. O. Dostrovsky, R. R. Tasker, K. Yamashiro, H. C. Kwan, and J. T. Murphy.

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[PMID: 3351564]

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ventrocaudal nucleus. J.Neurophysiol. 70 (1):200-212, 1993.

[PMID: 8360716]

S. Ohara, N. Weiss, and F. A. Lenz. Microstimulation in the region of the human thalamic

principal somatic sensory nucleus evokes sensations like those of mechanical stimulation and

movement. J.Neurophysiol. 91 (2):736-745, 2004.

[PMID: 14573561]

S. Patel, S. Ohara, P. M. Dougherty, R. H. Gracely, and F. A. Lenz. Psychophysical elements of

place- and modality-specificity in the thalamic somatic sensory nucleus (ventral caudal - Vc) of

awake humans J.Neurophysiol. 95 (2):646-659, 2006.

[PMID: 16192330]

T. A. Zirh, F. A. Lenz, S. G. Reich, and P. M. Dougherty. Patterns of bursting occurring in

thalamic cells during Parkinsonian tremor. Neurosci. 83 (1):107-121, 1998.

[PMID: 9466402]
ZHT Kiss, K. D. Davis, R. R. Tasker, A. M. Lozano, B. Hu, and J. O. Dostrovsky.

Kinaesthetic neurons in thalamus of humans with and without tremor. Exp.Brain Res. 150

(1):85-94, 2003.

[PMID: 12698220]

D. Jeanmonod, M. Magnin, and A. Morel. Low-threshold calcium spike bursts in the human

thalamus: Common physiopathology for sensory, motor and limbic positive symptoms. Brain

119:363-375, 1996.

[PMID: 8800933]

M. Magnin, A. Morel, and D. Jeanmonod. Single-unit analysis of the pallidum, thalamus and

subthalamic nucleus in parkinsonian patients. Neurosci. 96 (3):549-564, 2000.

[PMID: 10717435]
Basal ganglia physiology and pathophysiology:
Graybiel AM. The basal ganglia: learning new tricks and loving it. Curr Opin Neurobiol. 15(6):638-44, 2000.

[PMID: 16271465]

R. Levy, et al. Re-evaluation of the functional anatomy of the basal ganglia in normal and Parkinsonian states. Neurosci. 76 (2):335-343, 1997.

[PMID: 9015319]

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[PMID: 14729134]

I. Bar-Gad and H. Bergman. Stepping out of the box: information processing in the neural networks of the basal ganglia. Curr.Opin.Neurobiol. 11 (6):689-695, 2001.

[PMID: 11741019] (shorter version of the one below)

I. Bar-Gad, G. Morris, and H. Bergman. Information processing, dimensionality reduction and reinforcement learning in the basal ganglia. Prog.Neurobiol. 71 (6):439-473, 2003.

[PMID: 15013228] * this is a very long and complex paper focusing mainly on learning theory and role of BG in learning

A. Parent and L.-N. Hazrati. Functional anatomy of the basal ganglia. I. The cortico-basal ganglia-thalamo-cortical loop. Brain Res.Rev. 20:91-127, 1995. **

[PMID: 7711769]


A. Parent and L.-N. Hazrati. Functional anatomy of the basal ganglia. II. The place of the subthalamic nucleus and external pallidum in basal ganglia circuitry. Brain Res.Rev. 20:128-154, 1995.

[PMID: 7711765] **

** these 2 papers are the classic descriptions of primate anatomical connections in BG

G. E. Alexander, M. D. Crutcher, and M. R. DeLong. Basal ganglia-thalamocortical circuits: parallel substrates for motor, oculomotor, "prefrontal" and "limbic" functions. Prog. Brain Res. 85:119-146, 1990.

[PMID: 2094891]

J. W. Mink. The basal ganglia: focused selection and inhibition of competing motor programs. Prog.Neurobiol. 50 (4):381-425, 1996.

[PMID: 9004351] **excellent but very long paper ties together other older theories into new hypothesis

T. Wichmann and M. R. DeLong. Pathophysiology of Parkinson's disease: the MPTP primate model of the human disorder. Ann N.Y.Acad.Sci 991:199-213, 2003.

[PMID: 12846988]

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C. E. Gross, T. Boraud, D. Guehl, B. Bioulac, and E. Bezard. From experimentation to the surgical

treatment of Parkinson's disease: prelude or suite in basal ganglia research? Prog.Neurobiol. 59

(5):509-532, 1999.

[PMID: 10515666]

A. Nambu and R. R. Llinas. Electrophysiology of globus pallidus neurons in vitro. J.Neurophysiol. 72 (3):1127-1139, 1994.

[PMID: 7807199]

For results of DBS for movement disorders (mainly for clinical trainees):
A. L. Benabid, P. Pollak, D.M. Gao, D. Hoffmann, P. Limousin, E. Gay, I. Payen, A. Benazzouz. Chronic electrical stimulation of the ventralis intermedius nucleus of the thalamus as a treatment of movement disorder. J.Neurosurg. 84:203-214, 1996.

[PMID: 8592222]

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(16):1105-1111, 1998.

[PMID: 9770557]

P. P. Krack, P. Pollak, P. Limousin, D. Hoffmann, A. Benazzouz, J. F. Lebas, A. Koudsie, and A. L.

Benabid. Opposite motor effects of pallidal stimulation in Parkinson's disease. Ann.Neurol. 43:180-

192, 1998.

[PMID: 9485059]

P. P. Krack, P. Pollak, P. Limousin, A. Benazzouz, G. Deuschl, and A. L. Benabid. From off-period

Dystonia to peak-dose chorea. The clinical spectrum of varying subthalamic nucleus activity. Brain

122 (6):1133-1146, 1999.

[PMID: 10356065]

P. P. Krack, A. Batir, N. Van Blercom, S. Chabardes, V. Fraix, C. Ardouin, A. Koudsie, P. D.

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[PMID: 14614167]
M. Vidailhet, L. Vercueil, J. L. Houeto, P. Krystkowiak, A. L. Benabid, P. Cornu, C. Lagrange,

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[PMID: 19126811]

For mechanisms of action of DBS:
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For electrical stimulation in general:
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system: a review. Brain Res. 98 (3):417-440, 1975.

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Neural Prostheses:
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