Reading Guide Recall: What does Ralph complain to Jack about?

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Lord of the Flies. Chap. 3 Reading Guide


  1. What does Ralph complain to Jack about?

  • Ralph complains that they’ll never get the shelters built because everyone keeps running off to swim, eat, play, or hunt.

  1. How does Jack defend the fact that he spends his days hunting instead of helping the others?

  • Jack defends himself by stating that they need meat and hunting is work too.

  1. What does Jack admit to Ralph and Simon?

  • Jack admits that sometimes when he is hunting in the forest he feels that he is being hunted, but he also says that he knows there’s nothing to it really.

  1. When Jack yells,”Got it,” what does Ralph think might have caused Jack’s excitement? What was the source of his excitement?

  • Ralph thinks that Jack might have seen a ship.

  • Jack was really excited because he figured out that the pigs would rest on the mountaintop in the shade during the heat of the day, so now he knows where to hunt them.

  1. What does Ralph say about people in general? What did he want to expalin?

  • Ralph says that people don’t help each other much.

  • He wanted to say that people are never really what others think they are.

  1. What do Ralph and Jack feel as they look at each other in the pool?

  • They are confused. They feel both love and hate for each other.

  1. What effect does their time in the bathing pool have on Ralph and Jack?

  • Their playing in the pool together gets rid of the tension between them and they enjoy being together.

Interpretation and Analysis:

  1. Does Jack’s desire to kill a pig fit into either of the group’s two main priorities established by Ralph?

  • It doesn’t. The two main identified priorities are ---Shelter and Signal Fire for Rescue.

  • There are other sources of food on the island—fruit and fish.

  • Jack is being selfish and obsessive in pursuing the goal of KILLING A PIG.

  1. Is Jack concerned with the group’s welfare? Explain.

  • Varied answers. Must support with your own ideas.

  1. Ralph wants to express to Jack that people are never quite what one thinks they are. Do you agree with Ralph or not? Explain.

  • Answers will vary. Support with life connections.

  1. Simon finds a secluded place in the high jungle where he can be alone. Why do you think he does this? What does this indicate about Simon?

  • Simon is a shy boy and needs time alone to think. He is a loner, but he does contribute to the group by building shelters and feeding the littluns.


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