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Race Across America 2013






Table of Contents

Last Update: January 2013

Instructions 2

Updates and Reminders for 2013 2

Definitions 3

RAAM - Race Divisions 5

RAAM - Time, Checkpoints and Finishing Status 6

Rules 10

1010 – Route Errors 33

Summary of Mandatory Reports 37

Appendix A – Appealing a Race Decision or Penalty 38

Appendix B – Cheating and Accusations of Cheating 40

Appendix C – Forms 42

RAAM Notice of Intent to Appeal 43

RAAM Request for Appeal 44

RAAM Accusation of Cheating 45

RAAM Staff Interaction 47

All material Ó 2013 by Race Across America, LLC (Colorado). All rights reserved.


It is the responsibility of every Racer, Crew and Staff member to read these rules carefully. The sooner you read the rules, the sooner your questions can be answered. If you have questions before you depart for the start, please email director@raceacrossamerica.org. If you have questions while you are in Oceanside or during the race, please contact a Race Official.

The words used within the Rules are fairly common terms used for cycling. If you have any questions about the definitions of any words or phrases used within this document, please email rules@raceacrossamerica.org for clarification.
Penalties will be assessed against the Racer or Crew for rules violations. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

Updates and Reminders for 2013

The following are updates and reminders for 2013. Several sections have been significantly modified, but the content remains similar. Nevertheless, it is always important to read all the rules and remind yourself what the conditions of racing are. You always learn something new each time you read them.

  • Registration Forms will be sent via email.

  • All night time Team exchanges must be stationary.

  • All crew members must wear reflective vests and ankle bands at night.

  • There will be four time cutoffs – Durango, Mississippi River, Mt. Airy and Annapolis.

  • Penalties will be served at two locations - Durango and Mt. Airy.

  • A one-hour penalty will be assessed for support vehicles impeding traffic from Blythe, CA to Flagstaff, AZ and Montezuma Creek, UT to Kim, CO.

  • Roof mounted amber flashing lights and slow moving vehicle triangle may remain on during leapfrog support.

  • Motor homes will follow an alternate route from Congress to Prescott, AZ.

  • Bicycles must have a red taillight on at all times while on the road.

  • Tail light must be mounted at least 36 inches above street level on all low profile bicycles (includes: recumbent, handcycles, trikes, etc.)


These definitions are used throughout the rules:

Auxiliary Vehicle – A Support Vehicle that may be used as a Follow Vehicle temporarily.
Caravanning – Two or more Support Vehicles of any Racer or Team traveling at the same speed behind a Racer for more than 15 seconds except when waiting to pass.
Crew Chief – The designated crew member in charge and official spokesperson for the Racer or Teams crew in official matters.
Crew –Person or persons supporting a Racer throughout The Race. This also includes Personal Media Crew. Also, any person who actively assists the Racer in any manner for any amount of time, physically or mentally.
CPSC – Consumer Product Safety Commission – Certifies helmets in the United States.

Direct Follow Support – Following directly behind the Racer with a Follow Vehicle. Directly behind means within 50 feet.
DOT – Department of Transportation – The governmental organizations (state and federal) responsible for administration of highways.
Exchange Site – the location where a Racer Exchange or a Follow Vehicle Exchange is executed.
Exchange Zone – An area one-half (0.5) mile (800meters) before and after the point where a Racer Exchange takes place.
Follow Vehicle – A Support Vehicle that is functioning as the primary support for the Racer and nearest to the Racer. Under Night conditions, the Follow Vehicle will follow directly behind the Racer (see Direct Follow Support).
HPV – Human Powered Vehicle. A non-upright bicycle – typically a faired recumbent.
Impeding Traffic – driving a support vehicle at such a slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic
Leapfrog Support – A type of support where the Support Vehicle is not directly behind the Racer but instead leapfrogs the racer at the speed of traffic. The Support Vehicle stops off the road, waits for a period of time, then catches the Racer and stops again.
Media Crew – Person or persons retained by RAAM, individual Racers or Teams and/or independent media to document or report on the race and its participants.
Motorhome or Recreational Vehicle (RV) – A Support Vehicle that is larger than a van or pickup truck and typically is equipped with cooking facilities, toilet facilities, sleeping accommodations, etc.
Night Riding/Conditions – Night riding shall be considered from 8:00pm LOCAL time until 6:00am LOCAL time OR any time when vehicles would normally have their night driving headlights on OR anytime visibility is less than 1000 feet (300m). If you have any doubt about the visibility conditions, operate as if it is night riding.
Race Headquarters – The main Race Office during the race. Responsible for tracking Racers, recording penalties and monitoring the race on an ongoing basis in conjunction with the Race Director and Race Officials. Race Headquarters is located in Tucson, AZ.
Race Official – A RAAM staff person designated to enforce these Rules. This includes Race Official, Race Headquarters Director, Race Director and Race Management.
Race Route – The Official Race Route as designated in the RAAM Route Book.
Racer – For the purposes of this document, a Racer may refer to a racing entity (team or solo) or an individual on a team. Racers are those on the official roster and eligible to participate in The Race and ride towards the finish line.
Racer Exchange – For Teams, the point when the Racer on the road stops riding and a new Racer continues forward progress.
Rolling Exchange – A Racer Exchange where the new Racer starts riding while the incoming Racer overlaps wheels and then stops.
Route Book – The Official RAAM Route Book which details the Race Route with instructions and maps.
Spying – The use of Support Vehicles for the purpose of obtaining information about other Racers.
Stationary Exchange – A Racer Exchange where the incoming Racer stops and the new Racer starts.
Support Vehicle – A motorized vehicle with at least two wheels and is used to transport people and/or equipment necessary for use by a Racer.
The Race or Race – Refers to the Race Across America.

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