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(S.C.O. 75, [2nd Floor], Sector - 40/C),Chandigarh. (Tel.0172-2693999)

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The Dentists (Code of Ethics) Regulations 2014

Declaration - Every dentist registered with Punjab Dental Council under Part A or Part B of the State Dentists Register shall, within a period of thirty days from the date of this advertisement, make before the Registrar of the State Dental Council, a declaration in the form set out for the purpose and shall agree to have read, understood and thence to abide by the DCI Regulations as per The Dentists Act 1948 and The Dentists (Code of Ethics), Regulations 2014


(To be signed by the Dentist at the time of Applying for Registration under

the Indian Dentists Act.1948)


I solemnly pledge myself to devote my life to the cause of serving humanity in the field of dental care;


I shall not use my dental knowledge contrary to the law of humanity;


I shall not permit consideration of religion, nationality, race caste and creed, party politics or social standing to intervene in any duty towards my patient & the professions;


I shall look after the dental health of my patients as my first consideration;


I shall honour the secrets, which are confided in me by my patients during the professional services;


I shall always maintain the honour & noble traditions of the dental profession;


I shall deem it an honour to cherish a proper pride in my colleagues and shall not disparage them by my actions, deeds or words;


I shall not indulge in any activity, which might bring discredit to the dental profession;


I shall abide by the various provisions of the Act and desist from using a degree / diploma or an abbreviation indicating or implying a dental qualification, which is not in accordance with the definition of “recognized dental qualification” as defined under Clause (j) of section 2 of the Act;


I shall strictly abide by the Dentists (Code of Ethics), Regulations 2014 as notified on 27th June 2014

Name of Dentist :_____________________

Signature ____________________

Regn. No. :__________________________ (issued by Punjab Dental Council)

Mobile No._____________________

Dated the : ___________________

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