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B. 14 ½ x 32, Contract No. NOm 62... .. JAN 1942(?), made by Newman & Newman, I think this Marine was only in service during WWII(?), EC+


7575 WWII Era Brown (Mustard) Wool SHIRT

Brown flat buttons, Vee pocket flaps, white tape on the underside of the buttons like the WWII Khaki Shirts.

( see on page )

C. 42” chest, 33” sleeve, 15” neck, no markings, very minor wear, EC+

(same Vet as #7575D)


D. 42+” chest, 34” sleeve, 15” neck, no markings, New

(same Vet as #7575C)


7580 WWII - KW Era Dress Blue Wool TROUSERS

Worn with #7582 Dress Jackets

A. 37 x 33 1/2, "#19 37-45” stamped inside waistband in red, also “F. D. SHINN" in black ink stamped inside of waistband, 2 Rear Pockets with flaps, watch pocket, Suspender buttons, Still has the Cutter’s Tags, Issued and hemmed but never worn, UnUsed

(Rare Condition & Size)


7582 WWII – KW Era Dress Blue Wool JACKET

Worn with #7580 Dress Trousers

C. 42” chest, 35.5” sleeve, 15” neck, marked in sleeve: “46-42 1 1949-1950”, named in sleeve, 3-Chevron Sergeant Stripes (Yellow ribbon sewn to Red felt),

front plastic button cracked, NO buttons or Belt, EC+


7590 Officer’s Dress Blue Items

See Dress Blues on USMC Gear page

C. JACKET, size 39R, circa 1960s(?), 2-bent buttons, Major’s Rank, Collar EGAs, EC
(bent buttons = found in a 1,000 pound bale of rags)


D. JACKET, approximate size 38-39, dated 7/17/63, named on Label, Rifle and Pistol EXPERT Badges are marked “STERLING”, Pilot Wing marked “1/2010K 250”, Officer’s EGAs, and Captain’s Rank, badges have been on the jacket for many years (I found the jacket in a 1,000 pound bale in a Rag Mill), EC
(I have some minor history on the Pilot for the buyer to include, Graduated First in his Class at Pensacola in 1962)


All Items Listed & Sold in this Catalog are for


(A "Collectible Display” Item is Anything a Prudent person would NOT USE for Anything but A DISPLAY)

7600 - 7699 Medical Items

All Items in this Section are SOLD as Collectible Display ITEMS!

All: Bags, Pouches, Cases, and etc. are EMPTY unless noted otherwise!

see Equipment Page for Pictures

for Medic Armbands, see #2212 section

For a Black Leather MP First Aid pouch see #7208

7602 WWI Carlisle BANDAGE (in Brown Can)

Brass Metal Can with “D-Ring” Pull

(see Doughboy to GI, page 238)

A. Dated October 13, 1916, by Bauer & Black, EC

(Extremely Rare Date and Condition!)

(Very Hard to Find in This Condition (Most are Heavily Dented and etc.)


7604 Early WWII Carlisle BANDAGE (in Red Can)

Red/Salmon Color Painted (Brass or Copper) Can, Early WWII War, Rare!
Most Cans are Dented and the Paint is usually Flaking-off.

(see Doughboy to GI, page 238)

see Equipment Page for Pictures

A. Brass Can, paint is flaking, dented, GC (2 in stock)


B. Copper Can, Paint is Flaking, Rough Looking, GC (8 in stock)


C. Copper Can, dented, some paint missing, GC+


F. Copper Can, paint is flaking, dented, GC


7605 WWII 1st Pattern Parachutist’s First Aid Pouch with Contents

see Equipment Page for Pictures

or check:

Geronimo Book by Bill Rentz (page 157)

America’s Finest Book by Gary Howard (page 50)

B. Stencilled “FIRST AID” on both sides, zipper closure, 2 x khaki cotton tapes sewn to bottom of the “water-repellent” pouch to attach to the Helmet netting, with contents, EC


7606 WWII Carlisle Bandage in Olive Green Copper CAN

Probable WWII History for Carlisle Bandages in Metal Cans:

The U.S. entered WWII with Cans made of Copper (or Brass) painted Red(#7604) and then Olive Green(#7606). In 1942 (or 1943), to conserve a “Strategic Metal”, construction switched to Tin. Most, if not all, early Metal Can Carlisles were made by Bauer & Black (#7606A’s manufacturer). In 1943, to conserve metal, the waxed cardboard boxes started to appear.

(This information has been supplied by a very helpful customer and Ken Lewis’ Book “Doughboy to GI”)
see Equipment Page for Pictures

A. Shiny Olive Drab Copper Can, Early WWII manufacturer,

made by Bauer & Black, Stock No. 2-803, thin paper packing was placed between the cans so the sides of the cans will have some paint missing, New (quantity)

see Equipment Page for Pictures


B. Dull Olive Drab painted Copper Can, made by Handy Pad Supply Company,

Stock No. 2-803, box dated June 25, 1943, New (quantity)

see Equipment Page for Pictures


C. item #7606B but cosmetically blemished in storage, great for re-enactors,



7608 WWII Carlisle First Aid BANDAGE (in Paper-Foil)

Small Battle Dressing in Green Paper-Foil Package with Silver Printing,

Stock No. 2-396, made by Guild Foundations

(introduced into the inventory after #7606)

A. storage marks, New-in-Package (7 in stock)


7610 WWII Carlisle Battle Dressing (in Brown Box)

“Medium Battle Dressing, Sterilized Carlisle Model, Camouflaged Stock Number 2-393

A. dated 1944, by Janesville Cotton Mills, storage marks, New


C. dated 1945, by Janesville CottonMills CO. of Janesville, Wisconsin, NWSM


7616 Olive Green Triangle BANDAGE

37" x 37" x 52" Triangle Bandage in a Sealed Clear Plastic Package,

also used as a: Neck Scarf, Head Scarf, or Headband in Vietnam

A. dated 1980s, NSN 6510-00-201-1755, New (quantity)


B. dated 1973, Stock No. 6510-201-1755, New


G. out-of-the-package, New or Used Condition, EC (quantity)

(Great for Re-enactors for a Bandana or Headband;

see Kevin Lyles’ Vietnam Book pages: 31, 48-49, 51, and 84-85)

see Equipment Page for Pictures

Sold out

7619 First Aid Field DRESSING (Camouflaged)

4" x 7", Camouflaged Wound Dressing in a Small Clear Plastic Package inside a Cardboard Box, FSN 6510-201-7435, MIL-D-15141A, Contract N32-5874 by Sherburne Mfg. Company, carton dated 1960
see Equipment Page for Pictures

A. Carton is dated 1960, New (16 in stock) ( each )
(Great for Early Vietnam re-enactors)


7620 First Aid Field DRESSING (Camouflaged)

Small OG Plastic Package (Fits in a 1ST Aid/Compass Pouch)

A. 4" x 6 1/4" to 7 1/4", NSN 6510-00-159-4883, New (quantity)


B. 4" x 7", NSN 6510-00-159-4883, New (quantity)


C. 4" x 7", dated 1972 (DSA 120-72-C-3057), New


E. 4" x 7", dated 1972 (DSA 120-72-C-0421), New (19 in stock)


7621 Miscellaneous First Aid KITs

A. WWII Army Air Forces(?): Stencilled inside the case: “Kit, Medical Type TT-I Spec. No. 41036-A S. Buchsbaum & Co. PROPERTY U.S. AIR FORCES”, stencilled on top: “100” and a White Cross”, stencilled on the front is “MEDICAL KIT” in White paint, OG Rubberized Canvas Zippered Kit Bag with Carrying Strap which will un-snap at one-end, Miscellaneous Items inside,

outside dirty, 1.25” slit in back, carrying strap has started to fray, FC+


7624 Individual First Aid KIT, Jungle (Original OG Cotton Canvas Style)

Pouch Only (no contents), OD or OG Cotton Pouch

with Wire Hanger and a Heavy Canvas Loop to slide over Pistol Belt

(see Doughboy to GI, page 238, Top-Center Picture & Lyles’ Vietnam Book)

F. OG, dated 1966, minor stains & corrosion on hanger, GC+


H. OD, dated 1943, small rust stain and soiling on the bottom, GC+


M. OG, dated 1967, EC


( see 7624/5 on this page: )

7625 Jungle Individual First Aid KIT (with 1st Aid Supplies)

Same Pouch as item # 7624 but has Some, or All, of the First Aid Contents

(A "Load-List" shows the Contents that were Originally Packed in the Pouch)

(see Lyles', page 95 (item 16) and Doughboy to GI, page 238)

P. Pouch dated 1945, Contents are not dated (No ZIP codes, late WWII to pre-1965 Era), Load-List has a 5-digit ZIP code, 50% of Contents remain,

corrosion on the Hanger, EC+

(apparently a WWII pouch used for the Vietnam War)


7629 U. S. Navy Medic’s Khaki Cotton Bag

B. older looking dark-khaki cotton canvas, similar to the pre-WWII Marine gear,

check-out pictures, a few snags, not much wear, EC

see pictures on this page:


7630 Army Parachutist Medical POUCH (Large Bag with Straps)

3-Pocket Bag with Fold-Over Cover and Shoulder Straps

(see WWII GI Book, page 125) (see Geronimo Book, page 157)

Airborne Medic’s Packs on EQUIPMENT page

A. dated 1950, "74-P-284" "JQMD", minor stain, rust on one-snaphook, GC+


E. dated 1950, "74-P-284" "J. Q. M. D.", contains 4 x Medical items, EC


G. dated 1950, "74-P-284" "J.Q.M.D.", shoulder straps still folded inside, NWSM


H. dated 1950, "74-P.-284" "J.Q.M.D.", stains and inside strap field repaired, GC+


7640 WWI Era M1910 First Aid POUCH

(See Doughboy to GI, page 238)

(see in GI Collector’s Guide by Henri-Paul Enjames, page 81)

(none in stock)

7644 M-1924 First Aid Pouch

M24s are small like the M-1910 model but have the “Vee” Flap with a Lift-a-Dot closure like a model M-1942(#7646), wire hanger on back, Harder to find model.

(see in GI Collector’s Guide by Henri-Paul Enjames, page 81)

B. Khaki, Dated 1941, by Miami Awning Co., washed, EC

(Unit/Individual marked on Back and Inside)

( see on: )


D. Khaki/OD shade, dated 1942, stained, GC+


7646 WWII Era M1942 First Aid POUCH (Case)

Canvas Case with Vee-shaped Flap used to carry a Bandage.

Lift-a-Dot Fastener with a Wire hanger on back to attach it to a Belt.

1941-42 Dated Cases may be smaller than later dates. British made pouches are usually longer.

(see Doughboy to GI Book, page 238 or Osprey #205 "U.S. Army Combat Equipment 1910-1988" Book, page 46)

F. Khaki, Dated 1944, "British Made", EC


G. OG, Dated 1944, (stains and corrosion), NWSM


J. OG, Dated 1944, (stains and corrosion), NWSM


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