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AF. S/R ( chest = 40” sleeve 33.5” back 31”+ = modern Small/Regular

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AF. S/R ( chest = 40” sleeve 33.5” back 31”+ = modern Small/Regular ), dated 1964, DSA-1-3570-64-C, Army tape removed (no shadow--a few stitch marks--lining has a ½” slit in the stitch-line where the tape was removed), small 1/8” hole in back (ask for picfile), never washed, minor wear, Excellent Color, EC


AG. M/R ( chest = 45” sleeve 35.5”+ back 32”+ = modern Large/Medium-Long ), dated 1962 DSA-1-854-62-C, Color Badges: 8th Army SSI (replaced another SSI), SP6 Stripes(replaced SP5), Issue Woven Army Tape, machine free-hand Name tape, ¼” hole on lower front(hidden when the coat is zipped and snapped up), the material covering the bottom two front-snaps show abrasion wear (he was probably a bench-technician?--ask for picfile), hem drawstring missing, probably never washed, minor wear, Excellent color, EC


AH. M/R ( chest = 47” sleeve 38”+ back 31.5” = modern Large/Long ), DA-36-243-QM (CTM)-10342-C-61 WPL 5829, has sewn-on subdued Buck Sergeant (3 x chevrons) stripes on collar, all other insignia neatly removed: left SSIs, tapes, and rank (minor stitch marks and shadows), probably never washed--needs to be cleaned, minor wear, Excellent Color, EC


AK. L/R ( most of the stamped label in the neck has faded but the size is still ledgible – see picture ) ( chest = 50”+, sleeve 38”, back 32.5” ), Army tape neatly removed (minor shadow and stitch marks), never had other badges, minor wear, outstanding condition and color, EC+



I have measured some of the Field Jackets/Liners and given my interpretation of the MODERN size/length.....take this with a grain of salt as this is ONLY my guesstamation!

3042 M-1953 Man’s Field JACKET

similar style to the M-1951, Pattern Dated 9 July 1953
( One label reads in part: “Single Breasted Body Style, ……Cotton Wind Resistant Sateen, Water Repellent Treated, Olive Green, Q. M. Shade NO. 107” )
see on Clothing page:

B. M/R, no date, MIL-C-11448-A, Shade Olive Green No. 107, Philadelphia QM Depot,factory-sewn Army tape neatly removed (no shadow, very minor stitch marks), waist drawcord replaced by parachute line, small dark stains, soiling on collar, worn 2-3 times, Never Washed, as-New Color, EC

chest = 47

shoulder seam to seam = 22

sleeve = 36

back = 32.5



D. M/R ( chest 46” sleeve 35” back 31” = modern Large/Long ), dated November 10, 1954, MIL-C-11448-A, Shade Olive Green No. 107, left SSI neatly removed (very minor shadow), US Army tape removed (minor shadow), Name tape removed (has tape residue-ask for picfile), missing hem drawstring, washed 2-4 times?, dark stains on left cuff (ask for picfile), needs cleaned, good color, GC+


F. M/R ( chest 46”+, sleeve 36”+, back 32” = modern Large/Long ), no date, MIL-C-11448-A, Shade Olive Green No. 107, Officer’s Jacket, subdued local embroidered Tapes, (Name Tape replaced a color tape), 2 left SSIs neatly removed (minimum shadow), Excellent Color-never washed, minor wear, EC+
Perfect for the early RVN Officer Re-enactor


I have measured some of the Field Jackets/Liners and given my interpretation of the MODERN size/length.....take this with a grain of salt as this is ONLY my guesstamation!

3044 M-1955 Man's Field JACKET

similar style to the M-1951, Pattern Dated January 26, 1955

Some jackets will have the “M-1951” stamped on the label

see on Clothing page:

D. XS/R (chest = 40” sleeve 36” back 32” = modern Small/Long ),

dated October 24, 1955, MIL-C-11448A,

bottom-front, female-half of, glove snap missing,

last-4 blacked-out in neck area of lining, both Color Tapes,

worn 5-6 times, needs to be cleaned, Armor SSI & bottom tab neatly removed (very-minor shadow, minor stitch marks), near-New Color, EC


101st Airborne Division “Assistant” Commander’s Field Jacket

( short, partial, BIO comes with the Jacket )

E. M/R (chest = 46” sleeve 36.5” back 31”), dated July 30, 1957,

MIL-C-11448B, M C & TSA- Philadelphia QM Depot,

Subdued patches: BG Stars ( shadow on Eapulets where Colonel's Eagles were removed ), Senior Parachutist's Badge, & Both Tapes

( All have been changed from color--color threads still on lining ),

left SSI 4th Army(original left SSI was an 18th Airborne Corps or 82nd A/B Division), & right Combat SSI 101ST Airborne Division,

¼” snag on underside of sleeve, fraying on cuffs and hem, 2 x Glove-snaps broken (2nd from bottom-front and bottom pocket), broken cuff button, GC

( He was the “Assistant Commander” of the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam and Senior Advisor in II Corps CTZ – I have a short printed blurb that goes with the FJ. You you can look him up on the Web, his name gets several hits )

see on Clothing page:


G. M/R ( chest = 46” sleeve 36” back 32” = modern Large/Long ),

dated July 31, 1956, MIL-C-11448A & Amendment #1,

factory installed Army Tape neatly removed( no shadow-minor stitch marks ),

below average: wear, stains, scuffs, abrasions & etc., good color, EC


J. S/R ( chest = 42”, sleeve = 36”, back = 32” = modern Medium/Regular ),

dated 31 July 1956, MIL-C-11448A & Amendment #1,

Color, factory-sewn, U. S. Army tape and a black on white HBT Name tape,

OG-on-Blue Twill SSG Stripes, maker’s chaulk marks are still on the front,

No sign of wear, New-with-Badges
( Excellent jacket for an early Vietnam Advisor/etc. re-enactor )


L. XL/R, dated 1956, New


N. M/L( ), dated October 24, 1955, contract QM-6426, OI-828-C-56, SPEC 11448A & amendment #1, Color Badges: khaki-edge 9th ID and Ranger Arc, Basic Parachutist Wing, and Tapes, Green Leadership Loops on epaulets, minor marks where he had his Officer’s Rank pinned on the epaulets, still starched-white stains on left sleeve (could be too much starch--see picture), minor wear, Excellent Color, EC+


P. S/L ( chest = 43, shoulder-to-shoulder = 20.5, sleeve = 36”, back = 33” = modern Medium/Long), contract QM-7677, OI 2306-C-56, dated 12 APRIL 1956, SPEC. MIL-C-11448A & Amendment #1m by Cohen-Fein Company, last-four stamped in neck, all badges neatly removed = very-minor shoadows, I don’t think it was ever worn (probably an “Inspection” jacket), has a New M-1943 hood in the pocket, EC+


Q. M/L ( chest = 46+, shoulder-to-shoulder = 21, sleeve = 35.5+, back = 33 = modern Large/Long), 1957 contract, label hard to read=I will let you do that, small white stain at bottom front, all badges neatly removed-very minor shadows, minor wear, EC+


R. S/R, (chest = 43, shoulder-to-shoulder = 20+, sleeve = 35, back = 32 = modern Medium/Long), dated July 31, 1956, worn once?, Yellow/Black U.S. Army tape installed at the factory, still has the tailor’s chaulk marks on the front, near-New


S. M/R (chest = 46+, shoulder-to-shoulder = 21+, sleeve = 35+, back = 32 ), dated 1956, 65% of contract stamp unreadable, U. S. Army tape was sewn-on at the Factory-then neatly removed (tape available, ask for price), no other badges wer ever sewn-on, less than average Wear, stains, etc., EC


I have measured some of the Field Jackets/Liners and given my interpretation of the MODERN size/length.....take this with a grain of salt as this is ONLY my guesstamation!

3046 M-1957 Man’s Field JACKET

Styled like the M-1951, Pattern Dated 14 March 1957
see on Clothing page:

D. S/R ( chest = 44” sleeve 36” back 32” = modern Full-Medium/Regular ),

dated October 2, 1958, MIL-C-11448B,

left SSI (probably a 7th Army SSI) neatly removed (difficult to see marks),

both tapes neatly removed (very minor shadow), name on neck label,

worn 1-2 times, as-New Color, EC+


F. S/S ( chest = 40” sleeve 35” back 30”+ = modern Small/Short-Regular ),

dated September 18, 1958, contract DA-36-243-QM (CTM) 2985 OI 356-C-59, MIL-C-1148B, AMED #2, was in a rag-mill and has 2 very-small abrasions: 1 on the right side of collar and the other is next to the second-from-last glove-snap on the lower front(it is covered when the windflap is closed), collar needs to be cleaned (some civlian forgot to change his neck-oil) rest of jacket ok, probably never washed, minor wear, Excellent color, EC


G. M/R (chest = 46, shoulder-to-shoulder = 21.5, sleeve = 36, back = 32), dated October 2, 1958, cutter’s tag still in pocket, brownish stains on collar, 4-5 small/black stains on left sleeve, Yellow-Black US Army tape, tailor’s chaulk marks still on front, worn 2-3 times?, not much wear and Never washed….as New Color, EC+


H. M/R ( chest = 47”, shoulder-to-shoulder = 22”, sleeve = 36”, back = 31.5” ), dated Feb 26, 1958, made by Cohen Fein Company, washed once(?), minor neck soiling—most of it brushed-off(so a cleaning would probably remove the residue-see picture), small black stain(grease?) on lower-right pocket flap/pocket, minor wear, excellent color, EC+


3056 M-1951 Man's Field Jacket LINER ( Frieze Wool )

Spec. No. MIL-L-11449, Pattern Dated 13 September, 1951

( frieze wool = “heavily napped wool for coats/etc.” )
see on Clothing page:

B. XS, dated 13 Sept. 1951( First Contract(?) ), GC


D. Medium, dated 13 Sept 1951 ( First Contract(?) ), EC


H. Large, dated 27 Oct 1952, EC+


P. Medium, dated December 10, 1951,

Neatly Stenciled inside on green lining: "PROPERTY OF FC, AFSWP",

worn 1-2 times, excellent color, EC+


R. Large, dated December 10, 1951,

his Last Name hand-written on the inside and outside in the neck area, New

see pics:


T. Small, dated December 21, 1951, New


3060 M-1951 Man’s Field Jacket LINER

Pattern Dated April 9, 1953

"Non-Blended Mohair Wool Frieze Material"

(see Stanton's Korean War Book, page 49)

D. Large, no date, Named, New


K. Small, dated 19 May, 1953, New


P. Medium, dated May 19, 1953, stock no. 55-L-210-20, government “salvage” stamp inside (done by the DRMO when selling the item to the public), ¾” dark stain on green side near seam, probably washed once, good color and condition, EC


3062 M-1951 Man’s Field Jacket LINER

No Pattern Date
On liners I have measured: remember, the “sleeve” and “back” measurements will be shorter than the corresponding Field Jacket.

A. Large, dated 1957, stock number 8405-261-6591, New

see pics:


B. Large, no label, GC


C. Large, Dated 1956, EC+


E. Small, Dated 1955 (Label hard to read), EC+


H. Large (data label has faded but I can see “...GE”), 2 x GI names on lining, “DRMO” stamp when it was sold by the Goverment, frieze is a gray color(typical after the military washed a frieze liner), GC


Chest = 46 – 48

Shoulder seam to seam = 21

Sleeve (to end of frieze) = 32 ½

Sleeve (to center of tab’s button hole) = 34

Back = 28

Button holes at back of neck (from center to center) = 4 3/16

4 x Buttons holes in front (from center of top hole to center of 4th hole) = 14 ¾

see pics:


K. Large (chest 48” Sleeve 31” Back 28.5”+), no data stamp, stains on frieze side(will not show if properly worn), Excellent Color, never washed, minor wear, EC see pics:


3074 USAF Field Jacket LINER - Sage Green

USAF jackets and liners have sold

White liner with Sage Green Outer Shell, MIL-L-4889 (USAF)

(For Matching Jackets see: 3078, 3079, and 3080)

A. M/R, Dated 1958, GC

B. XL/L, no date, small repair on cuffs, GC+

C. S/R, Dated 1961, GC

D. M/R, Dated 1957, stains on white pile, otherwise EC+

3078 USAF Field JACKET - Sage Green (B Model)

Known as the “FAT-COLLAR” Field Jacket, Hood stuffs into Collar,

MIL-J-4883B (USAF) (see 60xx for Matching Fatigue Shirts and Trousers)

A. L/R, Dated 1960, EC

B. XS/R, Dated 1960, (needs to be Dry Cleaned), EC

3079 USAF Field JACKET - OG-107 (B Model)

Similar to #3078 but OG (not Sage Green), MIL-J-4883B (USAF)

B. M/S, E-8 Stripes, White-onBlue Tapes, very minor paint stains,

cuff frayed, overall GC

3080 USAF Field JACKET, OG-107 (C Model)

Similar to #3079, Button-Front, Hood stuffs into Collar, MIL-J-4883C (USAF)

(some Jackets may not have a MIL-SPEC Number)

D. S/L, Dated 1966, very minor stains, EC

F. XS/S, Dated 1962, GC

(see USAF Page )

3081 USAF Olive Green Field Jacket LINER

White Liner with OG outer Shell, MIL-L-4889C (USAF)

(for matching Jackets see: 3078, 3079, and 3080)

A. M/R, Dated 1962, New

3090 OG-107 Woman's FIELD JACKET

Similar Style as a Man's M65 but the 2 Top Pockets are false.

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