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B. Used, GC+ (Quantity) 22.00 C

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B. Used, GC+ (Quantity)


C. Used, EC (Quantity)


E. Dated 1966, Packed 2 Sheaths per Box, New-in-Sealed-Government-Box


F. Dated 1965, Packed 2 Sheaths per Box, New-in-Sealed-Government-Bag

(box opened to take a picture....Bag still Sealed)


G. Dated 1965, Packed 2 Sheaths per Box, New-in-Sealed-Government-Box


H. Dated 1965, Packed 2 Sheaths per Box, New-in-Sealed-Government-Box


I. Dated 1967, Packed 2 Sheaths per Box, New-in-Sealed-Government-Box


4322 M10 SHEATH, Black (for the M-7 Bayonet)

Black Plastic Sheath (designed to Replace the M8A1 item #4320)

(see Cole's Book IV, page 102)

A. Stamped "M10", Control Number (DAAA09-87-C-0130)



4328 Experimental M-16A1 Sniper Rifle Bayonet SHEATH

Sheath made from a USN MK-2 WWII Knife sheath;

re-worked at Rock Island Arsenal, Rodman Laboratory in 1975.

(The bayonet was a USN Mk II knife with the standard M-7 Bayonet Guard and Pommel Latch - I sold the bayonet a few years ago)

A. Experimental "Sniper-Rifle" bayonet SHEATH,

throat markings read: “U.S.N. MK 2” on front & “NORD - 4723 B.M. Co. 2 VP”,

re-worked at RIA, cracked along the sides near the bottom,

has been glued along part of the crack,

has a missing piece on one-side from the cracking (see pictures on site), GC
(I have a copy of a book page showing this rig and 2 other experimental rigs that goes with this sheath)
see picture of SHEATH on


4336 M-1917 Vietnam Era 17" Bayonet and Scabbard for the Shotgun

Made for Service in VIETNAM,used with Shotgun

(COLE'S Book III, Page 34 shows this sheath as a RVN Era (1960s) MODEL Made for use in VIETNAM)

D. Guard stamped "U.S. M1917" with the white Eagle stamp by the barrel-ring,

Scabbard stamped: "U.S. M1917" "V.P. CO."

I doubt if this set was ever issued, minor storage marks, EC+
(see #4305B for a M1917 sheath w/o bayonet)
see Weapons page:


4340 M-1 (10") BAYONET for the M1 Garand Rifle

Original 10" Blades! (not cut-off) Black Plastic Grips, unless noted.

(see Cole's Book III, page 33)

see a sample picture on this page:

BX. New-in-the-Government-Wrapper, Stamped "UC"


CB. New-in-the-Government-Wrapper, Stamped "AFH"


CD. New-in-the-Government-Wrapper, Stamped "AFH"


CE. New-in-the-Government-Wrapper, Stamped "AFH"


CG. New-in-the-Government-Wrapper, Stamped "AFH"


CJ. New-in-the-Government-Wrapper, Stamped "AFH"


CK. New-in-the-Government-Wrapper, Stamped "AFH"


CL. New-in-the-Government-Wrapper, Stamped "AFH"


4342 M-3 Leather Handle Fighting Knive

similar to the M-4 Bayonet but no barrel ring, knives with sheaths will be noted
see on weapons page:

C. stamped on guard “U.S. M3 A.C.C.”, not much wear, handle tight, Veteran did a “rough polish” on it before he gave it away (see pictures), has Original, unmodified, “US M8 B.M. CO.SHEATH with leather thong, was painted Black but the front of the sheath was cleaned by the Veteran, Veteran also did a “rough polish” on the sheath throat (see pictures), overall in GC


D. early model stamped “U.S. M3 CAMILLUSon the blade, Ordnance Ball stamped on the butt, minor play in the handle, not used much, Vet did some cleaning before he got rid of it, needs surface rust cleaned from the butt and around the guard, has Original, unmodified, “US M8 B.M. CO.SHEATH Veteran’s last Name and Last-4 scratched on Handle and Sheath, Overall in GC+


4344 M-4 Leather Handle BAYONET for the Carbine

ID’d by Carbine Gurus as being manufactured during the KW Era in 1953

D. Made by Camillus in early 1950s, stamped with the “lazy X”(an “X” on it’s side) on the butt, New-in-the-“opened”-Government-Wrapper! (3 in Stock)
I believe only 8,000 were made – getting rare in New Condition
( Wrappers have been opened to check for the Maker's Name )
( RePack Wrapper is dated 1978 )
see on this link:


4346 RVN Era M-4 Plastic Handle BAYONET for the Carbine

Black Plastic Handle, Some of the Last M-4 Bayonets Made.

A. Made by CONETTA, Box is dated 1968,



B. Made by CONETTA, Box is dated 1968,

Still in OPENED Government Package.


E. Made by CONETTA, Box is dated 1969,

Still in OPENED Government Package.


4348 M6 BAYONET for the M-14 Rifle (RVN Era)

AA. Dated 1968, New-in-Sealed-Package! (Quantity)


4350 M7 BAYONET/KNIFE for the M-16 Rifle

B. Stamped: "U. S. M7 IMPERIAL", RVN Era! DAAF03-73-D-1046-0001, Dated 12/73, New-in-the-Sealed-Package! (19 in Stock)


M. Dated 1989, New-in-Sealed-Package! (12 in Stock)


P. Used, Made by "BOC" (Bauer Ordnance Corp), EC+

(comes with an M8A1 sheath)


4354 “NORIEGA” BAYONET WITH “T65” Sheath

similar to the M-16 Rifle’s M-7 Bayonet and M8-A1 Type 4 sheath

except it is longer and the barrel ring is larger.

Blade Length = 8 1/8”+

Overall Length = 13 1/8”+

Captured by a Ranger during Operation Just Cause;

the Invasion of Panama occurred in December of 1989

A. New, still with Original Grease on the Blade, UnIssued!
see pics on Weapons page:



4362 Aircrew Survival KNIFE (RVN-Era)

5" Blade (early Models were 6"), Knife and Brown Leather Sheath with Stone.

(developed by USN's BUWEP & Marble's Arms in 1957 and commonly

called the "Jet Pilot's Knife" per Mr. Cole in his Book III, pages 147-149)

C. Dated 1973 "Ontario 1- 1973", sharpened 1-2 times(?), stone present - but broken, marked with the Pilot's Name and "55", minor usage, EC
(for the Pilot's MK-2A AntiG Suit, see #5468A)


F. Dated 1967, “Camillus N.Y. 1-1967”, sharpened, 1-small nick on edge, guard loose (common), handle in 95% condition, sheath has full-data stamp on back “…. …..March 1967”, overall 75% condition, EC


H. not dated, stamped “Camillus N. Y.” on blade, with Stone, has been lightly-sharpened once(?), probably never used, leather handle and guard tight, overall in 90% condition, EC

( Carried in SEA circa 1967-68….I have never noticed one w/o a date on the butt(? ))


K. Dated 1967, “Camillus N.Y. 5-1967”, no stamp on blade, with Stone, lightly-sharpened once(?), minor wear, handle tight, guard loose as usual, sheath marked on back “KNIFE, HUNTING, SHEATHED, SURVIVAL, PILOT’S” “MIL-K-86221.” “CAMILLUS CUTLERY CO.” “DSA-400-67-C-49037T8601” “AUGUST 1967”, overall in 90% condition, EC

( not sure of the numbers on the back of the sheath – stamps on rough-out leather are hard to read ) ( carried in Asia circa 1967-68 )


L. dated 3-1967, marked “Camillus N.Y.”, at least 80% of the finish is on the blade, sheath has been in the rain several times, stone still present and in 1-piece, male-half of the stone pouch flap is missing, rough looking but still a nice authentic rig carried out of Thailand on many NVN Missions, Used
Listed on Weapons page


M. dated 5-67 (May 1967), marked “Camillus N.Y.”, been sharpened, 50% of the finish left on blade, stone broken and 1/3 missing, solid leather-washer handle, salty looking authentic rig carried by a 555th TFS Aircrewman, Used
Listed on 555th TFS section


4364 Aircrew Survival KNIFE (Post-RVN)

5" Blade (older Models were 6"), Knife and Brown Leather Sheath with Stone.

(Originally developed by the Navy's BUWEP and Marble's Arms Corporation in 1957 and commonly called the "Jet Pilot's Knife" per Mr. Cole in his Book III, pages 147-149.

B. Dated 1999 "Ontario 5-99" marked on Butt, New-in-Plastic-Package!


4380 Fighting KNIVEs

C. USN Mark III Fighting KNIFE with Sheath,

DLA700-91-D-0024, Dated 9/92. New-in-Government-Box!

(known as a: SEAL/Diver/Combat Knife per Cole, see Cole's Book IV, page 34)



4386 WWII Special Service Force/10th Mountain Division Pocket Knife

2nd Pattern knife with the Philipps Head screwdriver blade
( 1st Pattern had the Philipps Head screwdriver mounted to the bail )

B. Bail stamped “U.S.”, made by “ULSTER KNIFE CO. U.S.A.”,

Never sharpened, minor usage-if any, stored since 1945, EC

see on this link:


4390 4-Blade Stainless Steel Pocket KNIVES (RVN Era)

Stamped "U.S.", made by CAMILLUS (except as noted)

(see Doughboy to GI, page 192, Center Picture)



M. dated 1972, GC


O. dated 1974, GC


4392 4-Blade Stainless Steel Pocket KNIVES (Post RVN Era)

Stamped "U.S." and Made by Camillus, except as noted.

(see Survival Equipment Book, page 182, Lower-Left Picture)

C. Dated 1978, New


D. Dated 1979, New


F. Dated 1981, New


G. Dated 1982, New


P. Dated 1991, New


Q. Dated 1992, New


R. Dated 1993, New


S. Dated 1994, New


T. Dated 1993, Stamped "U.S.M.C." on the Handle, New ( 4 in stock)


V, dated 1992, stamped "U.S.M.C." on the Handle, New


4396 Miscellaneous Folding-Blade Knives

B. no date, plastic handle, (see usage expained on the Web Site), GC+
see pics & verbage on Weapons page:


4398 Miscellaneous Fixed-Blade Knives

Most of these knives are “Home-made”, Local-made”, and etc.
See Weapons Page for Pictures

C. circa WWII, 7 1/8” blade, reddish “insulator” type materal with brass end, GC


D. circa WWII, Gurka KUKRI with brass-tipped scabbard and 2 small knives, stamped “INDIA” with a Broadarrow, scabbard coming apart on the seam side, Kukri is in Good to Excellent condition, GC+
(another Gurka Knife #6103V can be seen on the British page of the Web Site)



F. older cast aluminum handle on a cut-down bayonet with a sheath that has been with the knife for decades, belt loop, tooling, tip of sheath starting to deteriorate,

overall length = 12”, blade is 6 5/8”, GC+


G. William Rogers, Sheffield England….see Weapons Section of Web Site



See Weapons Page for Pictures

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