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Parts are for Caps (item numbers): 3605, 3607, 3610, and 3611

A. Gold Chin Strap, EC


B. Pair (2) of Screws to secure the chin strap, EC


C. Plastic Hat Stiffener (rolled white plastic), EC


D. Clear Plastic Rain Cover, GC


E. Green Cloth Rain Cover, EC


(Picture of items 3644 – 3660 )

3644 WWII Early Pattern Khaki Cotton Garrison Cap

Pleated Crown, Rounded in Front and Rear, Spec. 8-114A Type II,

Dated February 19, 1941 (WWII GI Book, page 24 -25)

A. 7 3/8, Dated February 7, 1942, New


B. 7 3/8, Dated February. 7, 1942, New


C. 7 1/4, Dated March 27, 1942, New


D. 7 1/8, Dated March 27, 1942, Infantry Piping, needs to be pressed, New


F. 7 1/8, Dated March 27, 1942, Infantry Piping, needs to be pressed, New


(Note: Infantry Piping is a Light-Blue color)

3646 WWII Early Pattern Khaki Cotton Garrison Cap

Similar to Item #3644,

but the Fold on the Right-side is not as big, Spec. 8-114B, Dated June 2, 1942

A. 7 1/4, Dated July 29, 1942, New


3648 WWII Early Pattern Khaki Cotton Garrison Cap

Similar to Item #3644, Spec. 8-114B Type II, Dated June 2, 1942

B. 7 1/4, Dated July 28, 1942, New


C. 7 1/4, Dated July 28, 1942, New


D. 7 3/8, Dated July 30, 1942, New


3650 WWII USAAF Aviation Cadet Khaki Cotton Garrison Cap

Similar Style as Item #3644, U. S. Army Cotton Garrison Cap,

Tent. Spec. P.Q.D. No. 100-B Type II, Dated February 10, 1942,

A. 7 3/8, Dated July 11, 1942, New


3656 WWII Khaki Cotton Garrison Cap, Early Pattern

Early Pattern with Pleated Crown, Rounded in Front and Rear.

Caps With-Out Labels and/or have Insignia Affixed or etc.

A. Small, Dark Blue Piping (National Guard (?)), Darker-Cotton-Material, EC+


3658 WWII Khaki Cotton Garrison Cap, Early Pattern (Modified)

Similar to Item #3644, Has Round Front and Rear but No Pleated Crown.

A. Small, minor Verdigris residue where 21st Inantry Regiment DI removed, EC


3660 WWII Khaki Cotton Garrison Cap (2nd Pattern)

2nd Pattern Cap has the Squared-off front and rear, No Pleat in top.

Caps With-Out Labels and/or have Insignia Affixed or etc. none in stock

3680 Dress BLUE Items

A. Jacket, 44L, Dated 1967, LTC Shoulder Boards and Ribbons,

small repair on right shoulder, GC


B. Jacket, 42R, Dated 11/56, COLONEL Shoulder Boards and Ribbons, EC


C. Jacket, 36/38R, no date, LTC Shoulder Boards and Ribbons, EC


D. Jacket, 46L, NO DATE, OFFICER Shoulder Boards and Ribbons, EC


E. Trousers, 33" x 32 1/2", (with more to let-out),

small hole and a snag on back of leg, EC


F. Trousers, 30" x 28 1/2", no belt loop (needs suspenders), EC


G. Jacket, 38S, no date, SP4 Stripes, EC


H. Jacket, 42R, Dated 1957, made in Tokyo, couple of snags/small holes, GC+


I. Jacket, 39L, no date, small hole in shoulder, GC+


J. Jacket, 40R, no date, EC


K. Jacket, 38, Dated 1952, GC


L. Jacket, 40R, Dated 1959, made in Tokyo, GC


M. Jacket, 42S, no date, FC


3686 Officer’s M-1851(modified) Dress Belt Plate/Buckle

B. Silver Wreath around the Eagle, Verdigris on back, EC

(this could be a Model 1938(?) - I know very little about Dress items)


see picture on this page:

3690 Officer’s Dress Leather Belt with Buckle

C. size 40 (old paper label), Brass Buckle (similar to #3686B, except the Wreath is Brass color) on a Black Leatherette Belt with 3 rows of "half-rope" Brass Bullion running horizontally around the belt, Never-worn(?), Bullion has Verdegris, EC+
ask for picfiles


3700 ( This line inserted for "search" purposes only )

Elastique” material Private Purchases will be noted

Worn with the “Pink” Trousers.
( USAAF Jacket pictures:
( Regular Army Jacket pictures: )

3710 Officer's Dress Wool BLOUSE (Dark OD Shade 51)

Pattern Dated June 24, 1942, Wool Elastique 4-Pocket Jacket (Coat) with Belt.

(All Patches Will be Color and Cut-Edge unless noted)

(This is the Blouse worn with the "Pink" Trousers) (WWII GI Book, page 17)
See on USAF Gear Page:

AA. Felt USAAF left SSI, Small (chest = 40”), dated 1944, named,

CB Pilot’s Wing, 3 Ribbons, Captain’s Rank, US and AAF Lapel Insignia, with Tan Necktie, Belt is off-shade”, EC


AC. AGF Replacement Depots left SSI, Small (chest = 40”),

US” Lapel Insignias, no belt, EC

see U.S. Army items on


AF. 9th USAAF Pilot’s Jacket (see Web Site for details)


3711 OD-51 Officer’s 4-Pocket Jacket BUTTONS & SNAPS

C. SET removed from a WWII era 4-pkt Jacket, EC+


3 x Large and 6 x Small Gold Tone Metal Buttons with loops on the back,

1 x Large Brown Plastic & 6 x Small Brown Plastic Buttons,

8 x Black Metal Snap sets
see on Clothing page


3712 Dark OD Shade 51 BELT (for Officer's Blouse (Jacket))

Dark Olive Drab Wool Elastique Belt with Brass Buckle, Used with #3710

C. Maximum Waist Size is 36", EC


F. Maximum Waist Size is 37", EC


H. Maximum Waist size is 38”, sew-on belt removed from jacket, EC


K. Maximum Waist size is 38", EC


See some belts listed on USAF/USAAF Gear page

3713 Brass BUCKLE (for Item #3710 and #3712)

These Buckles made to accept Belts of different Widths.

A. Buckle throat will accept a belt with a maximum width of 1 11/16", EC


B. Buckle throat will accept a belt with a maximum width of 1 ¾", EC


3716 Officer's Tan Tropical Worsted BLOUSE (Jacket/Coat)

Summer Service (Khaki Gabardine) Coat (see WWII GI Book, page 20)

A. 40S, made by Meyers Brothers, has 11 Ribbons to include the SILVER STAR and PURPLE HEART. Armored Patch on Left SSI, small snags on sleeve, otherwise in GC-EC


3719 Officer’s Long-Sleeve Wool SHIRT

B. hang-label reads 16-33,

neck label reads: “Regulation ARMY OFFICER’S SHIRT Dry Clean”,

has color badges:

Left SSI is a 7th Army

Above left pocket is a Yellow on Black woven “U.S. Army” Tape

Above the Army Tape is a 6th Cavalry Pocket patch

Above right pocket is a Green on Yellow Name Tape

Never seen an old WWII shirt badged like this, probably worn in Germany as the unit served in Europe from 1944 until rotating to CONUS in 1957, no holes or mothing, outstanding condition and one of the best-looking OD wool shirts ever badged, EC+


3720 Officer's Long-Sleeve Khaki SHIRT

Cotton Shirts have Epaulets and are Private Purchases

A. Small (approximately 14 x 33), Lightweight, GC


3721 WWII USAAF Groupings

C. 3 x Items from a 9th Air Force Sergeant First Class (3-up & 2-down):
-Ike Jacket dtd 1944, Aircrew Wing, Ribbons, Badges, 1 hole and 1 stain, EC

-4-Pocket M1937 Dress Jacket, dated 1941, Badged, EC

-Wool Shirt with SFC Stripes, EC (I place no value on the shirt)

(the sizes on the items do not match, the Ike and the Shirt are close

but the 4-Pocket is smaller??)
tags on the items when I purchased them reads:

"World War II SGT Jack A. Lima 9th Army Air Force (Italy & Africa) shot down in Italy and (POW)" I make NO claim that these items belonged to a POW!!!!!!

I am pricing them at a non-POW price
see pics on USAAF/USAF Gear page


3722 Early WWII Enlisted Brown Leather Dress BELT

For the Early Enlisted 4-Pocket Dress Jacket/Coat/Blouse

(see Doughboy to GI, page 183, Lower-Right)

A. Size 36, Buckles have lost part of their Plating, NWSM (4 in stock)


B. Size 38, Buckles have lost part of their Plating, NWSM (2 in stock)


C. Size 40, Buckles have lost part of their Plating, NWSM (2 in stock)


3730 M-1939 OD Wool Enlisted Man's Service COAT (Jacket/Blouse)

4-Pocket Jacket with Half-Belt and Brass Belt Holder Hooks, No Bi-Swing

(see Doughboy to GI, page 79) None in stock

3732 2nd Pattern "ETO" Issue U. S. Army Battle Dress BLOUSE

British Battle Dress Jacket style made in America!

Label Reads: "Q. M. C. Tent. Spec. P. Q. D. No. 268 Pattern Dated 9/26/42, Stock No. 55-B-25535 9 (size) Phila. Q. M. Depot"

Copied from the British Battle Dress, first made in England and then after the 2nd Pattern was set it was produced in the U.S., replaced by the M-1944 "IKE" Jacket

A. Size 9 (modern S/R), Dated January 4, 1943, 12th USAAF left SSI,

British 8th Army Bullion thread (the Cross) on left SSI, SFC Stripes, EC+

see pics on


3764 Black Plastic Name TAGs for Dress Uniforms

Worn from the 1950s – 1970s;

Period Piece tags with the GI’s Name, Smooth Black Finish, EC

( later Name Tags have a “Pebble Finish” )
see sample pic on RVN to 1975 web page


3765 Black NECKTIE (1950s – Present Day)

A. Dated 1977, EC


B. Dated 1984, EC


C. no date, PX Purchase, EC


3774 RVN Era AG-44 Man’s Enlisted COAT (100% Wool)

Dress Issue Jacket

M – 39R, dated 1961, Velvet panel 101st Airborne Division left SSI (referred to as a “Fort Campbell patch”), wide SP4 Stripes, Infantry Travel Braid, PUC with Oak Leaf, Expert Shooting Badge with “MORTAR” & RECOILESS RIFLE” bars, 187th PIR DIs on epaulets, (NO collar brass), 1 hole on the right shoulder(probably hidden by the travel braid), minor wear, ECSee on Army page:


3778 RVN Era AG-344 Officer’s COAT (POLY/Wool)

Many Officer’s Class "A" Uniforms were Private Purchase (PP)

C. 42L, Dated 1964, Patches: 6th Army and Right SSI 11th Airborne Division, Colonel's Eagles on Epaulets, U. S. and Rocket-Artillery Branch Lapel Devices,

4 Rows of Ribbons and Older Glider Badge, EC+

(Comes with 35" Waist Trousers) (no markings in Coat or Trousers)


H. 46L, dated 1972, ME Patches: “Special Forces” arc, “Airborne” arc, & Special Forces SSI on Left Sleeve; “Airborne” Tab and Special Forces SSI on Right Sleeve. 9 x Combat Bars (4 ½ years of Combat Zone Duty) on lower right sleeve, label needs re-sewn, GC

(Had 4-5 rows of Ribbons and some Badges on left Breast

& a few awards and Jump Wings on right breast)


K. 40R, no date (private purchase from Sol Frank of San Antonio, TX), Special Forces Officer’s Jacket with Color Merrowed-edge: combat 1st Brigade 1st Cavalry Division with Airborne Tab, Ranger and Airborne arcs over the Special Forces on left SSI, cut-edge Pathfinder badge on lower-left sleeve, 2 x Combat stripes on lower right sleeve, cut-edge wide RED Border with dark blue Jump Oval sewn on, room left for at least 2 x rows of Ribbons below the Jump oval, has silver-color buttons, EC+ See on Special Forces page:


3788 RVN Era Man’s Tan Cotton/Polyester SHIRT

Army Tan Shades 446 & 46, worn by Officers and EM with the AG-44/344 & Army Tan (TW) Uniforms. Commonly known as a “Poplin Shirt"

(see Stanton’s Cold War Book, pages 67 - 88)

B. 15 1/2 x 32, dated 1972, EC


C. 15 x 33, dated 1962, New-in-the-Government-Bag


3798 Black Army Officer’s Windbreaker JACKET

With Epaulets, Non-Issue Item worn by Officer's and some Enlisted Personnel.

With Liner except as Noted. (similar to the USN Items #6789 and 6790)

A. 36S, by Blauer, comes with Rank, with Liner, EC


C. 42R, by Patriot, with Liner, EC


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