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AS. Small, shadow where a Tab was removed from right brim, minor wear, EC
See on Headgear page


AT. Small, shadow where an Arc was removed from right brim,

been stored in a box several years and needs to be “re-blocked”, EC

See on Headgear page


AV. Small, with woven “Vietnam” arc, chin strap, minor wear, EC+


AW. Small, with “THAILAND” & “KORAT” red/white/blue Arc and Tab, camo parachute crown-lining, parachute cord chin strap, minor wear, EC+


AX. Approximate size 7 ¼, printed “THAILAND” Arc, brim has snaps on both sides, the old French style with peaked top and stitching every 1/8”, store label stamped inside crown, not much wear, parachute cord chin strap, EC+


AY. Named inside sweathband, label still intact, 6 7/8, made in Japan, old French style stitching and crown, a few “Peace” signs on hatband, not much wear, EC
(Very unusual to have a Bush hat made in Japan – can’t read all the store name but it is something like “S…. Sales”, the old cheesecloth label is very rare in a Bush Hat - on the back of the label is 5.95(a lot of money in the 1960s for a hat))


AZ. Small size, Spot Camo pattern, early-to-mid-1960s bringback from Vietnam, glove snaps are stamped “*CINAONG*MED”, crown side stiffener is a green plastic mesh, I don’t think it was ever worn, as New!
See on headgear page


see some pictures on this Generic page:

3380 RVN Era Lime Leaf Camouflage Boonie HAT

All Hats are Issue unless noted

AS. 6 5/8 (XS), New (Quantity)


BS. 6 7/8 (Small), New (Quantity)


DS. 7 1/8 (Medium), New (Quantity)


ES. 7 1/8 (Medium), Dated 1968, New-in-Bag (Quantity)


FS. 7 1/8 (Medium), Dated 1969, New-in-Bag (1 in stock)


JS. Small (No Label), EC


RME. 7 1/8 (Medium), Dated 1969, New-in-Opened-Bag


TME. 7 5/8 (Large - XL), (contract # Blacked-out), Inspector's Stamp, New


AAME. Senior Parachutist’s modified Lime Boonie, approximate size 7 ½ (all labels removed), chin strap removed, brim has narrowed to 2 ¼”(see pictures), above average condition, been washed 2-3 times(?), Used
See on Headgear page


3382 Brown Dominant ERDL Ripstop Camo Boonie HAT

( Nattick Labs Experimental Hat )

3" wide brim, "Letter of Documentation" furnished per a conversation with one of the Managers of the Factory that made the Boonie in 1972. Manager states the Boonies were made for an Order from Nattick Labs and this was the first batch (it is stamped "01" inside the crown ( 01 = First Run).

A. 7 5/8, Dated 1972, DSA100-72-M-U118, PN 8415-935-6661, made by M & B Headwear CO., INC. (this company is still in business), sweatband and inside of crown material is a "Marsh" camo pattern Ripstop Material, minor soiling on Labels from storage, NWSM
( RARE Brown Dom Boonie - )


3384 Brown Dominant ERDL Camouflage Boonie HAT (Reproduction)

These Boonies are Probably Reproductions.

(MC = Lime and Brown Dominant Camo Mixed)

CS. 7 3/4, Dated 1984, (Reproduction(?)), (MC), New


3390 RVN Era Insect HEADNET

Similar to the M-1944 Mosquito Net, OG Nylon Mesh(unless noted)
see on Headgear page:

A. RVN Era dated, New


B. RVN Era dated, Used, EC


C. Other Dates, Used, GC


D. dated 1967, with Black Mesh Netting, with Instruction Card, New


E. dated 1965-66, New


H. dated 1967, with Instruction Card, New


3392 Knit Black Wool Watch CAP

Type worn during Desert Storm, 100% Wool

A. Used, EC


3394 Woodland Camouflage BOONIE HAT

Worn with the Woodland BDU Uniform

D. 7 3/8, dated 1992, RIPSTOP cotton, 2.25” inch brim, older “white” labels, New

(14 in stock)

see picture on Headgear page


3396 Desert-6 Color Camouflage BOONIE HAT

A. 7 1/2, dated 1990, New-in-Plastic-Bag! (19 in stock)

see picture on Headgear page:


B. 6 7/8, dated 1990, New


F. 7 1/4, dated 1986, New


I. 7 1/2, dated 1990, New


J. 7 1/2, dated 1990, New


K. 7 1/2, dated 1990, New


M. 7 1/4, (date covered-Up with Embroidery), Very Neat Boonie, EC+

Direct Embroidery: On the Top is "DESERT STORM" and a Palm Tree

with Crossed Scimitars; On the Back is "WOJO" & Arabic Script.

Metal Officer's Rank pinned on the Front,

Veteran's Ribbons (3 Rows) are pinned on the side of the Crown.

see picture on Headgear page:


P. 7 ¾, dated 1990, minor soiling on sweatband, EC+
Direct Embroidery: on-the-top is "SAUDI ARABIA" and a Palm Tree with Crossed Scimitars; on-the-front is "CASPER"; on-the-rear-brim is

"DESERT SHIELD", on the each side of the crown is an embroidered small Palm Tree with Crossed-Scimitars,

Early campaign boonie (before Desert Storm), EC+
see see picture on Headgear page:


R. Data label missing, approximate 7 5/8 (large), washed, EC
Direct Embroidery: on-the-top is "SAUDI ARABIA" and a Palm Tree with Crossed Scimitars, on the side of the crown are 8 x embroidered crossed-scimitars with Palm Trees, on-the-front is "ROGER" with Arabic writing above (probably his name in Arabic)
see see picture on Headgear page:


T. Data label missing, approximate 7 ¼ to 7 1/2(medium - large), EC+
Direct Embroidery: on-the-top is: "DESERT STORM 90 91" and "SAUDI ARABIA" and a Palm Tree with Crossed Scimitars,

on the front is: "U. S. ARMY RETIRED", on the back is: "MICHAEL" with Arabic writing above (probably his name).

( High-Quality embroidery compared to most Desert Storm Tour Boonies )
(sounds like he was retired and got "called-up" for the War)
see picture on Headgear page:


AA. 7, dated 1990, leather slide missing from chin-strap, EC+
"Saudi Arabia 90 91" on crown, "Operation Desert Storm" on brim,

"Linda" on back of crown
see picture on Headgear page:


AC. 7 3/8, dated 1987 (the original style “white” label, not tan), EC+
A Desert subdued patch for the “4402nd RS (P) “Dragon Lady” (sewn-on Velcro) has been sewn to the top of the crown, belonged to a First Sergeant of the Police Squadron (he also owned one of the rare issue “Khaki” M-65 Field Jackets with the Tan/Khaki issue Liners, see #3195B)
see picture on Headgear page:


AD. 7 ¼, date covered by embroidery(tan labels), Veteran’s last name and his combat patch (332nd Medical Brigade) goes to the buyer, see Web Site for embroidery, washed once, EC+


3398 Desert 3-Color Camouflage Boonie HATs

A. Size 7, Dated 1991, New-in-Plastic-Bag! (Quantity)


H.Size 7, Dated 1990, Buck Sergeant Stripes sewn-on Front, New


I. Size 6 7/8, Dated 1990, New


M. size 7 ¼, dated 1990

see picture on Headgear page:


3400 - 3499 RVN Era Clothing and Tour Jackets/etc. from All Eras

(see #57xx for Berets)

3402 Spot, Beo-Gam, Leopard Camouflage Pattern Items

These are known by several names, call them whatever turns-you-on!

H. Spot/Beo-Gam/Leopard Pattern Camo TROUSERS, label faded/frayed, waist = 29” x inseam = 29.5”, 5-pockets (4 x Bellows and left-leg cigarette), has cord-blousers(blousers hemmed after the trousers left the factory), 3-4 seams have been re-sewn, side-belt loops have frayed(see picfile), factory blemish in cloth on lower backside of leg(see picfile), Excellent color, Used....inquire
See on SF/Ranger page, “Catalogued SF Items section”



J. use next

3404 Olive Green Cotton Vietnamese Uniforms/parts

If possible, I will note if the item was an Issue or a Local Purchase

F. Late-War Issue 6-pocket trousers, no labels, 31 x 29.5 (waist was let out to 31”) (leg hems were let-out, need to be re-hemmed to 29.5”), YKK black plastic zipper, minor wear, EC+
see on Vietnam page:


H. OG Cotton 4-pocket fatigue trousers, 37” x 28 ¾” (you could get another 1” on the legs), no markings, washed 2-3 times(Excellent color), YKK metal zipper, exceptionally well-made (double seamed inside the legs like the old U.S. Khaki trousers), EC+
See on Vietnam page:



K. OG Cotton Cap, size 3, dated 1974, ARVN Factory Stamped Label, rusty grommets, EC


L. OG Cotton Cap, size 2, dated 197., ARVN Factory Stamped Label, minor-rust on grommets, EC


M. OG Cotton Cap, size 4, dated 1973, ARVN Factory Stamped Label, rusty grommets, EC


N. OG lightweight Cotton Cap, size 3, dated 1969, ARVN Factory Stamped Label, no grommets, “HIEP QUE” (name?) written under bill, red stamp under bill-cannot read, EC


P. OG Cotton Cap, size 2, date ?, ARVN Factory Stamped Label, rusty grommets, GC+


Q. OG Cotton Cap, size ?, date ?, ARVN Factory Stamped Label, minor rust on grommets, GC+


R. OG Cotton Cap, size 3, date ?, ARVN Factory Stamped Label, rusty grommets, 2 x holes on rear of crown, GC


See on Vietnam page:

3406 Lime Leaf Camouflage ITEMs (ARVN Airborne)

Cotton Poplin and Ripstop items Issued to RVN Forces and U. S. Advisors.

Material is similar to the U. S. Lime Camo Jungle Fatigues. Pattern was also worn by ARVN Ranger Advisors (see Lyles' Book, pages 76-77).

F. 37" x 28.5" , 4-Pocket Poplin Trousers, Excellent Color, EC


cannot find

K. Shirt and Trousers Lime Poplin SET,

Shirt: Chest 36”, Sleeve 29”, data stamp faded (been washed 3-4 times(?)),

marked “U-LEN” twice in the neck area, Good+ Color

Trousers: 30” x 25.5”, dated 01/68, minor “tailoring” in the crotch area,

legs “pegged” down to 7 ½”(typical for a Vietnamese soldier),

Excellent Color (washed once), EC+

see pictures on this link:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

U-Len’s two SETS of OG POPLIN Jungle Fatigues(tailored) are available at a nominal price if you buy the 3406K SET. 1 shirt is named to him.


L. RIPSTOP, size marked “3”, hard to read date, (chest = 38+, shoulder seam to seam = 19, sleeve = 32+, back = 26), washed 3-5 times, minor wear, has Issue subdued SGT (E5) stripes, all other badges neatly removed (left SSI was probably a 1st CAV, both tapes, looks like he had a CIB and Parachutist’s badge), EC+
See on Clothing page


3410 ARVN Ranger Camo, Heavyweight (Dusty/Faded colors)

This is the dull looking colors see #3412 for the Lime Green style

K. Label faded-approximate size is M/R (chest = 42, sleeve = 32.75, back = 28.75), 4-pocket late-war shirt, hole in neck-seam(see picture), very minor paint stains(see picrtures), not much wear, excellent color, 1 front button missing, EC
(Comes with a pair of Ranger Heavyweight Camo Trousers – no value assigned to the trousers = DON’T ask about the condition or size or etc.!!!!)
See pictures on Clothing page:


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