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B. Small, tag faded, flannel on inside of earflap torn, cigarette burn on top, FC+


C. Small, tag faded, flannel lined earflap, EC


D. Medium, tag faded, wool lined earflap, EC


E. Small, tag faded, wool lining on earflap has large moth holes, GC+


F. Small, tag faded, wool lining on earflap, EC


G. Small, tag faded, wool lining on earflap, last-4 on earflap, GC


M. Large (size label faded) Instruction label readable, Last-4, minor stains,

washed 3-5 times, EC


3336 M-1944 OD Cotton Field CAP with Visor (with Earflaps)

similar to #3330, Pattern Dated 4/20/44, PDQ No. 381-B
see on Headgear page

A. 7 ½, dated May 5, 1945, stock # 73-C-16030, Tape Residue on Bill, New


B. 7 ¼, dated February 7, 1945, stock # 73-C-16025, New


D. 7, dated October 30, 1944, stock # 73-C-16020, NWSM


G. 7 ¼ (Medium), dated August 12, 1944, made of light-shade OD (almost like the Mountain Troops clothing), GI's Name and SN stamped under the Bill, EC+
see on Head Gear page:


K. 7 ¼ (it is a tight 7 ¼), dated October 1944, Stock No. 73-C-16026, P.O. No. 5294, label is hard to read, Last-4 stamped inside (matches the “JFK” stenciled on top of the bill), something stenciled on underside of bill, 3/8” hole in the wool lining of the earflap(see picture), lots of “oil” type stains (I believe he worked on vehicles from the look of the stains) = needs to be cleaned, a real “SALTY” looking cap, Used


3340 Olive Green Cotton Field CAP (with Earflaps)

similar to Item #3330, But does not have side Vent Holes.
(Listed in GI Collector's Guide as "late-war manufacture", page 62)

A. Small, labels faded, GC


B. Small, labels faded, GC


C. Medium, labels faded, stained, GC


D. Small, labels faded, GC


E. Small, labels faded, stained, FC


3350 M-1951 OG Cotton Field CAP (with Earflaps)

Pattern Dated 11 August, 1950
Usually referred to as the “Ranger/Patrol” Cap
See pictures on Headgear Page

A. 7, Dated 1951, stains, EC


B. 7 Dated 1956, GC


C. 7, Dated 1957, stamped label fully readable, re-issued twice (2 sets of name/SN), GC


D. 7, No Date, New


F. 7, Dated 1952, EC


J. 7, Dated 1950, GC+


L. 7, Dated 1951 (Needs to be cleaned), GC+


M. 7 1/4, Date Faded, EC


Q. 7, Dated 1951 (Needs to be cleaned), EC


R. 7 ¼ (Medium), dated 1957, QM-(CTM)-9461 25 JAN. 1957, SPEC. MIL-C-19118, Stock NO. 6405-268-8012, damage to wool lining on earflap(see picture), clean cap, Used


S. 7 ¼ (Medium), dated 29 MAY 1953, SPEC. MIL-C-1911A, TAP-2027-OI-..085-C-53, MADE BY SHERR BROS. MFG. CO. INC., small white hang-label with Wool and Cotton content, Earflap stamped with his Name and SN, inside and out, minor wear, Excellent Color, stored in his duffle bag for many years (wrinkled), very-minor white stains (possibly will clean?), Used
(note: 1 pair of his smooth toe boots were brown and had been overdyed black)


See pictures on Headgear Page

3354 M-1951 OG Cotton Field CAP (with Earflaps)

Label reads: "UTILITY" But it is a Field Type ("Ranger/Patrol") Cap with Earflaps. BDU Caps are styled after the old "Ranger/Patrol" (Field) Cap.

(none in stock)

3360 Light Field CAP (1950s Era)

Specification MIL-C-4333A

(some of the "Threes" (in the MIL Spec Number ) could be "Fives").

OG Cotton with Sage Green grommets, cap not listed in any reference book, Identified by a Veteran(?).

A. Size 7, New with Black stains


3363 M51 style OG Cotton Field CAP (with Earflaps) Local Made

Made in Asia of the OG Cotton material similar to the texture that most of the Rank/Badges made in SEA were embroidered on in the 1960s.

D. crudely made, estimated size 7 ¼, 2-layer crown, soft-bill,

liner material looks like it is from an OG M-1 Helmet Cover with camouflage slits, Local made "SCOUTS" in Gold thread on a Black arc, SSG embroidered on OG with Black thread sewn to the front below the Scouts Tab, Rank, Last Name,

and Last-4 written inside the crown, EC+ see on Army Gear page


3366 NYCO Woodland Camouflage BDU CAPS with Earflaps (Issue)

Issued to Army and Air Force personnel
Great for the Desert Shield and Storm collector/re-enactor

A. 6 3/8, Dated 1989


B. 6 1/2, Dated 1982


C. 6 5/8, Dated 1983


D. 6 3/4, Dated 1987


E. 6 7/8, Dated 1983


F. 7, Dated 1989


G. 7 1/8, Dated 1989


P. A few Caps in sizes from 6 5/8 (NO 7 ½) and Up are available, these caps have the Contract and/or the date “Blacked-out” on the label, (these were over-runs from contracts in the late 1980s), New
Ask for sizes available!
see on Headgear page


3368 Desert-3 Color Camouflage BDU CAPs (NYCO)

Same Style as #3366 (none in stock)

3370 RVN Era CAPs (made in Asia)

Catch-All Section for "Local Made" caps/hats

D. Small size, ARVN Ranger Camo (same Pattern/Shades as #3410),

Marine-Style Cap, Data Stamp inside-crown is unreadable, snags and some rust from the grommets (picfiles available), minor wear, Excellent Color, GC - GC+

see on Headgear page:


F. Medium, Heavyweight OG Cotton, USMC Style, tiny snags, NWSM

(I wore one similar to this one when I worked in IV Corps)


(may be missing)

3372 RVN Era Boonie HAT (made in Asia)

Soft Brim, Roll-Up Hat, Country of Manufacture will be noted if known.

L. short-brim Boonie, size “57” (approximate size 7 ¼), vent screens, camo-loops, long chin strap, higher-quality construction, I don’t see any signs of wear, Unused

See on Headgear page


See #41xx for Tiger Stripe Boonies

3374 RVN Era OG POPLIN Boonie HAT

Cotton Poplin (Not RipStop) (see Lyles' Book, pages: 58 - 59 and 70 - 73)

M. 6 ½, Dated 1968, EC


R. 6 7/8, dated 1968, Direct Embroidery: "MY BROTHER WAS THERE"

(see Web-Site pics for other embroidery), Aircrewman Wings sewn-on front, Never Worn, AS-NEW!

(came from same Veteran as #3375AF)
see hat on Head Gear Page:


V. 6 ¾, dated 1968, New


AA. Medium (aproximate size 7 ¼), data label missing, laundry instruction label remains, chin strap cut-off, normal wear, GC+ see hat on Head Gear Page:


AC. 7 ¼, dated 1968, minor wear, never washed, 2 small dark stains on crown, C+

Rare size and condition see hat on Head Gear Page:


AD. 7 1/8, dated 1968, chin strap cut-off, dark sweat/dirt stains from normal wear, never washed, Excellent Color, EC
see hat on Head Gear Page:



AE. 7, part of data label has been ripped-off(see picture), 1 grommet has not been installed correctly (see picture), NWSM
See on Headgear page


AF. Not used

3375 RVN Era OG RIPSTOP Cotton Boonie HAT

C. 6 5/8, dated 1969, with Mosquito Net, New


D. 6 5/8, dated 1969, with Mosquito Net, New


L. 7 1/4, dated 1969, New


N. 7 1/4, dated 1969, GC


R. 7 3/8, dated 1972, New Condition in-Opened-GI-Plastic-Bag, Without brown leather stain (Very-Rare-Size)


S. 7 3/8, 1972, New Condition in-Opened-GI-Plastic-Bag, With brown leather stain (Quantity)


See pics on Head Gear page
3375R and S came from the same Government Lot
( I have to open the bags to inspect for the chin strap leather slide stain )


V. 7 1/8, Dated 1968, Named on Brim, small stains,

2 tiny holes on side of Crown, GC+


AA. 7 ¼, dated 1968, washed twice(?), EC see on Headgear page


AF. 6 7/8, dated 1968, direct embroidery: "Cambodia 70", "VIETNAM 69, 70, 71" "MY SON WAS THERE", Aircrewman Wings sewn-on front,

( Very-Rare = "MY SON WAS THERE" )
(came from same Veteran as #3375AF)
see on Head Gear Page


AK. 7 3/8, dated 1972, bluish stain on crown-seam in rear, chin strap and leather slide present, EC
See on Headgear page:


AL. 7, dated 1972, EC


3376 Post-RVN Era OG Poplin Boonie HAT

Poplin (Not Ripstop) Cotton, looks like the RVN Era Hat

(none in stock)

3378 RVN Era Bush HAT (Local Made)

Bush Hats usually have Stiff Brims (and are usually wider than a Boonie’s Brim); a Snap or Hook was normally used to attach the Side-Brim to the Side of the Crown (Australian Style). Some will have chin-straps like a Boonie.
NOTE: Some Bush Hats in the older French style have floppy brims.
(Boonie Hats have Soft Fold-up Brims)
(see Lyles' Book, pages: 4/5 and 8/9)

A. USAF, OG, Hand Embroidered T/SGT Stripe sewn-on front,

(he was stationed at Bien Hoa VNAFB, Vietnam), EC


M. USAF, Small, OG with Brown Plastic sweatband, well-constructed,

Hand Embroidered: Officer’s Rank sewn-on and “Viet-Nam” Arc,

Red Band around base of crown, EC
see picture on USAF Gear page


AC. Medium, Older French style with a soft 3.5” brim, older style camo,

chin strap, right-side arc is a printed 4 3/8” “Viet-Nam”, left-side patch was removed (minor shadow, small nicks where removed), rust on the chin-strap

slide-adjusters, Tall Crown, excellent quality of workmanship, EC

See on Headgear page


AF. Size 56, Olive Green Hat with Blue Band (similar to the Red Banded 3378M listed above) made by Luong Than (64 Hai Ba Trung Saigon) in the 1963-64 era, the usual Pink lining that this shop did, High-Quality Workmanship,

One Grommet-Air-Vent missing, hand-embroidered Captain’s Bars sewn-on,

a 310th Troop Carrier Squadron (Assault) (later Air Commando Squadron)

bring-back, not much wear and still in good color, EC

(see picture )


AH. Size 56, OG Hat with a hand-embroidered 34th Tactical Group Patch on the right side, still has the plastic slide on the chin strap, minor wear and minor sun fade on the top, the 3.5" "Vigilantes" Patch is in 100% condition, EC+
See Hat on USAF Gear Page


AL. 310th Air Commando Squadron, Commanding Officer's Bush Hat,

with several: Beercan DIs and Patches, circa 1964-65, EC+ ($1,200.00)

Best Bush hat I have ever seen or heard of…
see Web Site for details and pics:

AP. Small, French style Camo with high-crown and floppy brim, 2nd Lieutenant’s Bar pinned to the right-side of the brim (been on the hat a very long time), the “Loop-half” (was attached to the crown) of the metal “hook and Loop” is missing, Very-Minor wear, EC+

See on Headgear page


AR. Small, extremely well constructed Bush Hat,

very-minor shadow on right brim where an Arc was removed, EC+

See on Headgear page


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