Process: Find Employment in the Same Occupation but Different Industry

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Process: Find Employment in the Same Occupation but Different Industry

WorkSource staff should use labor market information to help job seekers with finding employment. The Employment and economic information website from LMEA can be used to find employers in different industries that have the same occupation. This should be done when a job seeker has recent experience in a particular occupation and would like to continue working in the same occupation and is willing to work in a different industry.

Process Steps:

  1. Open the employment and economic information website section devoted to looking for employers by occupation.

  2. Select by geographic location.

  3. Search for the occupation title.

  4. Find a list of industries that contains the occupation title.

  5. Narrow your search to specific employers within the industry.

Detailed Steps for this Process:

  1. Open your web browser and type the following URL address:

  2. The employment & economic information website displays. There are two drop down menus.

  3. Select I am: a job seeker (Fig. 1).

  4. Press the Looking for… drop down menu.

3. Select a Job Seeker

4. Looking for...

worksource explorer main page

Choose employer contact information (Fig. 2).

looking for maginified

(Fig. 2)

5. Employer Contact Information

  1. The Find Employers page displays (Fig. 3).

  2. In the Employer by Occupation box select GO.

find employers

(Fig. 3)

7. Select

  1. The Employers by Occupation screen appears (Fig. 4).

  2. Select an Area to search.

  3. Select Search.

  1. Select

(Fig. 4)

10. Select

The Employers by Occupation search screen displays (Fig. 5).

  1. Select the By Occupation tab.

  2. Enter an occupation.

  3. Select Find it, the Occupation is highlighted.

  4. Select Continue.

(Fig. 5)

    1. Select

13. Enter an occupation

15. Select

14. Select

  1. The Employers by Occupation screen displays, listing the top 15 matching Industries (Fig. 6). This screen shows the number of employers and number of employees for each industry in the selected area.

  2. Select the industry title (link) to find employers for a different industry.

(Fig. 6)

    1. Select

  1. The list of employers for the industry, in the selected geographical area, displays (Fig.7).

  2. You may narrow down your choices further by selecting View Filter Selections.

(Fig. 7)

19. Select

Narrow down the search by selecting one or more filter choices such as: By Firm Size, By City, and By Industry (Fig. 8).

  1. Select Filter the List.

  1. Scroll down to view the list of employers.

filter selction

20. Select one or more

(Fig. 8) 0

    1. Select

  1. At the Employer Search Result screen select an Employer Name to display the Employer Details (Fig. 9).

employer search results by occupation

(Fig. 9) 0

22. Select

The Employer Details screen displays. This screen provides the following information (Fig.10):

Business Description, Employer Address, Contact Name, Telephone Number, Website, Number of employees, Industry description.

  1. To exit the Employer Details screen - select the Back button to return to the list of employers.

costco employer details.gif

(Fig. 10) 0

23. Select

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