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This pro forma is intended as a guide to apply for a Vocational Training Number on the grounds of equivalence. It is not exhaustive and you should include whatever documentation you think is necessary to demonstrate equivalence.

If you are using an electronic version of this form, please provide your evidence in the space provided. The boxes will expand as you type.

If you have a paper copy, please use the headings provided and additional sheets as required.

Completing the pro forma does not guarantee that a vocational training number will be issued.

1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

This should be as detailed as possible and include dates of employment in chronological order with the most recent post first and should emphasise the most recent areas of experience in primary dental care. Please indicate if posts are full or part time and explain any overlaps.


2. Postgraduate / Continuing Professional Education

Detail all postgraduate education, including the date you attended, content and duration and whether there was any hands-on practice. Certificates of attendance are required to corroborate your application.

You will need to demonstrate a significant continuing commitment to postgraduate education to demonstrate equivalence covering the full range of NHS, GDS or PDS practice.

The types of courses that need to be covered include: IRMER/radiology, health and safety/CPR, practice management, NHS regulations, update courses on the full range of general dental practice e.g. Restorative, periodontology, paedadontics, special needs, sedation etc.


3. Primary Dental Care

Highlight periods of primary dental care. Include details of the range and scope of duties undertaken including clinical elements and managerial elements. Details of the range and scope of general dental practice undertaken should include clinical elements, managerial elements, and continuing care. The Dental Postgraduate Section will need to know if the applicant has carried out the full range of general dental practice or if they have specialized in one area and if the applicant has been involved in the management and training of staff.


4. NHS General Dental Practice

Provide information on all periods of NHS, GDS or PDS practice. Applicants who have been working as an Assistant should include this information as Principals could provide a reference and comment on the applicant’s knowledge of NHS Regulations and guidelines. This role would also possibly provide the necessary experience. Applicants from areas other than general dental practice will need to submit a description of their posts illustrating how this experience is equivalent to vocational training, highlighting their experience in primary care. Please supply reasons why you have been absent from general dental practice and how you have kept in touch with general dental practice and how their skills have been kept up to date.


5. Practice Management

Time spent in a NHS, GDS or PDS practice together with continuing education courses and detailed references can demonstrate your ability to manage and run a practice.


6. NHS regulations and guidelines

Time spent as an assistant or locum together with references can demonstrate your up to date knowledge of the NHS Regulations and Guidelines.


7. Referrals

It is not necessary to provide copies of referral letters but you may wish to provide one or two as an example of you experience. Remember that referral letters should be made anonymous before they are sent with your application.


8. Further qualifications

Provide details of further qualifications including if you have joined a Study Group leading to a Diploma or membership.


9. Peer Review/Self Review/Clinical Audit

Provide details demonstrating your continuing commitment to peer and self review. This can either be part of a formal scheme or regular structured practice meetings, meetings with dentists in other practices, clinical attachments etc. A planned approach to continuing education is very much part of self review. Details of meetings, subjects discussed etc are essential. Describe an audit project that you have carried out.


10. Voluntary Vocational Training Scheme

Provide comprehensive details of completion of a course of vocational training under a voluntary scheme. Original certificate of completion of this voluntary scheme is required.


11. References

References should be up to date normally within the last two years and address the equivalence criteria. It is helpful to show your referees the aims and objectives of VT and to explain what you are required to demonstrate. The Dental Postgraduate Section is unable to approach referees as the onus is on the applicant to demonstrate equivalence.

If you wish to you can provide your referees with the guided reference form.


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