Press release gc expands its preventive portfolio with mi varnish New fluoride varnish for surface sealing with patented Recaldent™ technology gc is expanding

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Press release
GC expands its preventive portfolio with MI Varnish
New fluoride varnish for surface sealing with patented Recaldent™ technology
GC is expanding its product portfolio for minimally invasive procedures with MI Varnish fluoride sealant based on the patented Recaldent™ (CPP-ACP). Its bioavailable calcium, phosphate and fluoride ensure an optimised seal following professional tooth cleanings. It is the only varnish on the market that utilizes the remineralising action of the milk protein CPP-ACP.
CPP-ACP (casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate), better known under its trade name of Recaldent™, is a milk-derived protein that uses bioavailable calcium and phosphate ions to exert remineralising effects on the demineralized tooth surface. MI Varnish relies on the unique combination of 5% sodium fluoride and 2% Recaldent, offering high-risk caries patients effective protection and relief of discomfort associated with hypersensitive teeth. The effectiveness of this new sealing varnish has demonstrably been improved by the bioavailable calcium source from CCP-ACP. MI Varnish not only seals and protects the tooth surface, but also increases the fluoride uptake of the hard tissues of the tooth – and this with a simple brush stroke.
Quick, simple, convenient

Being easy to apply in just a few minutes, MI Varnish does not require any further preparation or prophylactic treatment. This increases patient satisfaction, especially with children. Due to the special texture and consistency of the material, it adheres firmly to applicator brushes and flows easily, even in hard-to-reach interproximal spaces, while covering all tooth surfaces evenly and effectively. The near-neutral pH of 6.6 improves acid resistance and helps prevent demineralisation. MI Varnish is as effective as it is visually hardly noticeable: its neutral colour leads to a nearly invisible coating and meets the aesthetic expectations of practitioner and patient alike.

MI Varnish is convenient to apply. It does not clot when exposed to saliva and has a creamy texture and optimum layer thickness, even when applying multiple layers. The varnish is available in pleasant mint and strawberry flavours. MI Varnish has been available since January 2015 and comes in single-dose containers that provide enough material for each application in one patient’s entire oral cavity.
A perfect example of the MI approach

However, the new MI Varnish does not stand alone. It is a recent addition to the proven Minimal Intervention concept, initiated by GC. This concept is based on producing a natural, organic mineral balance in the hard tissues of the tooth. It encompasses a broad range of products, from diagnosis and prevention to restoration. MI Varnish complements the group of remineralising dental protective cremes Tooth Mousse and MI Paste Plus, which also contain Recaldent™. These products offer effective prevention measure in patients with an increased caries risk – especially patients undergoing orthodontic treatments as well as paediatric or geriatric patients. Saliva-Check Buffer, Saliva-Check Mutans and GC Tri Plaque ID Gel are available for diagnostic purposes. If a restoration should nonetheless be required, it is recommended to use the glass-ionomer-based EQUIA and the highly aesthetic G-ænial family of composites – powerful restorative materials for minimally invasive treatment.

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