Plurilingualism and Language Autobiographies Colloquium

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Plurilingualism and Language Autobiographies Colloquium

Centre for Language, Discourse and Communication, King’s College London

31st October 2013 –

Les Salons, Institut français, 17 Queensberry Place, London SW7 2DT
Stories of multilingual lives in London
11.00 Arrival: tea / coffee

(in the café [‘Le Bistrot’] situated on the ground floor of the Institut français)
11.30 Simon Coffey

Introduction: Plurilingualism and language autobiographies

Language autobiographies – Five London stories
13.00 LUNCH (not provided I’m afraid but there are many excellent cafés and restaurants around South Kensington)
13.45 Simon Coffey

Crossing borders-carrying borders
14.15 Martin Dewey

Negotiating identities in talk
14.45 Invited speaker: David Block

Plurilingualism and language autobiographies: Issues arising
15.45 Conclude and follow up
16.00 Close

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