Please find enclosed information regarding costume requirements for our production of ‘Olivia’

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May 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian

Please find enclosed information regarding costume requirements for our production of ‘Olivia’.
Below is a list of costume suggestions for our school production.  Many of the costumes for this show draw on that used for other popular shows of the period, such as Oliver, My Fair Lady and Scrooge.  We would be grateful if you could have a look through your wardrobes and see if you have anything appropriate for your child’s character to wear or for another character.  Please do not worry if you haven’t, as we may be able to source costumes from other people/places.  We need to know ASAP if you are unable to supply a costume for your child.

Olivia – Long, ragged skirt. Lacy top and shawl. (All dirty and unkempt.)

Mrs. Murdstone – Ankle length pinafore front dress, blouse with lace sleeve cuffs, mop cap.

Eliza Doolittle – Ankle length skirt, apron, bloomers, blouse, velvety jacket, matching hat.

Annie, Queenie, Doris & Flo – As above.

Mrs. Dilber  – Ankle length skirt, blouse, jacket.

Mrs. Hudson  – Ankle length pinafore front dress, bloomers, blouse with lace cuffs, mop cap.

Emily & Charlotte  – As Olivia.

Placard Girl  – As Olivia.

Chorus of Orphans  – As Olivia for girls.

Fagin’s gang - shorts, boots, ragged shirts, possibly flat cap.

Orphans 1-4            – As Olivia.

Poor school girls – As Olivia but not ragged, dirty or unkempt.

Girls 1-4 – As Olivia but not ragged, dirty or unkempt.

Londoners & Opera-goers  – Period style costume, including parasols for the ladies.

Gentleman – As Londoners (no parasol!).

Dicken  – Well worn trousers and boots. Shirt with rolled up sleeves, flat cap.

Ebenezer Scrooge  – Black Trousers, spats, black shoes, black waistcoat and jacket, top hat and overcoat with cape. Walking cane.

George Bernard Shaw  – 3 piece suit (could be tweed), shirt with collar and tie, top hat and, of course, full beard.

FaginBattered hat, tatty, non-matching 3 piece suit and large overcoat. Shirt with cravat.

The Artful Dodger              – Crumpled top hat, large overcoat, dirty shirt and cravat.

Lamplighter            – Anything pertaining to the period. Some wore bowler hats and brown tweed suits but anything of the era would be fine.

Sherlock Holmes  – Classic costume with Deer-stalker hat.

Doctor Watson  – Classic costume with bowler hat.

We will endeavour to take great care of anything you are able to donate/lend.

If you have any questions please come and speak to us.

Please could all costumes be brought into school, labelled, on a hanger and no later than Monday 5th June 2017. Your help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

We look forward to welcoming you to school later next month, so that you can enjoy the wonderful performance that all the children are currently working so hard upon.
Please could the appropriate costume be handed to Miss Wright in the Art Room.
Mrs Bull & Mrs Winton-Mills

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