Pinellas county fire chief’s association january 5, 2006 Regular Meeting Minutes

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January 5, 2006 Regular Meeting Minutes
The meeting was called to order by President Angle at 12:45 PM. Ken Cramer provided the invocation and roll call was taken with 23 in attendance. Life member Guy Daines attended the meeting and wished all of the members a happy New Year. Chief Graves made a motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting as amended. Second by Chief Meyer, motion passed by voice vote.
Treasurer’s Report as of January 5, 2006:
PCFCA Checking $11,523.84

SCFSK Checking $1,075.37

SCFSK CD $5,544.29

Total $18,143.50

Chief Naylor made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Second by Chief Meyer, motion passed by voice vote.

Commissioner Seel letter regarding the Pinellas Assembly areas of agreement.

FFCA response to President Angle’s letter regarding the job posting charges.

Invitation to attend Commissioner John Morroni’s Annual Appreciation Dinner for Law Enforcement, Firefighters and EMS Personnel.

New Business

Chief Naylor made a motion to support County Commissioner John Morroni’s Twelfth Annual Appreciation Dinner January 27, at the Belleview Biltmore with a $500 sponsorship donation. Second by Chief Fant, motion passed by voice vote.

Unfinished Business

On Monday January 9, at 3:30 PM the Charter Review Commission (CRC) will meet at the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council facility. Another meeting is scheduled for January 30.

Committee Reports
Operations Chiefs

Mike Wallace reported that the group was still interested in beginning an Association web page as discussed in the November 2005 minutes. Chief Angle reported he had done some research and felt the web site could be accomplished for some nominal start up costs and an annual charge of $180. It would be a good communication tool for the training and operations folks. Chief O’Neill made a motion to expend the $180 in annual costs to put the web site in service and to expend other reasonable funds for start up costs. Second by Chief Naylor, motion passed by voice vote.

Mike also reported on the group seeking enhancements to the fire reporting software package. He will schedule a meeting with Jackie Weinreich in the near future.
Education Committee

President Angle reported on the upcoming Assessment Center preparation course. The course will be held March17, 08:30 to 16:30 at the Largo Emergency Operations Center.


No report.

Fire Marshals

No report.


No report.

Training Officers

Greg Lanning reported the group is working with St. Pete College to finalize a procedures manual for the live fire training facility. They are also working on defining a future county-wide training drill. The group has been working with the State on the newly released live fire training rules.

Chief Lanning reported on the costs associated with the 2005 county-wide drill and that the training group had submitted receipts for consumables for items such as smoke machine liquid. The Association at a regular meeting in 2005 had approved reimbursing expenses for Rehab supplies during the drills, Palm Harbor had submitted Rehab receipts for the countywide drill. The Association will reimburse those rehab expenses to Palm Harbor. The additional expenses will be prorated per attending department by the number of students. The Association will invoice the attending departments with the annual dues invoice and purchase the replacement consumables for the departments impacted.

Chief Lanning revisited the idea of the Association purchasing a DVD multi-disc copier for the purposes of improving distribution of training materials.

President Angle brought up the status of the CPAT pre-employment testing research requested from the training officers to see if the testing can be moved from SPC and the potential impacts of Clearwater’s recent grant award. Chief Lanning said he will bring that to the group to see what has been done and what can be done.
EMS First Responder Contract

This new committee will have its first meeting on January 13, at 1:00 PM at the Sunstar facility. President Angle has added this committee to the monthly agenda for reports at regular meetings.

American Assembly

Three sub-committees have been formed:

  1. Marine Rescue Capabilities

  2. Specialized Teams

  3. EMS Transport

President Angle has asked each sub-committee chair to report at each regular meeting.

Affiliate Member Reports
Fire & EMS

No report.

Emergency Management

Sally Bishop reported on Dunedin’s new pet shelter initiative. She encouraged other cities to look at this and implement something where possible. She also reported on the Lealman grant request for CERT programs. The Emergency Management division is now at full staffing with a new position added to work on countywide sheltering issues.

Medical Director

Dr. Romig reported that the 2006 MOMS manuals have been distributed to each agency. She is requesting that the signed personnel receipts be forwarded to her office prior to the end of January. Discussed the upcoming Epiphany celebration in Tarpon Springs and complimented all the agencies involved in the planning and coordination for emergency services during the event.


Pam Montonari distributed a CD of each fire agency’s radio inventory with rebanding/replacement information. Pam needs each agency to provide her a point of contact and an alternate for the rebanding project. Please

e-mail her the contact names, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. All system radios will be impacted by the rebanding; this may be an opportunity to replace older radios with Nextel rebanding dollars and Motorola incentives. If you have any questions please give Pam a call.

Pam reported that the high performance data system is being upgraded and will be tested in Largo, Tarpon Springs and EMS & Fire Administration in the near future.

Pam is following up with Moto-bridge capabilities within Hillsborough County Fire Rescue.

Dick Williams provided an update on the status of the centralized communications facility initiative. Design dollars have been approved from transportation funds by the MPO. Dick is working hard to get the project under construction in 2008. The county is lobbying our federal elected officials to add the Tampa Bay region to the federal funding list for improved regional communications. Dick will provide President Angle with some sample language for a letter of support from the Association.

St. Petersburg College EMS

No report. The CME Coordinator position is still open.

St. Petersburg College Fire

Roger Melchoir reported that Class 13 had completed State testing and Class 14 was set to begin on January 9. Roger provided an overview of the State FOSHA standards for live fire training and its effect on company officers. He informed the members that the live fire building contractor was scheduled to arrive January 8, and was staying until the system was repaired and operational.

Roger reported on the possibility of SPC obtaining the adjacent property to the fire training facility. Discussion followed regarding the potential uses of that property which included uses other than fire service training. The training committee members urged the Association to contact the college or the county about acquiring the property and keeping it for use as expansion of the fire training center.
Red Cross

No report.


Reported on 2005 Sunstar response and transport statistics. Sunstar is working with OMD, hospitals and county EMS Administration on hospital closure status and status delays.

Good of the Organization

No reports.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:55 PM.

Next Meeting is February 2, 2006

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