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Scenario 1

This morning you wake up late because you forgot to set the alarm the night before. While getting dressed, you realize you don’t have any clean uniforms, and when you go to get in your car, your tires are flat. The way things are going, you will be at least 30 minutes late for work. As you are waiting for the cab to pick you up, you call the office to advise them of your situation, and make them aware of your tardiness. This is the third time this month you have been late to work. When you arrive, your supervisor pulls you aside and speaks sternly to you about your problem with tardiness. What is your response?

Scenario 2

Late last night, as you were working in the Intensive Care Unit, you noticed the chief nurse had taken more from the medicine closet than was needed for a patient. You are not sure what the nurse intended to do with the additional drugs, however you are aware of the hospital’s code of ethics and feel her behavior is in direct violation of that code. You are friends with this nurse and occasionally go to dinner or a movie together. As an ethical healthcare worker, what do you do?

Scenario 3

It is Friday night and your shift in the Emergency Room is supposed to end at 7:00 p.m. You are very excited because your roommate has two front row seats at the hottest concert to hit town. As you are getting your belongings from your locker, a colleague enters the lounge to tell you that the survivors of a building cave-in are being rushed to your hospital, and all employees are needed to stay and help the 25+ patients that are expected to arrive in minutes. You know the colleague who has informed you has no authority over you, and you could slip out the back door without being seen and make the concert. As a part of a successful healthcare team, what do you do?

Communicate Effectively In A Clinical Setting

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