Periodontal literature review session N

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Session No. 8

Osseous Surgery: Anatomy; Wound Healing

Dr. Palcanis and Dr. Green

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Session No. 9

Apically Positioned Flaps and Osseous Resective Surgery

& Post-Op Management

Dr. Reddy and Dr. Parker

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Session No. 10

Furcation Management/Root Resection

Dr. Wang and Dr. Vassilopoulos

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Session No. 11

Mucogingival - Frenectomy, Vestibuloplasty -

Dr. Palcanis and Dr. Barnes

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Session No. 12

Root Coverage - Pedicles, C T Grafts

Dr. Wang and Dr. Bowie

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Periodontal Literature Review

Session No. 13
Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery; Crown Lengthening; Gummy Smile; Ridge Augmentation; Onlay Grafts; Ovate Pontics; Papilla Restoration

Dr. Weatherford and Dr. Gonzalez

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Periodontal Literature Review

Session #14

Bone Grafting Materials/Techinques I

Alloplast; Perioglass; Zenograft; Bovine bone; Ceramic HA

Dr. Reddy and Dr. Nielsen
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Periodontal Literature Review

Session #15

Bone Grafting Materials/Techniques II

Alloplast; Perioglass; Zenograft; Bovine bone; Ceramic HA

Dr. Reddy and Dr. Yoda

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Periodontal Literature Review

Session #16

Guided Tissue Regeneration: Materials and Techniques

Dr. Geurs and Dr. Parker

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Periodontal Literature Review

Session #17

Regeneration Principles
Dr. Geurs and Dr. Green

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Periodontal Literature Review

Session #18

Root Conditioning, Growth Factors

Dr. Palcanis and Dr. Duong

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Periodontal Literature Review

Session #19

Implant Surgery Principles I

History And Biomaterials

Dr. Wang and Dr. Vassilopoulos
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Periodontal Literature Review

Session #20

Implant Surgery Planning

Techniques - Immediate

Delayed, Grafts, Single Stage

ITI Grafting

Extraction replacing with Implants
Dr. Geurs and Dr. Barnes

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Periodontal Literature Review

Session #21

Guided Bone Regeneration
Dr. Reddy and Dr. Gonzalez-Toledo

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Periodontal Literature Review

Session #22

Posterior implant management

Sinus lifts; complications

What don’t we know

Long term results

Dr. Geurs and Dr. Nielsen

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Periodontal Literature Review

Session 23
Implant Maintenance

Failing and Ailing


Diagnosis inf vs overload of implant

Dr. Wang and Dr. Yoda

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