Pediatric Dentistry pds 511 syllabus 2014-15

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Course Description:

Pediatric dentistry is an age-defined specialty that provides both primary and comprehensive prevention and therapeutic oral health care for infants and children through adolescence including those with special health care needs. The course deals with comprehensive dental care for children through theoretical and clinical components:
-The theoretical component presented through lectures, presentation, problem solving, tutorial sessions and active learning as a group work.

-The clinical component of the course is composed of two modules.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs):

Pre-clinical Module
The goal of the laboratory activities is to develop the cognitive and psychomotor skills of the student by performing all the basic procedures on patient simulating model in safe environment under the supervision and close observation of a staff member, enhanced by a self-assessment policy verified and supplied by an immediate feedback by the instructor. Highly developed cognitive and psychomotor skills of students are required to provide quality care during clinical sessions and future practice. The pre-clinical activities are meant to accommodate the procedures that should be repeated to achieve the required standards for activities and the mistakes that might occur without causing any harm to the patient. Students are expected to study the laboratory manual preparation for each procedure.

The main objective of the Pre-Clinical Module is that the student would be competent to:

  • Define the basic morphologic application of cavity preparation in primary teeth

  • Apply the principles of rubber dam application

  • Apply the general principles of cavity design for various classes of caries in primary teeth, by preparing and restoring teeth on a typodont

  • Utilize the sealant system as preventive measure against caries.

  • Apply the principles of tooth and crown preparation for stainless steel crown by preparing and fitting crowns on typodont teeth

  • Apply formocresol pulpotomy preparation on Kilgore typodont (with red wax pulp) or extracted teeth.

  • Compute the principle of arch length analysis on a laboratory case, predict possible crowding problems and describe the need for dental intervention

  • Construct band and loop space maintainer as a preventive measure

Clinical Module

The goal of the course is to provide learners with knowledge, skill and attitude essential to enable them to perform a comprehensive, preventive and therapeutic oral health care of children from birth through adolescence in clinical sessions. During the clinical sessions, the students will be working on patients under the supervision of faculty staff to complete their clinical procedures. These are directly related to the application of synthesis and evaluation of knowledge and skills acquired during the year. In addition to a practical clinical competency examination, continuous feedback on the students’ performance will be given by the instructors each session. A minimum number of clinical procedures are expected to be finished.

The main objective of the Clinical Module is to provide the students with competency necessary to:

  • Generate comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning.

  • State the dental radiographic guidelines for children.

  • Apply the principles of Local anesthesia techniques in children

  • Manage the child patient with special attention on behavioral guidance techniques commonly used with children.

  • Define the mechanism of dental caries development including diet and bacterial roles

  • Apply some of the main preventive techniques used with children including oral hygiene, topical fluoride application, diet counseling and pits & fissure sealants.

  • Perform different pulp therapy techniques for primary and young permanent teeth

  • Outline the principles of growth and development of the child’s dental arch

Course Pre-requisites:

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Course Name

Prerequisites course code

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Course Co-requisites:

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PDS 522


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