Participation Status Report

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Tony Nguyen
BIMD 351 Studio Elements 1
December 14, 2015

Participation Status Report

Project Work done for others (10 hours)

Lundy By
Number of Hours: 2

11/13/2015. The work I contracted with Lundy consisted of various tasks such as relating to phpmyadmin, WordPress portfolio setup. In terms of phpmyadmin, Lundy had some troubles getting it to work in which I sat down with her and attempted to get things working. The problems were basically resolved by me accessing her root files and configuring them appropriately. All of her personal information needed to match in terms of authentication.

Larissa Phan
Number of Hours: 4

10/23/2015-11/17/2015. The work I contracted with Larissa listed from phpmyadmin, user diagram revision, and MySQL. I mostly helped by getting everything started being that she is rather inexperienced with coding and didn’t really know what to type in the terminals to get things installed. During our session, as I pointed out what she needed to type I asked her to take notes on how to do certain things in case she might run into it in the future.

Jane Jung
Number of Hours: 4

10/29/2015-11/17/2015. The work I contracted with Jane in a sense was similar to what I contracted with Larissa being they ran into similar issues concerning MySQL, phpmyadmin but I also helped Jane set up her CakePHP and database configuration. Like many others that I have listed with phpmyadmin problems, I also just coded the configuration files and checked all other files to make sure they corresponded. This took exceptionally long with her considering she was staff and had file server issues. I also helped her set up the CakePHP and guided her in setting up the database and got everything baked for her website.

Karl Le
Number of Hours: 2

11/23/2015. I sat down with karl and basically helped him configure CakePHP and walked through his website to set up his layout template. We ran into some issues with the CakePHP portion because he had not followed directions in setting up certain configuration files which did not allow him to bake tables for his project website. I also helped him set up his website template layout using HTML and CSS being that he could not get things to look like he wanted. For the most part, we got things working that day.

Yuhan Zhang
Number of Hours: 3

12/1/2015-12/11/2015. I helped Yuhan with various things like I have mentioned with the others like phpmyadmin and such but the bulk of my contracted hours with her went towards working on HTML and CSS for her website. She had a lot going on in terms of her site being she wanted to implement features like drop down menus and content containment. Even on the last day of class, I also assisted her in creating a menu for logging in and out for her webpage in which she did not know what to do.

Personal Reflection of Project Support

Throughout the processes of helping other students in getting their projects started and running, I sensed very little enthusiasm or motivation to actually learn what I was helping them with but rather I was just doing it for them so they could have it done. But this is not to say that all of my recipients did this but there were a few which concerned me. But those who did want to learn what I was helping them with payed close attention and took notes. Doing this type of activity really helped me learn since I made mistakes while helping others and through that I was able to keep working at it until I got it right. I know for sure my coding skills and design experience are nowhere near perfect and this really helped me understand where I was at in terms of my weaknesses and strengths which I can now use to develop these aspects.

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