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Participant Information Sheet – Student and alumni survey

Researcher: Steve Nerlich, PhD candidate, College of Arts and Social Sciences, Australian National University.
Project Title: The outward mobility of Australian university students and its potential value across different fields of education.
General Outline of the Project:

  • The purpose of this research project is to investigate what value Australian university students gain from studying internationally, for example through a study abroad or study exchange program. The research will test the hypothesis that this value, measured in terms of learning and employment outcomes, has generic components but also offers benefits that may be specific to a student’s chosen field of study (defined as their degree major or equivalent).

Participant Involvement:

  • You have received this invitation to participate in this research as you are on a mailing list of one of a number of organisations that have agreed to assist me in distributing this invitation to participate. Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary and the identity of those who participate and those that decline will not be recorded. Participants may withdraw from the research at any time without providing an explanation and their data will be destroyed if they request this.

  • The main component of the research will be a survey of approximately 3,000 students and graduates (alumni) in the following groups:

    • Australian university students studying in Australia who are planning or have returned from an international study experience

    • Australian university students currently studying offshore

    • Graduate alumni of Australian universities who previously went offshore to study.

(The broad population of interest, Australian university students and alumni, includes international students who choose to participate in an Australian university outward mobility programme)

  • The survey will be made available to you online with some initial questions to determine which of the above groups you best fit within. Neither your name nor other identifying details will be requested, beyond some demographic information regarding your age, gender and what you are (or were) studying.

  • The data collected through this survey will be collated in an electronic database, held securely within the Australian National University and otherwise on a password-protected laptop and will kept for 5 years after collection. I intend to analyse the data and may publish some or all of it (in its de-identified form).

Anticipated Outcomes of the Research

The survey findings will be used in the development of my PhD thesis and I hope to present them in one or more conference presentations and published journal articles. I will ensure any organisations that have distributed an invitation to participate in the survey also have an opportunity to review key findings and have the option to distribute such findings to participants. I will be unable to do that directly as the contact details of student participants will be unknown to me.

Queries and Concerns:

You are very welcome to contact me directly, as principle investigator of this research project:

Steve Nerlich, PhD candidate, Australian National University.

Phone: (02) 62409386

You are also able to contact my academic supervisor:

Professor Jacqueline Lo

Phone: (02) 6125 6778

Ethics Clearance:

The ethical aspects of this research have been approved by the ANU Human Research Ethics Committee on 29 October 2012 (Protocol 2012/132).

If you have any concerns or complaints about how this research has been conducted, please contact:
Ethics Manager

The ANU Human Research Ethics Committee

The Australian National University

Telephone: (02) 6125 3427


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