Parochial church council of the collegiate church of the holy cross and the mother of him who hung thereon

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Administrative Information
Crediton Parish Church is situated in Church Street, Crediton and is part of the Crediton Benefice Community which covers three parishes and eight churches, within the Cadbury Deanery of the Diocese of Exeter. The correspondence address is the Parish Administrator, Parish Office, Boniface Centre, Church Lane, Crediton, EX17 2AH.
The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is a body corporate (PCC Powers Measure 1956, Church Representation Rules 2006) and registered with the Charity Commission. PCC members are elected by the Annual Parochial Church Meeting in accordance with the Church representation Rules 2006 and during the year, the following served as members of the PCC:-

Incumbent: Rev Preb Nigel Guthrie

Assistant Curates: Rev Dominic Doble

Rev Paul Fillery

Churchwardens: Jacki Hayes (from APCM 2012); Ted Staite (Vice Chair); John Wakefield (until APCM 2012); Karen White

Ex Officio (Deanery Synod) Sue Barker; Anne Jerman; Jack Shelley; Isolde Summers

PCC Treasurer Martin White (co-opted for 2012)

PCC Secretary Nicola Tucker (until APCM 2012); Anne Jerman (from APCM 2012)

Elected Members Keith Barker (until APCM 2012)

Sandra Thresher (until APCM 2012)

Gill Lee; Anne Parsons; Geoff Sparling; Clare Shelley (served all year)

Linda Bennett-Smith (from APCM 2012)

Angy Cargill (from APCM 2012)

Ernie Heard (from APCM 2012)

Joanna Lunnon (from APCM 2012)

Stephen Mitchell (from APCM 2012)
Independent examiner Stapletons
Structure, Governance and Management
The method of appointment of PCC members is set out in the Church Representation Rules 2006. The membership of the above PCC consists of the Incumbent, two Assistant Curates, the Churchwardens, Deanery Synod representatives and members elected by those persons whose names are on the electoral roll of the church.
The PCC held nine meetings during the year together with one Joint PCC meeting.
Unusually, Crediton Church Corporation owns and is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the church, its artefacts and the churchyard.
There were 192 names on the church electoral roll which was newly compiled this year as required every six years.
Aim and Purpose

The PCC has the responsibility of co-operating with the incumbent, Rev Preb Nigel Guthrie in promoting in the ecclesiastical parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical.


The PCC, as part of the Crediton Benefice Community, commits itself to carry out God’s will through prayer, worship, learning and action. We will develop our life together as we reach out to others; affirm individual strengths; value diversity; nurture growth, vocations and leadership; work towards accessibility and respect and sustain our environment

Reports from PCC Sub Committees and Other Church Groups
Children and Young People
Babes and Toddlers (report by Angela Cargill)

Babes and Toddlers takes place in the Boniface Centre every Thursday during school terms. We cater for 0 – 4+ children accompanied by their parent or carer. Numbers attending this year have averaged 24 children and carers each week. We sing songs, play, chat and have refreshments. It’s always lovely to see people from Holy Cross who pop in to see what we’re up to. It would be great to see you too. Thank you to Enid Clifton, Anne Williams and Nigel for their support.

Sunday Club (report by Gill Lee)

The number of children attending Sunday Club during the year has been very variable, but there is a good core of mainly younger children who always participate very enthusiastically. The ‘Roots’ teaching material is not always inspiring, but it does have the advantage of being based on the Lectionary and therefore Sunday Club and the congregation usually hear the same readings. The children enjoyed decorating bells for the ‘Dick Whittington’ display at the June Flower Festival and their Christmas Tree was covered with very sparkly ‘kings’.

Trinity Club (report by Rev Nigel Guthrie)

Trinity Club has met regularly during 2012 once a fortnight during term time. The sessions usually included a time for sharing news, some games and a closing prayer time. There have been some excellent sessions and Connect workers have helped to lead on a number of occasions. The group enjoyed an outing to the North Tawton Climbing Wall and special sessions for badminton and cookery. The group helped to lead the Christian Aid Service at the Methodist Church in May. We continue to work with the Rev Ann Varker, the Methodist Minister. Membership was strong with up to 15 young people on the books but declined after the summer holidays. With the departure of Allan and Sharon Butler and decline in numbers, a review of the Club is needed in 2013. Some occasional sessions are planned to keep in touch with the young people. The Trinity Club leaders from Holy Cross were Nigel Guthrie, Allan and Sharon Butler, Gill and Simon Lee. Lucy Harris continued to act as a Junior Leader. Thank you to them all for their great dedication and enthusiasm.

Choir Committee (report by Lesley Smith)

One of the main highlights of the year was the visit to Fulda where we had great hosts and the music went well. It was amazing to be applauded as we processed out of cathedral – don’t get that every day! We were able to present a beautiful picture of the church painted by Caroline Martin – prints are now available to purchase. It wasn’t an easy trip to organise trying to juggle travel options – yet again a big vote of thanks to Phil Stallard whose hard work is much appreciated. With regard to Junior Social, thanks to Allan Butler who had done such a great job in the past and to our new Junior Social leads, Jenny Stallard and Helen Brewer. It is a very important part of what we offer as a choir so I’m very glad it is in such capable hands – very many thanks. This year we have welcomed Richard Stephens as Assistant Organist. He is a great addition to the team and – along with our scholars James Bellamy and Nicci Wilkes, and Margaret Vodden - helps our wonderful Director of Music Steve Martin in getting some great results. We sang at a very memorable service to say goodbye to Bishop Bob and officially met our new Bishop Nick at the Christmas Midnight Mass. The choir website which Allan Butler set up is being incorporated with the Church website so choir news can be found there from now on. I would like to thank the choir committee for their support and all those, in the choir and families and outside the choir, who help with events throughout the year. So with events liturgical and secular, the choir have worked hard, enjoyed themselves, supported each other and made enjoyment for others.

Worship Committee (report by Rev Nigel Guthrie)

During 2012 the committee continued to review services and plan for those ahead.

  • Equipment purchased with money from ‘Million for Mission’ has enabled projected images to be used during the Boniface Centre Family Services.

  • Attendances at the main morning services continued to be strong.

  • The new congregational communion setting by Andrew Millington to mark the Festival Year of 2009 has been received and it is proposed to introduce it after Easter 2013

  • The new setting by John Merrick was not adequately prepared for when it was introduced in Easter 2012 and lessons have been learnt about the need for better preparation when introducing new music.

  • The third Sunday Evening services included Taizé/Informal worship and Compline and this seemed to work reasonably well. Some talks with artwork took place on Sunday evenings in the early part of the year.

  • A Confirmation Service in November was taken by Bishop Martin Shaw.

  • A Civic Service was held for Mid Devon District Council.

Talkback (report by Clare Shelley)

Talkback is a lay led ecumenical evening service held on the fourth Sunday of the month. It moves around the churches in Crediton. The invited speaker’s message is always stimulating and sometimes provocative. The evening includes a chance to “talk back” when reflections provoked by the talk can be shared by members of the congregation. The discussion continues over light refreshments giving people the opportunity to meet Christians from other churches in Crediton. In Talkback this year, in a series “Called to serve, at home and away”, we are looking at how God calls people. We asked our speakers to share how God called them into their job and how He leads them through their work. We included people who work with the outcaste, or fringe members of our society as well as those who work or have recently worked overseas. Through learning about each other's callings we hope that people will look at their own vocation and think about how God is calling them.
Bellringers (Report by Geoff Sparling)

Ringing has been maintained for all regular ringing occasions, and whenever extra is requested. The two full peals in January and November were successful and we rang twice for the opening of the Olympics, and for two Civic Services. Two outings took place, one by coach to Somerset, and a repeat of Colin’s Christmas Cracker by car. Once again we were represented in the Exeter 12-bell competition band. Socially we held an annual dinner at The Lamb Inn, Sandford and entered the Industrial Bowls tournament. During Holy Week when the bells were silent we re-decorated the ringing chamber following the upheaval caused by the re-wiring. We were saddened that at our November AGM, Ringing Master Howard Egglestone retired because of poor health. The roles of Ringing Master and Tower Captain were re-combined and Geoff Sparling was duly elected.

St Lawrence Chapel (report by Isolde Summers)

The weekly Wednesday Communion service has varied in the number of people attending but is much appreciated by the few who do come and can’t get to Holy Cross. Other services have been for Sunday Evening Prayer or an occasional Taizé with the space of the Chapel lending itself well for this activity. The Chapel was used for a special service in August to admit a lady to the Order of St Lazarus which is involved with charitable work. The members looked resplendent in their black cloaks with emerald lining! The year ended with the usual Carol Service led by the West Gallery Quire. They offered an interesting choice of carols and readings and the evening ended with mulled wine and nibbles.

There were two big events at the Chapel during 2012. The St Lawrence Fair which dates back to 1230 and was last held in 1902, was revived very successfully on 11th of August. It attracted many people to visit the Chapel and garden. We give thanks to Claire Wilman in particular and everyone who gave time to be stall holders as well as West Gallery Quire who entertained us with singing. We had a special service of Evening Prayer on the Sunday evening which was well attended.

The second event was the Open Church day in aid of the Devon Historic Churches Trust (DCHT) in September. This year, we had simply an art exhibition and two artists were delighted to sell their paintings. Rev Paul Fillery masterminded a Songs of Praise on the Sunday evening which was very well attended with many being new to attending a service in the Chapel.

I would like to express my thanks to Mrs Rosalind Friendship for the help she gives with the monthly cleaning and to Miss Jill da Silva who maintains the garden for us to enjoy. At the time of writing we are waiting for building work to begin at the Chapel. We have been given permission to make the Chapel “bat proof” and other repair work is also being undertaken. We are very grateful to Michael Wiggins, a Governor who has successfully applied for funding for this from various sources. The Chapel may be out of use for a short time while the builders are there.
Ministry Committee (report by Rev Nigel Guthrie)

The Bereavement visiting group continued its work contacting bereaved people and the Book of Remembrance in the Friends Chapel is now well established. Members of the Pastoral Care Visiting Group have expanded their work in taking Holy Communion to the sick and housebound. Isolde Summers handed over the coordination of visiting at Crediton Hospital to the Rev Jenny Francis.

The ‘prayer for healing’ group continued with Rev Sue Martin handing over the coordination of the group to Eileen Brassington during the year. Members continued their ministry at all the 9.30am services except on the first Sunday (which is usually in the Boniface Centre). This ministry continues to be much appreciated by those who come forward for prayer. Thanks are due to Sue for her leadership of the group in recent years.

The ‘Deacon’ role at the Parish Eucharist had been taken mainly by the clergy over the past year as Dominic and Paul continued in their training roles. Slim Savage continued to act as ‘subdeacon’ carrying the gospel book and Robbie Guthrie, Lucy Harris and James Mitchell also took a place on the rota.

Jack Shelley became a ‘permission to officiate’ Reader and Isolde Summers continued in her role on the same basis. Carol Price moved her Reader ministry to our Benefice and will be helping at Yeoford and coordinating with the ‘Messy Church’ leaders there. A Crib service was offered at Yeoford for the first time (in recent memory). Paul Fillery was ordained priest Deacon at Holy Cross in September by Bishop Bob in his last service with us as Bishop of Crediton. Dominic Doble continued in his curacy with us officiating at weddings for the first time and took a lead in the ministry at Holy Trinity, Yeoford. Dominic also coordinated the Lent Groups for Christians Together in Crediton and became chairman for the local Connect management group.

The Benefice Community Council continued to meet during the year, chaired by Anne Jerman, which has sought to take forward matters from the Mission Action Plan. The MAP was revised during the year and a joint PCC from the three parishes was held in October with some useful ideas shared.

Pastoral Care Group (report by Slim Savage)

The ministry of Pastoral Visiting and Care continues to develop. Visitors meet regularly with clergy on a confidential basis to ensure appropriate levels of involvement are being maintained. There are currently nine trained Pastoral Visitors commissioned who visit members of the church who have an identified need. This invariably means they are unable to attend normal services. Six visitors have been licensed by the Bishop of Crediton to administer Home Communion and this adds a special dimension to the nature of visits undertaken. Within the scheme a sub-group of seven have been trained to deal with the special requirements of those recently bereaved. During the year, over fifty contacts have been made with bereaved families. In many cases ongoing support is not necessary, but some cases do require a level of sustained visiting. The group maintain the Book of Remembrance. Opportunities for training are continually reviewed and two individuals are currently awaiting introduction to the group. All group members have been subject to successful Criminal Record Bureau checks. During the year the group has successfully reviewed the Holy Cross policy in respect of vulnerable adults. A regular link is continuing with Age Concern in Crediton. Many of those supported by the charity are members of our church and group members regularly attend the Friday lunches at the Deep Lane headquarters.

Missions & Charities Committee (report by Sharon Butler)

We currently support 4 charities which the PCC agreed to give £1000 each and £1000 to charities providing disaster relief, a total of £5,000. There is a rolling programme of support so other charities are currently being considered for support in the future. The four charities we currently support are:

Church Mission Society (CMS) - CMS is an evangelistic mission working to see a world transformed by the love of Jesus. CMS supports over 700 people in mission, works in over 50 countries and has offices in Cape Coast, Nairobi, Oxford and Seoul. CMS works closely with new mission movements, especially in Africa and Asia, and has formed 240 international and local strategic alliances for collaborative work. We were delighted to welcome David and Heather Sharland, our link mission partners, to Holy Cross in May when they were home on leave. For further information go to

Connect – Connect supports voluntary, cross denominational, Christian Youth based work in Crediton, Chulmleigh and Okehampton. Connect workers are volunteer youth workers trained by South West Youth Ministries. Connect began out of a need local churches felt to reach out to young people in school, meeting them where they are.

Christian International Peace Service (CIPS) - CHIPS works for peace and reconciliation in areas of conflict and tension around the world. Their emphasis is on grassroots approaches since they recognise that while political solutions are important, without the engagement of individuals and communities, real and lasting peace may be impossible to realise. CHIPS supports teams of Christians to undertake practical projects which foster positive interaction, increase trust and reduce enmity between opposing groups or individuals. The founder of CHIPS (Roy Calvacoressi) sadly died in September. His successor as director is Paul Rose who is a CHIPS worker in Ghana. For further information go to

McCabe Educational Trust - Through the McCabe trust we have been supporting the training of a music therapist to work in Palestine giving much needed support to children who have developed severe emotional difficulties caused by the effects of war, poverty, neglect or abuse. Music therapy has been found to enable these children to communicate again with those around them, regain their self, esteem, to concentrate and interact with those around them. This project has now finished but we continue to support the McCabe trust and three of their projects in Palestine: The Jeel Al Amaal Boys home; the Al Sharooq Blind School and the Bethlehem Arab Rehabilitation centre. For further information go to

Thika Link - The Thika Link Group has been merged with the Missions and Charities Committee and Helen Brewer is heading up this work. There are many groups who have maintained links within the church and with local schools.

Lent Lunches and cake stalls - The group hosts a Lent lunch each year and the money collected is added to that which we already give. We have also hosted four cake stalls which have raised money for The Bible Society, Christian Aid, the Disasters Emergency Committee and Crisis at Christmas.
Communications Group (report by Rev Nigel Guthrie)

The parish website continued to be updated weekly by our Parish Administrator and some more radical work was carried out on the site by Damien Davies. It is proposed that the choir website be subsumed in the church website. A Facebook page was set up by the Rector which now has regular postings of news updates. The sound system in church continued to work well. The group monitored the notice boards which were kept up to date by Bill Jerman. Stephen Mitchell joined the group and helped to produce a leaflet explain the Christian faith for visitors to the church. Other leaflets are planned.

Bill Jerman continued his excellent work as editor of the magazine on a small stipend and also as ‘communications officer’ getting out publicity about a range of events. Bill’s work also brings in a great deal of advertising revenue and costs are controlled by carefully managing the size of the magazine and print run. Bill will be retiring from this role at the end of 2013 and plans for his successor need to be put in place by the PCC. Thank you to the members of this small, hardworking group.

Fabric and Maintenance of the Church and Churchyard
Housekeeping Committee (report by Bill Jerman)

The committee has been looking at a number of projects which include the installation of a CCTV system and two bike stands. Three doorways have very successfully been draft-proofed, funding is in place to reroof the shed in the lower rectory garden and a faculty has been obtained for a new altar frontal and nave altar cover. The committee are in the process of reviewing the current health and safety policy statement, the fire risk assessment and other risk assessments for things such as slips, trips, falls, access at height and lone working. Portable electrical appliances have been tested and the church heaters have been serviced.

Fabric Committee (report by Bill Jerman)

The Lighting Appeal was brought to a successful conclusion in March 2012. The Fabric Committee have formed a monthly working party that meets on the second Tuesday of each month for an hour or two to help keep the churchyard tidy. A number of small repairs have been completed. The results of a roof survey completed in August by church architect John Scott are a cause for concern. A long list of essential repairs were recommended, the most urgent of which have been completed. A short to medium term strategy is now in place to deal with the roof problems. In the meantime we try to keep up with the other jobs which are always cropping up, and in this respect we are very fortunate to have a reliable and efficient group of tradesmen, who always seem to be able to come to our rescue in an emergency.

Fabric Fund Raising Committee (report by Helen Lawes)

The task of this committee is to prioritise the work of maintenance and repair on our beautiful but huge church building and to keep up with raising funds to cover the cost of such work. The Re-wiring and Re-lighting Scheme for the whole church, the eventual cost of which amounted to £142,445, was unbelievably raised in almost exactly two years, 2011-2012. However, with the scheme completed and paid for, our funds are at an all time low. The unusually wet winter is finding all the weak spots in the lead on the church roof and its replacement will probably be put into the ‘urgent’ category when the architect carries out the Quinquennial Inspection next year. We still rely on our two major festivals for the greater part of our fund raising and thankfully they remain very popular. The June Flower Festival last year raised more than £9000 and the Christmas Tree Festival over £6000, a record for this event, which was held over just three and a half days. The committee must give thanks for the services of our superb treasurer, Glenda Hills, who keeps a meticulous check on every penny which is raised and spent.

Other Reports
Boniface Centre Committee (report by Ted Staite)

The Centre has had another busy year as the financial report indicates. We were pleased to welcome two new members on to the committee, Jacki Hayes and Bob Lunnon. The Committee continues to manage the building including undertaking all opening and closing duties. The next project is to replace the carpeting which is scheduled to take place next August. Church groups often express disappointment that they are unable to book the Centre for their functions but as already indicated, the Centre is very popular and gets booked well in advance. Robin Lavery is already taking bookings for 2014. The message is that if you want to use the Centre, book early. Our thanks go to Robin for his many hours of work in running the small business that is the Boniface Centres. Sue Lavery continues to manage the kitchen – not only the health and safety aspects but also organising the delicious food that we enjoy at church events and last but not least, Bill Bond for keeping the Centre in good order.

Social Committee (report by Karen White)

The social committee continued to run events throughout the year, making a significant contribution to the social life of the church, the fellowship we all share and our finances. We very much appreciate the support we have and the many, many willing offers we get of help. Without you these events would not happen. This year we added the Olympics to our summer barbecue, which was great fun. This coming year, we are planning a Pets Competition in June2013 and an Old Time Music Hall evening in November 2013. The committee is always on the look-out for new ideas so if you have any, please mention them to any member of the social committee or Karen White, who chairs it. Once again your hard work is very much appreciated and thanks also go to Robin and Sue Lavery for their patience and help with both booking the Boniface Centre and catering at events.

Mothers’ Union (report by Carole Rimmer)

We had a very busy year with a Lent & Harvest lunch and a mid summer meal, when we were joined by other branches in the Deanery. Members also gathered for a Jubilee Street party, two home communions and a Christmas meal with entertainment. We joined in the Wave of Prayer & co-led mid day prayers in Exeter Cathedral and joined other Deanery members for a Lady Day service organised by Colebrook, followed by a bring and share lunch. We had a variety of speakers which reflect the ethos of Mothers’ Union and raised a large amount of money to send for the valuable work of Mothers’ Union at home and abroad. One of our members is always present at baptisms and members continue to assist the Babes & Toddlers group and help at the Crediton Fellowship group and with children’s activities. Unfortunately we lost two Indoor members during the year but on a happier note, three members were presented with 40th anniversary certificates and one member celebrated 45 years of service to our wonderful organisation. We continue to try to fulfil the aim of Mothers’ Union, which is the advancement of the Christian religion in the sphere of marriage & family life. We are always very happy to receive enquiries for potential members, especially younger women.

Brief Overview (report by Martin White)

Receipts from Ordinary Activities in the year (ie excluding the impact of the Boniface Centre roof project in 2011) increased by £17.1k from 2011 to £164.5k in 2012, while payments increased by £7.6k to £149.1k. The excess of receipts over payments on Ordinary Activities hence increased by £9.5k, from £5.9k in 2011 to £15.4k in 2012. Totals for both receipts and payments in 2012 include circa £11k relating to the choir’s trip to Fulda. The other key elements in the increase in receipts were an above inflation increase in planned giving (£49.7k to £54.6k), a substantial income from electricity generation (£3.6k) and a one-off solar panel rebate (£4.6k). These two electricity related receipts of £8.2k were used to partly repay the loans outstanding, which now amount to £12.3k. It is hoped to repay the loans entirely over the next 4 years. Net reserves which fell dramatically to £26.8k in 2011 following the roofworks project, have recovered strongly to £42.3k.

Cadbury Deanery Synod

The Synod met on three occasions during the year and feedback from the meetings appears in the Parish magazine. It has a speaker at each meeting and this year, welcomed Canon Anna Norman-Walker (Diocesan Missioner), Rev Becky Totterdell (Diocesan Director of Ordinands) and Rev. Patrick Parkes (Diocesan Mission Resources Advisor). The Synod receives feedback from both the General and Diocesan Synod meetings. The Deanery has been fortunate to have Penny Doe as Deanery Ministry Development Officer which has enabled Deanery wide events to be organised which included the debate on gay marriage, running the Exploring Christianity course and the recent Social Media training day. Penny is due to step down from her role shortly but hopes to organise an event looking at the Anglican-Methodist Covenant beforehand. The Synod also looks at the collection rate of the Common Fund across the Deanery and the Deanery Treasurer liaises with parishes that have financial concerns. The election of representatives from the parishes to the Deanery Synod next takes place at the 2014 APCM. Please speak to the current Deanery Synod representatives (Sue Barker, Anne Jerman, Isolde Summers and Jack Shelley) if you want to know more and would be interested in standing for election. (report by Anne Jerman)

Approved by the PCC on 13 March 2013 and signed on their behalf by:
Reverend Prebendary Nigel Guthrie (PCC Chairman)

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