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Established since 2006

061 378270 (Newport) 062 79330 (Rear cross)




Important Key Dates:

Santa Claus it’s that time of the year again when we all look forward to Santa Claus coming to visit us in creche. Before he starts his big journey, he will come to visit us in Caterpillars Newport on the 20th of Dec and he will visit

Caterpillars Rearcross Thursday the 21st Dec, we are looking forward to seeing Santa this year.

Our Christmas Concert for our Junior and Senior preschool classes will be on Monday 18th of December at 11a.m in Newport Community Centre. Please collect your child from preschool at 10. 30a.m and bring them to the concert.

Christmas Holidays Closure Period – 22nd December 2017 at 6pm until 7/7.30am 2nd January 2018.

New Extension to Rear Cross Premises

As some of you may be aware we have started our extension in the Rearcross Caterpillars, the building is well under way and already it is shaping up, we would like to thank you for your co-operation whilst this building is underway. The extension is being completed in 3 phrases, 1-Addition of new room, 2-New entrance, 3-Extension to existing room on the right, 4-Addition to 2 new toilets one being a disabled toilet, 5-Additional nappy changing area. All works to be completed by the end of January.

Winter months:

Please be advised in the winter months that the creche carpark is very busy from the times between- 8.30-9.30. 12.15-12.45 and 5.00-6.00 everyday, as its busy at these times we would ask you all to be very careful in entering and leaving the creche, we ask you to drive at a slow pace as this is in the best interest of children and adults been in the carpark at these times, we would also advise that no one park at the front turning corner of the creche as it is dark and it is hard for other cars to see when they are coming and going.

Portal SMS text message service:

As you may have noticed we are now using a SMS portal text message service, this is to ensure we all get the same message at the same time. For security reasons within the portal, messages sent from Caterpillars childcare will be sent from a different number, we will however always use the heading ‘Caterpillars’ so you know it is from us.

Labelling all children’s belongings;

Again, just a reminder if you could label all children’s belongings, as its now getting colder children will have jackets, hats,. gloves etc… so we would be grateful if you could label everything as not to cause any confusion in the evenings.

Temple street fundraiser:

We would like to kindly thank you all for your generosity in our Halloween party fundraiser for Temple Street, together raised a massive E 330.00 to go towards the amazing Temple Street Hospital, well done everyone.


We would like to welcome Andrea to our Caterpillar’s team Andrea will take up position alongside Mary in the afterschool room, Andrea is a qualified S.N.A with experience of working with children of all age groups.

Updated Tour Schedule

Monday November 20th

Bunratty Castle

Bus Leaving Rearcross 9.30am and Newport 10am. Please provide your child with a packed lunch and their booster seat. O’Malley’s Coaches will be providing transport.

Monday December 11th

King John’s Castle

As above

Monday 15th January

Share A Dream – Dream Land Sensory Centre

As above

Monday 19th February

Nenagh Library

As above

Monday 19th March

Craggaunowen Heritage Centre

As above

Monday 23rd April

Curragh chase Forest Park

As above

Monday 21st May

Mungret Playground

As above

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