Organization: Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres (oaccac)

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Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)

Service Referral Format Specification


Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres (OACCAC)


Business Solutions



Schema Version:


Version Date:

November 4, 2014

Prepared By:

Ion Moraru

Updated By:

Ellen Hsu

Arthur Bydon

Manuel Ng, N. Purvis, T. Jin

Revision Log

SchemaVersion No.

Version Date

Summary of Change

Changed by/Input from


October 26, 2007

First draft

Guy Fortin


October 30, 2007

Remove duplicates from Service Type Table App A

Guy Fortin


November 2, 2007

Added the Service Referral Update chapter

Added ProviderEndDate to the Service Referral Authorization element

Remove Id attribute from Frequency element (this will not be supported day-1 - but may be added in a future version)

Added OfferId to ServiceOffer element

Added ServiceOfferResponse element

Guy Fortin


December 4, 2007

Change several Optional fields to be Mandatory

Change ProviderContractCode to ContractCode

Move ServiceResponseTime from Service element to ServiceOffer element

Remove RiskCodeLastUpdated and RiskCodeUpdatedBy fields from ClientRiskCodes element

Renamed PrimaryDiagnosis to Diagnosis (to allow for all diagnosis to be provided in the future)

Added IsPrimary attribute to Diagnosis to indicate the primary diagnosis

Added to DiagnosisDescription and SurgicalDescription to indicate that CCAC can also enter freeform text

Add a Date and Time description in Chapter 2

Added appendix to list of valid language codes and reduced PreferredLanguage attributes to 3 bytes

Renamed TransmissionDate to TransmissionDateTime in ServiceOffer and ServiceOfferResponse elements

Added OrganizationCode to Service Offer and ServiceOfferResponse elements

Added RequestType attribute to ServiceReferral element to capture "Initial" and "Resumption" of service

Guy Fortin


February 1, 2008

Changed ContractCode, and ResponseTimeForReferral from optional to Mandatory in ServiceOffer element

Combined AuthorizingCaseManagerFirstname and AuthorizingCaseManagerSurname into AuthorizingCaseManagerName in Authorization element

Changed StreetName, Postal Code and City from optional to Mandatory in PresentAddressLocation element for Client (for Offer)

Renamed ResponseTimeForReferral to ResponseTimeForOffer (for Offer element)

Renamed ResponseTimeForReferralComments to ServiceResponseTimeComments (for Offer)

Moved GeographicArea from Client to Service (for Offer)

Changed RequiredFirstVisitDate from Mandatory to Optional in Authorization element of Offer

Renamed TransmissionDateTime to OfferTransmissionDateTime (time when Offer was sent to Provider)

Added ResponsePersonName, ResponsePersonPhone, AssignedStaffName, and AssignedStaffPhone to OfferResponse

Added ServiceOrderId to ServiceReferral element

Added OfferId to ServiceReferral element

Changed ReferralType, FocusOfIntervention and TreatmentOrders from optional to Mandatory

Added AuthorizingCaseManagerName and Provider instructions to to ServiceElement

Deleted ServiceTypeDescription and ServiceDeliveryTypeDescription from Service element

Added ServiceLocation element to Service element

Deleted ServiceDeliveryLocationCode, Authorization element, AuthorizingCaseManagerFIrstName and Surname from Service element

Added Summary to Frequency element

Changed QuantityOfService from Mandatory to Optional in Frequency element

Deleted PreferredDaysOfWeek and RepeatRate from Frequency element

Added Interval, RecurrenceNumber, RecurrencePeriod, Weekday1, ... Weekday7, NumberOfHoursPerVisit and AdditionalDetails to Frequency element

Changed Name, Lang, DOB, Gender, Marital Status, and Living Arrangement from optional to Mandatory

Change ClientRelationship, Role and Legal Role to Mandatory in PersonalContacts elements

Added IsPrimary to PersonalContacts element

Deleted CcacCode and SpecialStatus from Client Demographics element

Deleted ClientCharacterisitics from Client element and added IsSmoker Boolean to Client element

Renamed ClientContacts element to PersonalContacts in Client element

Changed SchoolPhone from element to a Number

Added a Physician element inside the MedicalContacts element

Changed TypeOfContact from element to attribute for Physician

Change ContactPhone from an element to a number

Moved GeographicArea and LocalDistinction from Client to Service for both Offer and Referral

Deleted IsActive and RiskCodeDescription from ClientRiskCodes

Changed TelephoneNumber from an element to an Alpha / num in PhoneContact element

Deleted ContactType from PhoneContact element

Rename OtherServices element to OtherActiveServices in ServicePlanSummary element and add a subordinate Service element

Rename AdmitDate to StartDate in OtherActiveServices element

Add a subordinate Item element to EquipmentMedicalSupplies element

Deleted ItemType, ItemOrderType, ItemDeliveryDate, and ItemRentalPeriod (promoted Start and End date) from EquipmentMedicalSupplies element

Added ItemStatus to EquipmentMedicalSupplies element

Moved Diagnosis element and Surgery element from ServicePlanSummary element to Client element

Added ContractCode to ServiceReferral element (for ServiceReferral Update)

Added AuthorizingCaseManagerName, GeographicalArea, nad LocalDistinction to Authorization element (for ServiceReferral Update)

Made StreetName, PostalCode City, and Directions mandatory in Address element

Deleted ClientDemographics element and promoted Firstname, Surname, etc. to Client Element for ServiceReferral and ServiceReferralUpdate

Added an optional Province element to all of the Address specifications

Added full specification of ServiceReferralUpdate element instead of referring to ServiceReferral element (it is a subset)

Delete Authorization element and its sub-elements ReassessmentDate, ProviderEndDate, and moved AuthrizingCaseManagerName to ServiceReferralUpdate element

Guy Fortin


Feb 21, 2008

Renamed PresentAddressLocation to AddressLocation in Client element

Added AdditionalInfo, Comments, and FreeLine to AddressLocation element

Added OfferAddressInstructions to Client element

Added ContractName to ServiceReferral and SeriveReferralUpdateRequest element

Changed ServiceLocation to Optional (of ServiceReferral)

Added CaseManagerReassessmentDate to Service element (of ServiceReferral and ReferralUpdateRequest)

Fixed ServiceLocation element to be ServiceDeliveryLocationCode in Service element (of ServiceReferral)

Changed IsVeteran and IsSmoker from a field to an attribute of the Client element (for ServiceReferral)

Made FirstName, PreferredLanguage, ClientAddress, and ClientPhone Optional in Client element (for ServiceReferral and ServiceReferralUpdateRequest)

Added AdditionalInfo, Comments, and FreeLine to ClientAddress

Address Type optional for School, and Physician element

Made Physician Contact Address Optional

Made Physician ContractPhone Mandatory

Added RiskCodeDescription to ClientRiskCodes element

Made Diagnoses Mandatory

Made DiagnosisCode and ProcedureCode Optional

Made ServicePlanGoals Mandatory

Renamed EstimatedEndDate to ItemEstimatedEndDate

Added ServiceDeliveryLocationCode to Service element (ReferralUpdateRequest)

Guy Fortin


Feb 21, 2008

Added updated XML Diagrams

Guy Fortin


March 3, 2008

Reflect feedback from CHRIS Team Review

  • Added ServiceInstructions element to ServiceReferral and ServiceReferralUpdate and moved ServicePlanGoals and other instructional fields into it

  • Removed CaseManagerReassessmentDate (this is for CCAC only) from Service element

  • Added DateServiceRequiredBy to Service element and ServiceOffer element

  • Made Diagnoses optional (not provided for non-meidcal services in Client element

  • In Address element (for both Referral and Offer): made Directions optional; deleted Comments; renamed FreeLine to AddressSummary

Guy Fortin


March 7, 2008

Renamed ClientReferralCode to BillingReferenceNumber in ServiceReferral and ServiceUpdateReferral element

Guy Fortin


April 21, 21

Updated ServiceOfferResponse XML diagram in Appendix C to reflect minor changes in 2.5 of the XML schema (see comments in diagram for details)

Guy Fortin


May 27, 2008

Added ResponseDueDateTime to ServiceOfferRequest

Added Provider Notification Notes, School Name, Referral Type to Service element for ServiceOfferRequest

Added Risk Codes and Active Diagnosis to Client element for ServiceOfferRequest

Added new Authorization element to ServiceOfferRequest, ServiceReferral and ServiceReferralUpdate

ServiceOrderId renamed to ProviderAssignmentId in ServiceReferral and ServiceReferralUpdate.

ProviderStaffName and ProviderStaffPhoneNumber added to ServiceReferral

UnitOfService and SpecialtyCode added to the Service element for ServiceReferral and ServiceReferralUpdate

Ion Moraru


June 06, 2008

Service Offer Request:

Added School Name, Referral Type, ServiceInstructions (Focus of Interventions, ServicePlan Goal, Treatment Orders, ProviderInstructions). Removed dates and description from active risk codes, Contract Name.

Service Referral:

Removed Contract Name, Removed dates and description from active risk codes. Renamed ProviderStaffName to AssignedStaffName, ProviderStaffPhoneNumber to AssignedStaffPhoneNumber. Added OfferDate.


Removed ContractName, RoomNumber. Added CMReassessmentDate, ProviderEndDate,OfferDate, AssignedStaffName, AssignedStaffPhoneNumber, School and ActiveRiskCodes.

Ion Moraru


June 12, 2009

Remove Service Referral Update, Service Offer and Offer Response

Combined Service Referral Update with Service Referral

Added PreferredName and Health Card elements to the Client elelment

Mary Lou Smith

Ion Moraru


Sep 1, 2009

Update to following after QA Testing:

2.1 CcacCode, Referral Type, Request Type

2.2 ServiceTypeCode, ServiceDeliveryType, UnitOfService, ServiceDeliveryLocationCode
Appendix B ‘Home Care’ change to ‘Home’

Ellen Hsu


Sep. 22, 2009

Changed the data type for NumberOfHoursPerVisit and QuantityOfService

Ion Moraru


Oct 6, 2009

Add ,
and to

Ellen Hsu


December 9, 2009

Add Sender and Destination elements that describe the participants in the message exchange.

Arthur Bydon


March 26, 2010

Added Allergies, SafetyIssues, BillingCodes

Arthur Bydon


March 29, 2010

Add Description to Frequency Day of the Week selection, Number of Hours per Visit, Recurrence Number and Recurrence Period.

Update Appendix A: Service Type Codes, Service Delivery Location, Service Specialty, Service Delivery Type

Change field length of IsPrimary in Active Diagnosis and Personal Contacts from 1 to 5

Ellen Hsu


April 30, 2010

Add Authorization Sender
Change Client Phone
Add Additional Information for Diagnoses

Ellen Hsu


May 4, 2010

Add room number and country in Address

Add Mailing Addresses and Cancelled Frequency

Add extension to Client Phone, Personal Contact Phone, Medical Contact Phone

Ellen Hsu


May 10, 2010

Update Home Mailing Address (Building name) for active Correspondent.

Ellen Hsu


May 18, 2010

Delete OrganizationName

Add ServicePriorityRating, Caseload Employee, ClientPhone Phone, PersonalContacts Contact, ActiveRiskCodes RiskCodeItem, ServicePlanSummary Service, EquipmentMedicalSupplies Item

Change from Mandatory “Yes” to “No”:
OfferDateTime, DateServiceRequiredBy, RequiredFirstVisitDate, Frequencies, SchoolAddress, Allergies, SafetyIssues

Change PreferredLanguage to PreferredLanguageOfService

Ellen Hsu


May 19, 2010

Change to in

Ellen Hsu


June 11, 2010

Added “FrequencyId” attribute to the Frequency element

Manuel Ng

July 28, 2010

Updated ContractCode type and size to match the schema

Arthur Bydon

August 26, 2010

Added ServiceAssignmentId field

Arthur Bydon


June 10, 2011

Added “Service Pathway Name”, “Service Pathway Description”, “Service Pathway Document URL” to Frequency Element details section

N. Purvis

August 26, 2011

Updated as per CQ 62801

N. Purvis

February 28, 2012

ICCP – addition of Care Pathways

N. Purvis

February 29, 2012

ICCP: update to xml for Billing Codes

Sections: 2.1

N. Purvis

March 1, 2012

ICCP: update to xml for Discharge Disposition

Sections: 2.3

N. Purvis

March 8, 2012

ICCP: addition of Integration Code to Care Pathways Section: 2.3

N. Purvis

March 13, 2012

ICCP: latest updates to Care Pathways post Dev. Review

Section: 2.3

N. Purvis


April 10, 2012

Add IsClusterCare

B. Fu


June 26, 2012

Updates to change “Care” Pathway to “Outcome-Based” Pathway in element Description.

Removed spaces in Care Pathway element names.

K. Guy

June 26, 2012

TFS 14507, 14508

Major version published

K. Guy


March 20, 2013

TFS# 47753

Published as v16.0

Section 2.3: added new OBP elements

T. Jin

May 13, 2013

TFS# 51300 Published as v17.0

Section 2.3: added “ResponsibleActorTypeCode” and “ResponsibleActorTypeName” elements

T. Jin

July 10, 2013

TFS# 57166, Published as v18.0

Section 2.2 and 2.4: added “ServiceType”, “ServiceDeliveryType”, and “ServiceDeliveryTypeCode” elements

T. Jin


September 25, 2013

TFS# 64868

Section 2.1: added “ProviderReportResponse”

Section 2.2: added “ProviderDischargeDate”, “DischargeDispositionCode”, “DischargeDispositionDescription” and “DisplayDate”

Section 2.4: added “ExternalSystemId”

Section 2.8: added ProviderReportResponse element detail

T. Jin

November 27, 2013

TFS# 77955

Section 2.8: renamed element “ProviderEndDate” to “EndDate”

T. Jin

March 26, 2014

TFS # 167160

Documentation Update: Address Element – Type field. Clarified Service Delivery Location is used in client address (treatment location)

J. Lizon


July 3, 2014

Section 2.1: added “ContentUpdateSummary” field under ServiceReferral

Section 2.2: Added the following fields under ServiceReferral\Service:

  • AuthorizationScheduleTypeName

  • FinalAuthorizationDate

  • ServiceTypeCode (description update only)

  • ServiceType

Section 2.4: added “AuthorizingCaseManagerName” field under Frequency

Note: the previous PXML release has authorizingCC name included in the Frequency\AdditionalDetails field.

Section 2.6: Added the following fields

  • ServiceReferral\ServiceRecipient\Client\ActiveRiskCodes\RiskCodeItem

  • Description

  • IsActive

  • StartDate

  • EstimatedEndDate

  • EndDate

  • OtherValue

  • ServiceReferral\ServiceRecipient\Client\PersonalContacts\Contact

  • ContactRole

    • Code

    • Name

  • ConsentContactPermission

  • ConsentRestrictionDetails

  • ServiceReferral\ServiceRecipient\Client\Allergies\Allergy

  • SeverityCode

  • Severity

  • ServiceReferral\ServiceRecipient\Client\SafetyIssues\SafetyIssue

  • Description

  • ServiceReferral\ServiceRecipient\Client\ActiveDiagnoses\Diagnosis

  • CMDescription

  • ServiceReferral\ServiceRecipient\Client

  • HomeAddress

  • ClientStatus

  • ServiceReferral\ServiceRecipient\Client\ClientPhone\Phone

  • Type

  • IsPrimary

  • Comments

  • ServiceReferral\ServiceRecipient\Client

  • ActiveClientPopulation\PopulationSubgroupTitle

  • ActiveClientPopulation\PopulationSubgroupDescription

  • ActiveClientPopulation\PopulationSubgroupCode

  • ActiveClientPopulation\PopulationGroupTitle

  • ActiveClientPopulation\PopulationGroupDescription

  • ActiveClientPopulation\ClientPopulationStartDate

  • ServiceReferral\ServiceRecipient\Client

  • ClientCodes\ClientCode\ClientCodeTypeCode

  • ClientCodes\ClientCode\ClientCodeTypeItemName

  • ClientCodes\ClientCode\ClientCodeValueCode

  • ClientCodes\ClientCode\ClientCodeValueTitle

  • ClientCodes\ClientCode\StartDate

  • ClientCodes\ClientCode\EndDate

  • ClientCodes\ClientCode\Comment

  • ServiceReferral\ServiceRecipient\Client

  • ClientOnHold\StartDate

  • ClientOnHold\EstimatedEndDate

  • ClientOnHold\ActualEndDate

  • ClientOnHold\ClientOnHoldReason

  • ClientOnHold\ClientOnHoldLocation

Section 2.6: Removed the following fields

  • ServiceReferral\ServiceRecipient\Client\Allergies\Allergy

  • EndDate: only active allergy records are included in the message. End date is never populated.

  • ServiceReferral\ServiceRecipient\Client\SafetyIssues\SafetyIssue

  • EndDate: only active safety issue records are included in the message. End date is never populated.

  • HealthCard\ExpiryDate: it is not populated.

Section 2.7: Added the following fields under

  • ServiceReferral\ServicePlanSummary\OtherActiveServices\Service\ProviderName

  • ServiceReferral\ServicePlanSummary\OtherActiveServices\Service\ServiceType

  • ServiceReferral\ServicePlanSummary\OtherActiveServices\Service\ServiceTypeCode (description update only)

  • ServiceReferral\ServicePlanSummary\EquipmentMedicalSupplies\Item\ItemTypeDescription

  • ServiceReferral\ServicePlanSummary\EquipmentMedicalSupplies\Item\ItemTypeCode

Appendix A: Updated the service type code/description to reflect the current values.

T. Jin

TFS# 175525

July 24, 2014

Section 2.6: renamed “AdditionalInformation” field to “DiagnosisAdditionalInformation” field to reflect the actual production implementation. No schema changes are required.

Section 2.6: removed the following fields in support of bug# 178296 and 178297:

  • ServiceReferral\ServiceRecipient\Client\ActiveRiskCodes\RiskCodeItem\EstimatedEndDate

  • ServiceReferral\ServiceRecipient\Client\ActiveRiskCodes\RiskCodeItem\OtherValue

Section 2.6.1: added the clarity on the client’s address and the following elements:

  • OrganizationName

  • Latitude

  • Longitude

Section 2.6.1: removed the following element in support of bug# 178490:

  • AddressSummary (never been used)

Appendix B: updated the service delivery type table including service delivery type code

Ted Jin

TFS# 178526

Bug# 178512

July 31, 2014

Section 2.1: replaced “ContentUpdateSummary” field with “ContentUpdateClientEvents” and its child elements

Ted Jin

TFS# 178729

August 11, 2014

Section 2.5: added “StartDate” field in support of bug# 179688

Section 2.6: added the following fields in support of bug# 179594:

  • Type

  • TypeCode

  • IsPrimary

  • Comments

Ted Jin

TFS# 179775

August 15, 2014

Section 2.2: renamed “FinalAuthorizationDate” to “PatientAvailableDate” in support of CR# 179767

Section 2.6: added “HealthCardReason” in support of bug# 179916. Updated the description on ClientCodes in support of bug# 180092 - Collection of client codes that are allowed to be shared with the external partners

Ted Jin

TFS# 180093

August 21, 2014

Section 2.6: added “ClientCodeValueDescription” field in support of bug# 180081

Ted Jin

TFS# 180463

August 26, 2014

Section 2.2: updated the field length on “AuthorizationScheduleTypeName” in support of bug# 180683

Section 2.6: added “ClientGuid” field in support of requirement# 180687

Ted Jin

TFS# 180756

August 28, 2014

Section 2.6: added the following fields under ServiceReferral\ServiceRecipient\Client\SurgicalProcedures\Surgery

  • Surgeon

  • Location

  • AdditionalInformation

Ted Jin

TFS# 181301

PXML Schema v2.22

November 4, 2014

Section 2.1: Added “NotificationFlag” field that includes the most important area that has changed since the last notification

Ted Jin

TFS# 186328

Bug# 186305

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